Surfer SEO launched their AI writer called Surfer AI.

In this comprehensive Surfer AI review 2024, we’re going to reveal:

  • How Surfer AI simplifies the content creation process.
  • The nitty-gritty of how to use it.
  • My personal experience with this AI writing tool.
  • The remarkable benefits of using Surfer AI.
  • An honest look at its pros and cons.
  • A deep dive into Surfer AI’s pricing structure.
  • And finally, the most commonly asked questions about Surfer AI.

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive right in!

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Surfer AI Review

surfer ai review

To offer you a comprehensive review, I’ve organized all the critical information about Surfer AI in a table. Let’s take a look:

Product NameSurfer AI Writer
CompanySurfer SEO
Price per Article$29 (1 AI credit)
Bulk DiscountAvailable, up to $522 savings
Free TrialNot Available
Language SupportEnglish Only
SEO OptimizationYes
Anti-AI DetectionYes
Article Length2K – 5K words (based on SERP avg word count)
Surfer SEO Score65+
Outline Review & Edit FeatureYes
Good ForSEO-optimized, AI-written Content
Use ForContent Creation, SEO Optimization
Our Rating4/5

As you can see, Surfer AI offers numerous features and functionalities that can significantly enhance your content creation process. 

My Experience With Surfer AI Writing Tool [DEMO & Tutorial]

My experience with Surfer SEO AI Writer is so far positive.

It generates a very good article with SEO score of 75+.

I tried it myself. So, I know that the quality is very good.

But I also know that it’s an AI tool NOT a human. So, I highly recommend you to fact check everything it writes.

So, can’t blindly trust AI.

Want to know more and See a LIVE DEMO? Click here to watch my honest Surfer SEO AI writer review.

What is Surfer AI Writer?

surfer ai writing tool save time

Surfer AI Writer is a breakthrough product by the Surfer SEO team. 

It’s an AI-powered writing tool that creates 2K-5K word SEO-optimized articles (length depends on SERP average word count). 

The AI-written content is crafted to align with top-performing content on SERPs, earning a Surfer SEO score of over 65. 

This tool makes content creation a breeze, requiring minimal manual effort.

But, how do you use it? Let’s move on to the next section to understand that.

How to Use Surfer SEO AI Writing Tool?

how to write article with surfer ai tutorial

Want to know how to use Surfer AI? It’s simpler than you think. Let me walk you through the steps:

STEP 1: Click on this special link to purchase Surfer AI credits. 

STEP 2: Log into your Surfer SEO account. Easy enough, right?

STEP 3: Look for the “Content Editor” on the left sidebar. Click it!

select content editor from left sidebar to use surfer ai

STEP 4: Now,  enter your target keyword, and select the “Write with AI” tab. Once you do this, click on the “Create for 1 AI Credit” button.

enter keyword and select write with surfer ai writer

STEP 5: After that, it’ll appear in the “Content Editor History” section. Just click on the “Complete Your Article” button.

click on button to give surfer ai instructions

STEP 6: You’ll then be presented with a series of customization options. Here, you can choose the tone of voice for your article, review your competitors, and decide if you want the “anti-AI detection” feature activated.

select tone of voice competitors and outline in surfer ai writing tool

STEP 7: The platform will also present you with an AI-generated outline. If you have a specific structure in mind, you can review and edit this outline or paste your own and click on the “Let’s write” button. 

review and edit surfer ai generated outline

STEP 8: Now, you don’t need to do anything, your article will be ready within 10-15 minutes with a perfect SEO score as shown below. 

surfer ai written seo optimized article

STEP 9: It’s time to fact-check everything, and add internal links, external links, and images. That’s it. Now, your article is ready to publish.

Congratulations, you have successfully written your first article with Surfer AI.

My Experience with Surfer AI Writer

When I first used Surfer AI, I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

But it quickly proved its worth. 

I worked on an article on “How to start a money-making blog”.

In just 15-16 minutes, I had a solid piece ready. 

And the SEO score? A whopping 65+. 

surfer ai written seo optimized article

When I checked this content then found that it’s plagiarism free.

surfer ai generates plagiarism free article

Plus, I loved how I could add my personal touch to the AI’s outline or add my own outline. 

review and edit surfer ai generated outline

My takeaway? Surfer AI is a brilliant tool and an excellent ally for any writer.

7 Amazing Benefits of using Surfer AI

surfer ai writer feature

Let’s discuss some key features and benefits of using the AI writer of Surfer.

1. Fully SEO-Optimized Articles

surfer ai written seo optimized article

The first thing that grabbed my attention about Surfer AI was its promise of fully SEO-optimized content

In the past, I have always wished to reach a perfect SEO score manually, so this feature was a true blessing for me. 

I found it fascinating how Surfer AI took my chosen keyword, analyzed SERPs, and churned out a brilliant piece that had a top-notch Surfer SEO score. 

It was as if I had my own personal SEO expert and writer, all bundled into one handy tool. 

This alone made Surfer AI a must-have in my content creation toolbox.

2. Customizable Word Count 

Surfer AI’s ability to create content ranging from 2K to 5K words is another fantastic feature. 

When I wrote about the “How to start a money-making blog” article with it, I was blown away by the detailed 3.5k+ words article that the tool generated. 

It covered the topic from all angles, offering a comprehensive overview that met the SERP average word count. 

This level of flexibility in word count is something I genuinely appreciate as it allows for depth and breadth, perfect for diverse content needs.

3. Outline Review and Editing

review and edit surfer ai generated outline

Control is crucial when it comes to content creation, and Surfer AI respects that. 

The fact that I could review and edit the AI-generated outline made me feel like I was co-writing with the AI. 

It was like a collaboration, a chance to inject my personal flair into each piece. 

This unique blend of AI efficiency and personal input results in content that is not only SEO-optimized but also has a touch of my writing style.

4. Competitive Analysis

One thing which I like the most about it is that it offers me the option to select and deselect the competitors. 

With these features, I request Surfer AI to follow only those sites which I want during writing the article for me. 

5. Time and Cost Efficient

surfer ai writing tool save time

As a content creator, time is indeed gold for me. 

Surfer AI has proven to be a great time-saver, creating high-quality content much faster than I could have done manually. 

It’s like having an extra pair of hands that work at lightning speed. 

And not just time, Surfer AI also saves money by cutting down the need for additional resources. 

It’s an all-in-one package that delivers efficiency without burning a hole in your pocket.

6. Plagiarism-Free Articles

surfer ai generates plagiarism free article

Trust is paramount in the digital world, and Surfer AI earns it by producing unique, plagiarism-free content every single time. 

There’s nothing more damaging than copied content, and with Surfer AI, I can rest easy knowing that each piece is original and crafted solely for me. 

This reliability has made Surfer AI an essential part of my content strategy.

7. Professional Writing

Finally, the quality of writing that Surfer AI offers is commendable. 

The tool churns out content that is professional, informative, engaging, and tailored to meet user intent. 

Every article I have created using Surfer AI has impressed me. 

It’s like having a professional writer at your disposal, ready to create captivating content at the click of a button.

Surfer AI Pros and Cons

Let’s see what are the benefits and limitations of its AI writing tool.

What I Like About Surfer AI Writer

Here’s what really stands out about Surfer AI:

  • SEO Optimization: This tool doesn’t just write—it writes with SEO in mind. This means that I get fully SEO-optimized articles every time.
  • Word Count Flexibility: I love how it adjusts to my needs, whether I’m after a succinct 2K piece or an in-depth 5K article. It bases this on the SERP average word count, so I’m always on par with my competitors.
  • Outline Review and Editing: The ability to review and tweak the outline before the writing begins ensures my content always aligns with my vision.
  • Competitor Selection: I can select or deselect competitors, which gives me control over how my content stacks up against others in my niche.
  • Time and Money Saver: Surfer AI streamlines my workflow, allowing me to save both time and money. It’s a win-win!
  • Original and Professional Content: It always churns out plagiarism-free articles that pass AI content detector tests. Plus, the content is professionally written, making it reader-friendly.

What I Don’t Like About Surfer AI

But, no tool is perfect. Here are a few things I’m not too thrilled about:

  • Surfer SEO Subscription Required: You need an active Surfer SEO subscription to use Surfer AI, which can be a downside for some.
  • No Links Added: Surfer AI doesn’t add internal or external links in the content. This means I have to go back and insert them manually.
  • Manual Fact-Checking: While the AI does a fantastic job, I still have to manually fact-check everything. But, to be fair, this is good practice regardless of who or what writes your content.
  • Irreversible Wizard Steps: Once you proceed to the next step in the writing wizard, you can’t go back to edit the previous one. This can be a bit of a pain if you miss something.

Surfer AI Pricing

surfer ai pricing

Breaking down the cost of using Surfer AI, it operates on a credit system where 1 AI credit equates to one article

Surfer AI Credits Detail

Here are the packages they offer:

  • 1 Credit: For the occasional piece, you can get a single credit for $29. This is an ideal choice if you’re dipping your toes into Surfer AI or only need a single article.
  • 10 Credits: If you need more articles, there’s a package of 10 credits (9 purchased + 1 free) for $261. This saves you $29 compared to purchasing each credit individually.
  • 25 Credits: Up your game with the package of 25 credits (22 purchased + 3 free). Priced at $638, this saves you $87 and keeps you stocked with credits for more articles.
  • 50 Credits: For heavy content needs, consider the pack of 50 credits (42 purchased + 8 free). Costing $1218, this package offers a significant saving of $232.
  • 100 Credits: The largest bundle, offering 100 credits (82 purchased + 18 free), is priced at $2378. This option provides the greatest savings of $522.

Keep in mind, to use Surfer AI, you’ll need an active Surfer SEO subscription in addition to these credits. 

So, consider the total cost when deciding if this AI writing tool fits within your budget.

Who Should Use Surfer AI?

Surfer AI is a potent tool that can be beneficial to a broad spectrum of individuals and businesses. Here’s who I think should consider using Surfer AI:

  • SEO Agencies and Freelancers: With its strong SEO focus, Surfer AI is a godsend for SEO professionals. It helps optimize content to the keyword, saving considerable time and boosting client results.
  • Content Writers and Copywriters: The ability to generate a content structure aligned with SERPs can guide writers in creating high-ranking content. Plus, it’s a great way to overcome writer’s block!
  • Bloggers and Site Owners: Surfer AI is perfect for those who want to publish regular, SEO-optimized content on their websites. It can help you create high-quality articles quickly, boosting your site’s traffic.
  • Digital Marketing Professionals: Professionals who handle content marketing or digital strategy would find Surfer AI beneficial. It ensures that their content strategies are backed by data-driven insights.
  • E-commerce Business Owners: For product descriptions, blog posts, and SEO content, Surfer AI can be a time-saving tool that ensures your products get found.
  • Startups: With limited resources and a need for effective SEO, startups could leverage Surfer AI to maximize their online visibility.

Remember, while Surfer AI is a robust tool, the content generated should always be reviewed and tweaked if necessary to match your brand voice and ensure accuracy.

Do I need an active Surfer subscription to use Surfer AI?

Yes, a Surfer subscription is a prerequisite for using Surfer AI. Additionally, you’ll need to purchase Surfer AI credits for article generation.

How does Surfer AI operate?

Surfer AI merges natural language processing, machine learning, SERP analysis, and AI models like GPT-4 to create unique content that aligns with user intent and ranks well.

What distinguishes Surfer AI from other AI writing tools?

Surfer AI stands out by optimizing entire articles based on chosen keywords and SERPs to ensure the content answers users’ search intent. It also allows customization of article outlines and tone of voice.

Can Surfer AI write in languages other than English?

As of now, Surfer AI supports English only. While they’ve not ruled out the addition of more languages, there’s currently no timeline for this.

Is AI-generated content Google-friendly?

Yes, Google rewards high-quality content, irrespective of its source. AI can help create useful content and isn’t against Google’s guidelines, as long as the content is high-quality and tailored to your audience.

Is there a risk of duplicate content if everyone uses Surfer AI?

Not at all. Surfer AI generates unique content based on real-time analysis of the SERP competition for each specific keyword.

What payment methods are accepted by Surfer AI?

Surfer AI accepts credit and debit cards for monthly & yearly subscriptions, and bank transfers for yearly subscriptions. PayPal payments are not supported.

Are internal and external links included in Surfer AI generated content?

Currently, Surfer AI does not add internal and external links in the generated content. Users will need to add these manually.

Is Surfer AI content plagiarism-free?

Absolutely, Surfer AI generates unique and plagiarism-free content, making it a reliable tool for content creators.

Does Surfer AI pass AI content detector tests?

Yes, one of the unique features of Surfer AI is that it passes AI content detector tests, ensuring the content appears human-written.

Are there limitations to what I can edit in Surfer AI?

Once you move to the next step in the Surfer AI wizard, you can’t go back and edit the previous step. Ensure you’ve thoroughly checked your inputs before progressing.

How long does it take to create an article with Surfer AI?

After setting up your requirements and clicking on “Let’s Write,” Surfer AI typically generates an article within 10-15 minutes.

Final Words About Surfer AI Review

In conclusion, here’s my take on Surfer AI. 

This tool has been a game-changer for me, taking SEO writing to another level. Yes, there are some downsides, like needing a Surfer SEO subscription and manual linking. 

But the pros outweigh the cons. It writes SEO-friendly content up to 5K words, and gives me control over the outline. 

The pricing starts at $29 and is totally worth it. 

So, in this Surfer AI review, my bottom line is this: The Surfer AI writing tool is a must-try. It might just be the tool you need!

surfer ai review

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