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What Other Bloggers Say About Me?

Hey Friends, I’m Sumit Sao founder of this blog

Did you know? I’m also running a Facebook group called “Blogging Lift VIP Group” which is joined by 14,000+ awesome bloggers.

So Without wasting your time, Let’s See what other bloggers say about me.

Anil Agarwal


Sumit is the most passionate blogger I’ve ever seen. He not only creates useful content but he also is good at networking especially on Facebook. If you’re someone who is looking to get “practical blogging advice”, you should definitely check out his content.

Ryan Biddulph


Sumit shares quality content and builds genuine bonds with bloggers freely. Follow him to see blogging done right.

Istiak Rayhan


Sumit knows what he talks about. I’ve been following him and his blog for a few months now. I am really amazed by his ability to build relationships with influences and fellow bloggers. If you need a lift in your blogging journey to make it easier, follow his blog.

Sathish Arumugam


Blogging never fails, if any blogger is great in building relationships and offering what the users want. Sumit is one such enthusiastic blogger who excels in both, via his Facebook VIP Group & BloggingLift. Irrespective to your years of blogging experience and excellence, you may check out his content for uniques values.

Nirmala Santhakumar


Sumit is one of the most avid bloggers in the blogosphere who actively sharing the tips for the budding bloggers. Not only through his blog, but he also helps the newbies through his Facebook community by offering valuable tips & tricks for them and enhancing their web presence. I like the way he connects with pro bloggers and grabs great tips from them for his interview series.

He is really good at SEO and affiliate marketing and hence he could guide the newbies in the right direction. As Sumit gives priority to his readers and readability, he has designed his blog well with easy navigation that would offer the best users experience for his visitors. If you struggle to make money from a blog, you may reach Sumit and get help..

Swadhin Agrawal


I’ve seen Sumit grow. With his dedication and deep understanding of how blogging works, he has grown a profitable business that helps other bloggers grow their blogs. Why you should listen to him? Because he is honest with what he writes.

Santanu Debnath


I don’t just call him bro, I mean it. Sumit is an awesome person from heart. He always helps others in all possible ways. Personally, I like his design skills, useful blogging tips he shares in his group and his eBook writing skills. In fact, I call him our “eBook Ninja”. Just get connected with him and you will understand what I said.

I am a regular reader of his Blog. BloggingLift is an awesome place to find some practical blogging tips and actionable affiliate marketing tips. If you want to know how to increase your affiliate sales, follow BloggingLift.

Himanshu Gupta


Sumit is a great blogger. All the articles at Blogging Lift are not only very in-depth but also well formatted. he writes what he preaches.

Navin Rao


Sumit believes in producing the content which could speak louder and solves the reader problems. I observed his SEO skills are extraordinary and he is inching towards perfection. A guy with a helpful mind and driving huge community without any hassle, connecting and sharing tips with the fellow bloggers. These reasons are enough to follow his blog for all kind of bloggers, beginners and even experts as well.

Saurabh Tiwari


Sumit is a very thorough and professional blogger of India, I connected with him from 4-5 month back, his blogging and affiliate related post is consistently well-researched and high standard.



I know Sumit from a past few years. He is an awesome blogger and also an awesome guy. I follow his blog and all the content and posts are very informative. He is also a good affiliate marketer and have enough knowledge in this field. I highly recommend newbies to get in touch with him.

What My Blog Readers Say About Me

Nikola Roza


Sumit is a rare type of blogger. He’s a on of those rare gems that like to share their best tips hacks and strategies to climb in Google and fast.

So, if you own an affiliate site and are aching to get more commissions, then do these two things:First, follow Sumit on Facebook and join his Blogging Lift VIP Group which is chock-full with like minded bloggers like you, Sumit and me. We all strive for passive income online.Second- Check back here often so you stay tuned to what going on with Blogging Lift. Trust me, all of Sumit’s posts are super valuable as they are, and no doubt in time they will only get better and better.

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