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10% OFF Kadence WP Discount Code


Kadence WP is a versatile and fast WordPress theme offering extensive customization through easy-to-use tools like drag-and-drop header and footer builders, global color palettes, and SEO optimization, enhancing website design and user experience. Get up to a $21.90 discount using this exclusive coupon code.

Promo Code: TAKE10

Now, Let’s see how to activate this deal.

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate link. If you’ll click on any of these link and make a purchase then I’ll get a small commission.

How to activate Discount Code in 2024? [Quick Guide]

Unlocking savings with the Surfer SEO discount code is easy and rewarding. Follow these simple steps to get a fantastic deal on your purchase:

Step 1: Click on the Exclusive Link

Click on this special link. It will direct you to the Kadence WP pricing page, where you can view the various plans available.

Step 2: Choose Your Plan

Now, it’s time to choose a plan.

I recommend opting for the Kadence Full Bundle.

kadence wp pricing plans

This bundle includes access to both Kadence Theme Pro and Kadence Block Pro Plugin for a one-time fee.

It’s a comprehensive package that offers great value.

Step 3: Apply Coupon Code “TAKE10”

Once you’ve selected your plan, proceed to the checkout.

It’ll show you the section to apply coupon code in the right sidebar as you can see below.

click on have a kadence wp coupon link

Here, enter the coupon code “TAKE10” in the designated field.

kadence wp discount after applying coupon

This code will give you a $21.90 discount on your purchase as shown in the above screenshot.

Step 4: Enter Personal & Payment Details

In the next step, you need to enter your personal details like name, email address, country, etc.

enter personal info like name email to purchase kadence wp

After that, Fill in your credit card information for payment.

enter payment details to purchase kadence wp with discount

Before finalizing the purchase, check the box that says, “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions.” as shown above.

This is a crucial step to ensure a smooth transaction.

Step 5: Confirmation and Access

After completing your purchase, you’ll receive an invoice and login details in your registered email address.

These details are important, as they will allow you to access your newly purchased Kadence WP products.

I hope you found this step-by-step instruction helpful for claiming a 10% discount on your Kadence Theme purchase.

How Much is the Discount? 

kadence wp discount code

Our Exclusive coupon code will give you a 10% discount.

So, You can save up to $21.90 depending on which plan you are going to purchase. 

Here is more info.

Kadence WP Bundles 

PlanRegular PriceDiscounted PriceSaving
Essentials Bundle$129 per year $116.1 per year$12.9 per year
Full Bundle$199 per year$179.1 per year$19.9 per year
Lifetime Full Bundle$799 one-time payment$719.1 one-time payment$79.9

Kadence Theme and Blocks

PlanRegular PriceDiscounted PriceSaving
Kadence Block Pro$69 per year $62.1 per year$6.9 per year
Kadence Theme Pro$59 per year$53.1 per year$5.9 per year

NOTE: Now, they are not offering discount on the Lifetime bundles plan.

What is the Kadence WP Theme? (Quick Overview)

kadence wp home

Kadence WP Theme is more than just a WordPress theme; it’s a complete game-changer for website design and functionality. 

It’s a lightning-fast, highly customizable theme that I use on all my sites, including this one. 

After switching from GeneratePress, I’ve been incredibly impressed with Kadence WP’s features and performance. 

It offers a seamless experience with tools like Header and Footer Builders, a Global Color Palette, and robust SEO optimization, ensuring your site is visually appealing and performs excellently in search rankings.

Why do I Use the Kadence WP Theme?

As someone who’s always on the lookout for the best tools in website design and management, I’ve found my perfect match in the Kadence WP Theme. 

Here’s why I chose Kadence WP Theme for all my sites:

  • Speed and Performance: Kadence is incredibly fast, ensuring a smooth experience for both site owners and visitors.
  • Header Builder: The drag-and-drop header builder allows for creating the perfect site header, tailored to my needs.
  • Footer Builder: Similar to the header, the footer builder offers flexibility and ease in designing the bottom section of my websites.
  • Custom Layouts: Whether I need a sidebar, a full-width layout, or a narrow-width design, Kadence offers complete control over the layout.
  • Global Color Palette: This feature allows me to set my color scheme once and apply it across the entire site effortlessly.
  • Advanced Typography: With a vast range of Google and WebSafe fonts, I can customize the site’s typography to fit my style.
  • Responsive Design: The theme ensures my sites look great on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.
  • SEO Optimization: Built with the best SEO practices, Kadence helps my sites rank higher in search engine results.
  • Custom Post Type Support: It provides excellent control over layouts for different post types, enhancing the site’s organization and user experience.
  • Global Button Settings: This lets me create a consistent button style across my site, maintaining a cohesive look and feel.

These features, combined with the theme’s overall flexibility and ease of use, make Kadence WP Theme an invaluable asset for my websites. 

It’s not just a theme; it’s a comprehensive tool that elevates the entire website-building experience.

FAQs about Kadence WP Coupon Code

Does the Code Apply to All Plans?

It’ll not work in the Lifetime Full Bundle. The “TAKE10” discount code can be applied to all other plans, including the Essentials Bundle, and Full Bundle. You can get discount on Lifetime bundle only during black friday sale.

How Much Can I Save?

Using the “TAKE10” code, you can save up to $21.90, depending on the plan you choose. This includes discounts on annual and one-time payment options.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, Kadence WP offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you can request a full refund within this period.

Can I Use Kadence WP on Multiple Sites?

Yes, you can use it on unlimited personal sites. 

Final Words on Kadence WP Discount Coupon Code

Kadence WP is my top pick for WordPress themes. 

I’ve tried others, like GeneratePress and Thrive Themes, but Kadence stands out. 

It’s fast and easy to use. On this site and others I run, Kadence makes customizing simple and boosts site speed. 

It’s great for looks and function. 

If you want a top-notch WordPress theme, Kadence WP is the way to go. It’s changed the game for me and can do the same for you.

Don’t Forget, with the exclusive 10% discount code “TAKE10,” you can save up to $21.90, depending on your chosen plan. 

kadence wp discount code

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