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After GPT-3, GPT-3.5 and ChatGPT (read stats here), OpenAI has launched GPT-4 which is far better than ChatGPT.

Let’s see some amazing GPT-4 i.e. ChatGPT-4 statistics.

Editor’s Pick: Top GPT-4 Statistics 2024 

  • OpenAI launched GPT-4 on 14th March 2023
  • GPT-4 is available to all ChatGPT plus users.
  • Those interested in GPT-4 can join the waitlist
  • GPT-4 aligns with usage policies 29% more often when dealing with sensitive topics like medical advice and self-harm.
  • Compared to GPT-3.5, GPT-4 has an 82% reduction in responding to requests for prohibited content.
  • ChatGPT uses Reinforcement Learning With Human Feedback (RLHF) to align its responses with users’ intentions
  • Its API Pricing is $0.03 per 1k prompt tokens, $0.06 per 1k completion tokens
  • GPT-4 API has a limit. 40k tokens per minute, 200 requests per minute
  • Context length is 8,192 tokens for GPT-4 and 32,768 tokens for GPT-4-32k version
  • Limited API access to GPT-4-32k version
  • Pricing for GPT-4-32k API access is $0.06 per 1k prompt tokens, $0.12 per 1k completion tokens
  • GPT-4 API Access to different versions (8k and 32k) may be given at different times

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What is GPT-4?

openai GPT-4

GPT-4, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4, is a powerful artificial intelligence language model created by OpenAI. 

In simple words, it’s like a smart computer program that can understand and generate human-like text. 

It can do a lot of cool things, like answer questions, write stories, translate languages, and help with tasks. 

GPT-4 learns from a huge amount of information found on the internet and gets better at understanding and producing text as it learns more. 

It’s an advanced version of previous AI models, and it can do many tasks more accurately and quickly.

NOTE: Jasper AI implemented GPT-4 in their AI writing tool. They confirmed it on their official Facebook group. Read Jasper Review here if you want to know more about it.

Key Features:

  • The better output than ChatGPT
  • You can enter both text and image input in GPT-4
  • Generate only text output.

GPT-4 Release Date: When Was GPT-4 Launched?

gpt-4 statistics stats

on March 14, 2023, something super exciting happened! 

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, announced on Twitter that GPT-4 is finally launched. 

gpt-4 launch announcement on Twitter

People had been waiting for this moment like crazy, counting down the days and dreaming about all the cool things GPT-4 could do. 

When the news broke, everyone couldn’t believe it was actually launched. 

It became a trending topic on Twitter within a few hours. 

GPT-4 Stats About Its Training Process

GPT-4 is an AI language model that learns from a vast amount of data to generate human-like text.

Its training process has two main steps: pre-training and fine-tuning.

Training Process:

  • Pre-training: GPT-4 learns from a large dataset containing various types of information, such as correct and incorrect math solutions, weak and strong reasoning, and different ideologies and ideas. The goal is to predict the next word in a document.
  • Fine-tuning: After pre-training, GPT-4 is further refined using reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF) to align its responses with users’ intentions and follow certain guidelines.

Key Points:

  • Publicly available and licensed data: GPT-4 uses a mix of publicly available data (like internet data) and licensed data for training.
  • Rich and diverse dataset: The training data includes a wide range of content, representing various perspectives and subjects.
  • Base model: The core capabilities of GPT-4 come mainly from the pre-training process.
  • Reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF): This fine-tuning technique helps align GPT-4 with user intentions and ensure it stays within certain guidelines.
  • Prompt engineering: Fine-tuning GPT-4 requires carefully designed prompts to guide its behavior and elicit the desired responses.

GPT 4 Limitations Stats & Data

gpt-4 internal factual eval by categroy
Image Source: OpenAI website

Here are few limitations or disadvantages of using GPT-4 that you should know about:

  • Can’t always trust it: GPT-4 might make up facts or make mistakes in its answers.
  • Be careful in important situations: Don’t rely on GPT-4 too much, especially when the stakes are high.
  • It’s better, but not perfect: GPT-4 has fewer made-up facts than before, but there’s still work to do.
  • Doesn’t know everything: GPT-4’s knowledge stops at September 2021, so it won’t know about newer events or information.
  • Makes up stuff like ChatGPT: GPT-4 can also give wrong information, just like its earlier version, ChatGPT.

Also, check this graph to know more.

gpt-4 accuracy on adversarial questions
Image Source: OpenAI website

How to Access GPT-4 or ChatGPT-4?

Are you ready to dive into the world of GPT-4 and experience the future of AI? We know you can’t wait to chat with this mind-blowing AI buddy, and we’re here to make it happen.

Get this – you have TWO super easy options to access GPT-4. Can you believe it? Let’s break them down for you.

Option 1: ChatGPT Plus Subscription

For just $20 a month (that’s less than a pizza night!), you can unlock the jaw-dropping power of GPT-4. Say hello to your new AI bestie and start chatting up a storm!

Option 2: Join the GPT-4 Waitlist

Feeling a bit more patient? No worries! Hop on over to the GPT-4 waitlist at https://openai.com/waitlist/gpt-4-api.

Just sign up, sit tight, and wait for your turn to experience the magic of GPT-4.

So what are you waiting for, folks? Choose your path and get ready to explore the fantastic world of GPT-4

ChatGPT vs GPT-4: What’s the Difference?

1. Input types:

ChatGPT handles text only, while GPT-4 works with both text and images.

2. Multimodality:

ChatGPT is a single mode (text), while GPT-4 is multimodal and understands different data types.

3. Response speed:

ChatGPT has slower responses, whereas GPT-4 provides faster responses.

4. Factuality:

ChatGPT is more prone to hallucinations, but GPT-4 has fewer hallucinations and better fact-checking.

5. Knowledge cutoff date:

Both ChatGPT and GPT-4 have a knowledge cutoff date of September 2021.

6. Fine-tuning process:

Both ChatGPT and GPT-4 use reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF), but GPT-4’s process is more refined.

7. Language understanding:

ChatGPT has a good understanding of language, while GPT-4 has an even better understanding due to advancements.

8. Creative applications:

ChatGPT is suitable for text-based creative tasks, while GPT-4 handles more diverse creative tasks, including image-related ones.

9. Reliability:

ChatGPT is good but can sometimes give wrong answers; GPT-4 has improved reliability, but still requires caution.

GPT-4 Statistics 2024: Its Score in Various Exams

ExamGPT-4 ScoreGPT-4 (no vision) ScoreGPT-3.5 Score
Uniform Bar Exam (MBE+MEE+MPT)298/400298/400213/400
SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing710/800710/800670/800
SAT Math700/800690/800590/800
GRE Quantitative163/170157/170147/170
GRE Verbal169/170165/170154/170
GRE Writing4/64/64/6
USABO Semifinal Exam 202087/15087/15043/150
USNCO Local Section Exam 202236/6038/6024/60
Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program75%75%53%
Codeforces Rating392392260
AP Art History555
AP Biology554
AP Calculus BC441

Let’s see the above data in graph format:

gpt-4 stats about exam result score
Image Source: OpenAI website

ChatGPT API Cost Statistics 2024

GPT-4 API cost is something you need to know if you want to use it. It’s a way to access the powerful GPT-4 model, but it comes with a price. Here’s a simple explanation and some important points about the cost:

  • Join the waitlist: To use the GPT-4 API, you need to join a waitlist. They’ll invite developers gradually to manage demand.
  • Researchers can get help: If you’re studying the impact of AI, you can apply for a special program to get cheaper access.

Important points:

  • Access by waitlist
  • Uses the same ChatCompletions API as gpt-3.5-turbo
  • Text-only requests for now (images in limited alpha)
  • Pricing: $0.03 per 1k prompt tokens, $0.06 per 1k completion tokens
  • Rate limits: 40k tokens per minute, 200 requests per minute
  • Context length: 8,192 tokens for GPT-4, 32,768 tokens for GPT-4-32k version
  • Limited access to GPT-4-32k version
  • Pricing for GPT-4-32k: $0.06 per 1k prompt tokens, $0.12 per 1k completion tokens
  • Access to different versions (8k and 32k) may be given at different times

GPT-4 Risks & Mitigations Stats 2024

gpt-4 inaccurate behaviour rate
Image Source: OpenAI website
  • Engaging domain experts: OpenAI involved over 50 experts from various fields to test GPT-4 and identify potential risks, leading to targeted improvements.
  • Enhanced safety measures: GPT-4 has an additional safety reward signal during RLHF training, which helps reduce harmful outputs by training the model to refuse certain requests.
  • Diverse dataset for safety reward: A variety of sources were used to create a balanced dataset, ensuring the model can distinguish between allowed and disallowed content.
  • Improved refusal of disallowed content: Compared to GPT-3.5, GPT-4 has an 82% reduction in responding to requests for prohibited content.
  • Better handling of sensitive requests: GPT-4 aligns with usage policies 29% more often when dealing with sensitive topics like medical advice and self-harm.
  • Pre-training data selection and filtering: OpenAI has been more cautious in choosing and filtering the data used for training GPT-4, ensuring a safer and better-aligned model.
  • Continuous monitoring and enforcement: OpenAI actively monitors GPT-4’s performance and enforces safety measures to maintain its reliability and mitigate potential risks.
  • Iterative model safety improvements: GPT-4 has undergone multiple iterations to enhance its safety features, learning from the limitations and risks of previous GPT models.

About OpenAI Eval

  • OpenAI Evals: OpenAI has shared a tool called OpenAI Evals that helps test models like GPT-4.
  • Track how models do: Users can use Evals to see how well models work with different products and how they improve over time.
  • Make your own tests: The tool lets you create your own custom tests for your specific needs.
  • Ready-to-use templates: Evals comes with templates to make it easy for you to create new tests.
  • Sharing tests: OpenAI wants Evals to be a place where people can share and work together on different tests to find the best ones.
  • Use existing tests: Evals can work with tests that already exist, making it more helpful.
  • Everyone can join in: OpenAI invites users to test models, share examples, and give feedback to make the tool better.

I’ve tried to cover every detail about GPT-4 in this article.

If you still have any confusion regarding GPT-4 Stats then please let me know via the comment below. I’ll reply asap.


gpt-4 statistics stats

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