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  • Surfer SEO 7-Day Free Trial is available. (check here)
  • They replaced Surfer SEO $1 Trial to FREE Trial.
  • Free trial gives access to Content Editor, Keyword Research tools, and the option to buy 1 Surfer AI credit.
  • No commitment: Cancel anytime before the trial ends to avoid charges.
  • The trial includes 5 Content Editor credits, 5 Keyword Research credits, and 2 seats.
  • Complete the Trial Checklist for 3 extra Content Editor credits and 1 Surfer AI credit.
  • Audit and SERP Analyzer are not included in the trial but can be purchased post-trial.
  • A credit card is required for trial activation.
  • The trial is exactly 7 days; no extensions
  • Trial exclusive to new users without previous paid subscriptions or trials.
  • Support is available 24/5 for any questions or assistance.

How to Activate Surfer SEO Free Trial in 2024?

Just follow this simple step by step instructions to get SurferSEO 7-day free trial account:

Step 1: Click on this special link. It’ll take you directly to the free trial landing page.

Step 2: Once there, you’ll see all the pricing plans offered by Surfer SEO, including Essential, Scale, Scale AI, and ENTERPRISE. Select the plan that fits your needs best and click on the “Start for Free” button.

surfer seo pricing plans new

Step 3: You’ll be prompted to sign up either with Google or with your email. Choose your preferred method, enter your name and email address, and then click on the “Create your account” button.

Step 4: Surfer SEO will then ask you to verify your email address. Simply open your email inbox, find the verification link from Surfer SEO, and click on it.

verify email address to get free surfer seo account

Step 5: After your email is verified, Surfer SEO will ask you a few basic questions such as “I’ll use Surfer for…” and “How many articles do you publish monthly?” Take a moment to answer these questions.

Step 6: You’ll be asked once more to confirm your choice of Sufer SEO plan from the four options provided.

Step 7: The final step to activate your free trial is to enter your credit card details. This information is required to start the trial, but you won’t be charged until the trial period is over, provided you choose to continue with the service.

enter payment details to activate surferseo free trial

Congratulations, you have successfully activated Surfer SEO’s free trial. 

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What is Surfer SEO Free Trial? (Quick Summary)

surfer seo free trial

The Surfer’s Free Trial gives you a 7-day window to explore its SEO-enhancing tools risk-free. 

You’ll have 5 credits each for the Content Editor and Keyword Research features, plus the option to buy an additional Surfer AI credit for deeper analysis. 

If you don’t know what is Surfer AI then read our honest Surfer AI review here.

This trial is commitment-free. It means that you can cancel anytime before the end of the trial to avoid charges. 

It’s a perfect chance to see how Surfer SEO can improve your content’s SEO without spending even a single dollar.

NOTE: Many newbie bloggers think that SurferSEO and Ahrefs are similar tool. If you also think like this then read this Surfer SEO vs Ahrefs article.

What’s Included in the Surfer SEO Trial?

When you start your Free Trial, you get many cool tools to help your website rank better. Here’s what’s included

  • 5 Content Editor Credits: These credits will help you to write SEO-friendly articles for your website. Each article you work on will use one credit.
  • 5 Keyword Research Credits: With these credits, you can conduct detailed keyword research and build topical authority in your niche.
  • 2 Seats: This feature allows you to invite a team member to join you in your SEO efforts, making it easier to strategize and optimize articles together.
  • Trial Checklist: To add even more value to your trial experience, Surfer SEO includes a Trial Checklist. By completing specific tasks, such as writing and optimizing content using the Content Editor, you’ll earn 3 additional Content Editor credits and 1 Surfer AI credit.

What are the Free Trial Limitations?

There are lots of limitations on the SurferSEO free trial that you should know before starting your free trial.

  • Limited Credits: The trial gives you only 5 Content Editor and 5 Keyword Research credits. That means you can optimize or create up to five articles and conduct five keyword research. 
  • One-Time AI Credit Purchase: You have the option to buy 1 Surfer AI credit during the trial. Want more? You’ll need to wait until you’ve subscribed to a paid plan, as the trial limits this purchase to just one.
  • Two Seats Only: You can invite one teammate to collaborate with you. If your team’s bigger, you’ll need to upgrade.
  • No Audit or SERP Analyzer: The trial focuses on content creation and optimization, meaning tools like Audit and SERP Analyzer aren’t included. These are reserved for those who will take the paid subscription.
  • No Trial Extension: The 7-day window is fixed. If you’re looking to extend your trial, there’s no direct option to do so. 
  • Unused Credits Don’t Carry Over: Any unused Content Editor or Keyword Research credits at the end of the trial vanish. However, if you’ve earned any rewards from the Trial Checklist, those will stick with you as you transition to a paid plan.

Is the Surfer SEO Free Trial Worth It?

Yes, the Free Trial is worth checking out. It offers a fantastic chance to:

Experience Surfer’s Tools: With the free trial, you can test Surfer’s main features without any upfront cost. It’s a no-risk way to see how Surfer can enhance your SEO game.

Learn SEO Fundamentals: Even if you’re new to SEO, the trial helps you learn essential optimization techniques, making it a valuable educational tool.

Refine Your Content: Whether you’re updating an existing article or publishing a new article, the trial gives you the tools to create content that’s both engaging and search engine friendly.

Find the Right Keywords: Discover what your audience is searching for. The trial gives you a chance to do complete keyword research for your niche to build topical authority.

In summary, It is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to test this powerful on-page SEO tool for free. It helps you to improve your SEO strategy and content quality with no initial investment. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO pro or just starting, this trial can provide insights and tools to upgrade your content strategy.


What is included in the Free Trial?

The trial offers 5 Content Editor and 5 Keyword Research credits, the option to collaborate with one other person, and a chance to earn extra credits through a Trial Checklist.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for the free trial?

Yes, a credit card is required to start the trial. It’s for verification purposes and to ensure seamless continuation if you choose to subscribe post-trial.

Can I cancel the Free Trial anytime?

Absolutely! You can cancel the trial at any moment before the 7 days are up to avoid any charges. If you either enrolled in any of the paid plan by mistake or you are not satisfied with features then you can ask for refund.

Will my trial credits carry over if I decide to subscribe?

No, unused trial credits don’t carry over when you move to a paid plan, except for any bonus credits earned through the Trial Checklist.

How long does the free trial last?

The Surfer Free Trial lasts for 7 days, giving you a full week to explore its features and capabilities.

So, if you are planning to purchase Surfer SEO or want to promote it as an affiliate then you should activate the free trial.

Is the free trial available for existing customers?

The free trial is only available to new users who haven’t had a Surfer SEO subscription or free trial before.

What happens when the free trial ends?

If you don’t cancel, your chosen paid plan will automatically start, and your credit card will be charged according to the plan’s rate.

Can I upgrade to a paid plan during the trial?

Yes, you can choose to start your paid subscription at any point during the trial via the pricing page.

Are all Surfer SEO tools available in the free trial?

The trial includes access to the Content Editor and Keyword Research tools. Some features, like Audit and SERP Analyzer, require a subscription.

Is support available during the free trial?

Trial users have access to Surfer SEO’s support team for any questions or assistance needed, ensuring a smooth trial experience.

surfer seo free trial

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