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Hello Friends,

I am Sumit founder of BloggingLift.com and 25 Years old, passionate blogger from India.

Story Behind 3 Unsuccessful Blogs 

After 3 unsuccessful blog, finally I start this blog which is now loved by many peoples.

When I started my blogging journey in October 2015 with an educational blog then at that time I didn’t know about WordPress and Google Blogspot. I designed my blog by writing HTML codes. So, It was impossible for me to maintain this blog. So, I leave that blog.

After that in 2016, I knew about Google blogger and again created an education blog. I monetize that blog with Google Adsense but don’t know why It was suspended due to invalid click activity. And I have to stop that blog because it was not making money for me.

Then one day I came to know about WordPress and Affiliate Marketing. So, again I started a blog on Blogging in the WordPress platform.

But again I was not getting traffic and sales. Because:

  • I didn’t know 80/20 formula.
  • Didn’t know the power of List building.
  • Didn’t focus on SEO
  • Low-Quality Content

Then I think pro blogger like Anil Agarwal, Ankit Singla, and many others are making thousands of dollar every single month.

Obviously, they must be using some strategies to increase their affiliate sales & bring traffic to their blog. So, I shifted my entire blog from WordPress to Blogspot. (because it’s free).

Then I started learning about SEO & Affiliate Marketing gradually.

And within 3 months, I made my first affiliate sale with Bluehost.

Then I purchased new domain name BloggingLift.com from GoDaddy and shift my entire blog from BlogSpot to WordPress. This is all about my blogging journey.

I want to share my experience with all of you through this blog so that you don't make any mistakes like me and get success in blogging in your 1st attempt.

What PRO Bloggers Say about me?

Now It's time to check what other bloggers say about me and my work.

It'll help you to know more about me.

Anil Agarwal


Sumit is the most passionate blogger I've ever seen. He not only creates useful content but he also is good at networking especially on Facebook. If you're someone who is looking to get "practical blogging advice", you should definitely check out his content.

Ryan Biddulph


Sumit shares quality content and builds genuine bonds with bloggers freely. Follow him to see blogging done right.

Nirmala Santhakumar


Sumit is one of the most avid bloggers in the blogosphere who actively sharing the tips for the budding bloggers. Not only through his blog, but he also helps the newbies through his Facebook community by offering valuable tips & tricks for them and enhancing their web presence. I like
the way he connects with pro bloggers and grabs great tips from them for his interview series.

He is really good at SEO and affiliate marketing and hence he could guide the newbies in the right direction. As Sumit gives priority to his readers and readability, he has designed his blog well with easy navigation that would offer the best users experience for his visitors. If you struggle to make money from a blog, you may reach Sumit and get help..

Blogging Lift VIP Group - 14,000+ Members

Did you know?

I've also started a Facebook Group for Bloggers where I share Blogging, SEO, WordPress & Affiliate Marketing Tips on regular basis.

blogging lift vip group

This Group is joined by 14,000+ awesome bloggers.

So, What's the benefits of joining this FREE Group.

  • You'll get Blogging, SEO, WordPress & Affiliate Marketing Tips
  • Every Sunday, I start a blog promotion thread. You can share your blog post in that thread.
  • You can ask your blogging related questions in this group to get help from me and other expert bloggers.
  • It'll help you to connect with other bloggers.
  • You can share your blogging knowledge in this group in form of FB Post.

I forgot to say you something important.

Did you know?

This Group is joined by PRO bloggers like Anil Agarwal, Ankit Singla, Kulwant Nagi, Akshay Hallur, Ryan Biddulph and many more.

I think you understood why should you join this group.

Now you may ask me,

Is the blog promotion thread of your group really works?

Let's see...

This is the screenshot of most recent blog promotion thread of our group.

blog promotion thread

This blog promotion thread got 100+ comments.

Let's check comments screenshot.

Blog Promotion Thread of Group - SCREENSHOT 1

Blog Promotion Thread of Group - SCREENSHOT 2

As you can see in the above screenshots, On blog promotion day, group members share each other article to get instant traffic to their blog.

So, must join this group and don't forget that every Sunday we start a blog promotion thread.

I hope you'll join our group.

Stay Connected,

Sumit Sao,

Founder of BloggingLift.com

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