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Hello Friends,

I am Sumit Sao founder of this blog BloggingLift.com

After 3 unsuccessful blog finally I start this successful blog.

I created this blog to help bloggers so that they don't make any mistakes like me and get success in blogging in 1st attempt.  

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What other bloggers say about me?

Sumit is one of the most avid bloggers in the blogosphere who actively sharing the tips for the budding bloggers. Not only through his blog, but he also helps the newbies through his Facebook community by offering valuable tips & tricks for them and enhancing their web presence. I like
the way he connects with pro bloggers and grabs great tips from them for his interview series.

He is really good at SEO and affiliate marketing and hence he could guide the newbies in the right direction. As Sumit gives priority to his readers and readability, he has designed his blog well with easy navigation that would offer the best users experience for his visitors. If you struggle to make money from a blog, you may reach Sumit and get help..

nirmala santhakumar blogger testimonial

Nirmala Santhakumar

Sumit is a great blogger. All the articles at Blogging Lift are not only very in-depth but also well formatted. he writes what he preaches.

himanshu gupta testimonial

Himanshu Gupta

I know Sumit from a past few years. He is an awesome blogger and also an awesome guy. I follow his blog and all the content and posts are very informative. He is also a good affiliate marketer and have enough knowledge in this field. I highly recommend newbies to get in touch with him.

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