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Welcome to our comprehensive BuildFire Review 2024

It’ll give you an in-depth look at this no-code app builder platform. 

If you’re searching through various BuildFire Reviews to decide whether it’s the right tool for your mobile app development needs, look no further. 

I’ve got all the details you need to make an informed decision.

In This Article, We’ll Cover:

  • Overview: What is BuildFire?
  • Ease of Use: Is it user-friendly?
  • Features: What can it do?
  • Pricing: How much does it cost?
  • Pros and Cons: The good and the bad.
  • Alternatives: Other options to consider.
  • Customer Support: Support quality.
  • User Reviews: What are people saying?

So, Stay tuned for a comprehensive look at BuildFire.

BuildFire Review & Basic Information

buildfire review
Review ofBuildFire
Use ForMobile App Development
Good ForSmall Businesses, Enterprises, Individual Creators
Not Ideal ForHighly specialized or complex apps is much better and more affordable (check pricing here)
Pricing Starts From$100/month
Money-back GuaranteeNot specified
Types of AppsE-commerce, Employee Communication, Fitness, etc.
SDK AvailableYes
In-App Purchases FeatureYes
Real-Time PreviewYes
Customer SupportEmail, Chat, Phone
Ease of UseIntuitive drag-and-drop interface
Customization OptionsHigh with Developer SDK
Available IntegrationsLimited, Zapier supported
Analytics FeaturesApp Download Analytics, Advanced Push Notification Analytics
Push Notification OptionsStandard, Rich Text, GEO Fence, etc.
Security FeaturesUser Management, Behavioral User Tagging
Data LimitsVaries by the plan; e.g., 5GB storage for MVP Plan
Additional CostsAdditional admin seat at $50/Mo

What is BuildFire?

buildfire no code app builder platform

BuildFire is a no-code platform that enables quick and easy mobile app development for both iOS and Android devices. 

It features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it accessible even for users without coding experience as you can see in the below screenshot.

buildfire dashboard after login

The platform is highly versatile and suitable for creating a wide range of apps including e-commerce, employee communication, and more. 

BuildFire also offers real-time previews for immediate feedback and rapid prototyping. 

Advanced users can take advantage of a developer SDK for customization, making it a balanced solution for both beginners and experts. 

It aims to be a cost-effective, time-saving tool for high-quality app development.

The below image help you to understand why BuildFire is better than the Traditional app development.

buildfire vs traditional app development

This is the benefit of using no-code app builder like BuildFire.

LIVE DEMO: How Does BuildFire Work?

how to build android ios mobile app with buildfire

Here is a detailed guide on how to go from an idea to a live app using BuildFire.

STEP 1: Choose a Template and Name Your App

Once you sign up for BuildFire’s 14-day free trial (no credit card required), you’ll be prompted to select a template that aligns with your app’s purpose. 

Whether it’s e-commerce, employee communication, or a fitness app, there are various templates to get you started. 

After choosing a template, name your app to establish its identity.

STEP 2: Build Your App

This step involves using BuildFire’s drag-and-drop editor to construct your app. 

You can add different functionalities like chat, push notifications, and in-app purchases by simply dragging them into your app interface. 

These functionalities are available as a plugin in BuildFire as you can see in the below image.

buildfire plugin features

If you’re a more advanced user, you can also leverage BuildFire’s SDK to add custom features and third-party API integrations. 

Throughout this process, you can preview changes in real time, helping you fine-tune your app’s user experience.

TEP 3: Launch Your App

Once you’re satisfied with the app’s look and functionalities, it’s time to launch. 

BuildFire handles the complicated process of getting your app onto Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. 

You submit your app for review, and once approved, it’s live for people to download. BuildFire also takes care of ongoing maintenance, letting you focus on your core business operations.

By following these three steps, you can turn your app concept into a fully functioning mobile application with minimal time and effort.

Why Should You Use BuildFire?

If you’re considering venturing into the world of mobile apps, BuildFire offers a robust platform to turn your idea into a fully-functioning application as shown below.

Watch this video to understand its pros and cons.

buildfire features

Here are nine compelling features that make BuildFire a strong choice for your app development needs:

1. No Coding Skill Needed

One of the most significant advantages of using BuildFire is its no-code approach. 

You don’t have to be proficient in any programming languages to create an app. 

This opens up app development to practically anyone, regardless of their technical know-how.

2. No Design Skill Needed

BuildFire provides a variety of pre-made templates that allow you to have a professional-looking app without any design skills. 

This eliminates the need for hiring a designer and saves time and money.

3. Drag and Drop

BuildFire’s drag-and-drop interface is intuitive and straightforward, enabling you to add features, images, and other elements effortlessly. 

The user-friendly design of the platform ensures you can create your app without breaking a sweat.

4. Send Push Notifications

Push notifications are critical for user engagement, and BuildFire makes it easy to implement them. 

Whether it’s an update, a new feature, or a promotional offer, you can notify your users directly through their mobile devices.

5. Real-Time Preview

buildfire dashboard after login

As you develop your app, BuildFire’s real-time preview lets you see changes as they happen. 

This feature enables rapid prototyping and quicker adjustments, saving you valuable time in the development process.

6. Developer SDK

For those with some technical skills, BuildFire’s Developer SDK allows you to build custom functionalities. 

This gives you the freedom to create a more personalized app that can stand out in a crowded marketplace.

7. Robust Analytics

Understanding user behavior is crucial for an app’s success. 

BuildFire offers comprehensive analytics features, helping you track user engagement, app downloads, and other key performance indicators.

8. Cost-Effective Plans

BuildFire offers multiple pricing plans to suit various budgets, starting at just $100/month for the MVP plan. 

Each plan offers a different set of features and capabilities, ensuring there’s an option for every need.

9. Easy Maintenance

With BuildFire, you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of maintaining your app. 

From security updates to bug fixes, the platform takes care of it all, allowing you to focus on content and user engagement.

These features collectively make BuildFire a compelling choice for anyone looking to develop a mobile app without the typical complexities and costs associated with traditional app development.

BuildFire Pros and Cons

When considering a no-code app building platform like BuildFire, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons. 

Here’s a comprehensive look at both sides of the coin:


  • User-Friendly Interface: The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for users with little or no coding experience to create an app.
  • Quick Development Cycle: Templates and ready-to-use features help speed up the development process, allowing for quicker time-to-market.
  • Robust Analytics: BuildFire offers detailed app analytics, helping you to understand user behavior and tweak your app for better performance.
  • Cost-Effective: With plans starting at $100/month, BuildFire is a budget-friendly option for businesses of all sizes.
  • Push Notifications: The platform includes the ability to send push notifications, a crucial feature for user engagement.
  • Customization: Even though it’s a no-code platform, the availability of a developer SDK means you can still add custom functionality.
  • Multi-Device Support: BuildFire allows you to publish your app on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and even as a Progressive Web App.
  • Security: User management and behavioral tagging options ensure that the app is secure and accessible to the intended users.
  • Support and Maintenance: BuildFire takes care of the heavy lifting like load balancing, server maintenance, and updates, allowing you to focus on the app content.


  • Limited Advanced Features: Though it offers an SDK for custom functionality, the out-of-the-box features might be limited for some advanced requirements.
  • Learning Curve: While user-friendly, mastering all of the platform’s features can take time for complete beginners.
  • Pricing: While cost-effective, the lower-tier plans lack some premium features, making the higher-priced plans necessary for more functionality.
  • Storage Limits: Each plan has storage limitations, which may not be suitable for apps requiring extensive data storage.
  • No Built-in Integrations: The absence of ready-made third-party integrations might make the platform less appealing for those looking for extensive external connectivities.
  • No Money-Back Guarantee: Unlike some competitors, BuildFire doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, which may discourage some users.

Considering these pros and cons can give you a balanced view of what BuildFire offers and help you decide if it’s the right tool for your app development needs.

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BuildFire Pricing

buildfire pricing plans

Understanding the cost structure of any app development platform is crucial before committing. 

BuildFire offers a range of pricing plans designed to suit various needs and budgets. 

Here’s an in-depth look at what each plan entails:

1. MVP Plan ($100/mo)

Aimed at basic app needs, this plan supports Android and iOS apps as well as PWAs.

It offers standard features like user management and basic analytics but lacks premium features and integrations. 

Limits include 25,000 monthly active devices and 100 total downloads.

Here are more details: 

  • Devices Supported: Android App, iOS App, PWA (Progressive Web App)
  • Premium Features: Not available
  • Security and Access: User Management, Behavioral User Tagging
  • Integrations: Not available
  • Analytics: Basic App Download Analytics
  • Notifications: Standard Push Notifications
  • Additional Admin Seat: $50/Month
  • Usage Limits: Push Notifications 50,000/Mo, Monthly Active Devices 25,000/Mo, Storage 5GB, Bandwidth 100GB/Mo, Downloads 100/Total

2. Growth Plan ($189/mo)

An extension of the MVP Plan, the Growth Plan lifts the 100 downloads limit and retains other features and limitations. 

This plan is suitable for small to medium enterprises looking to grow their mobile presence.

Here are more details: 

  • Devices Supported: Android App, iOS App, PWA
  • Premium Features: Not available
  • Security and Access: User Management, Behavioral User Tagging
  • Integrations: Not available
  • Analytics: Basic App Download Analytics
  • Notifications: Standard Push Notifications
  • Additional Admin Seat: $50/Month
  • Usage Limits: Push Notifications 50,000/Mo, Monthly Active Devices 25,000/Mo, Storage 5GB, Bandwidth 100GB/Mo
  • Download Limit: No 100 downloads limit on this plan

3. Starter Plan ($349/mo)

This plan steps up the game with several premium features like Drip Notification and QR Scanner. 

It also supports iPad and Android Tablets. Usage limits are expanded to 50,000 monthly active devices and 250,000 monthly push notifications.

Here are more details: 

  • Devices Supported: Android App, iOS App, PWA, plus iPad and Android Tablet devices
  • Premium Features: Drip Notification, QR Scanner, On The Go Push, Task Manager, and more
  • Security and Access: User Management, Behavioral User Tagging, In-App Purchases
  • Integrations: Zapier, Tier 3 Server to Server API Key
  • Analytics: Advanced Analytics including Push Notification insights
  • Notifications: Rich Text, GEO Fence, and Group Subscription Notifications
  • Additional Admin Seat: $50/Month
  • Usage Limits: Push Notifications 250,000/Mo, Monthly Active Devices 50,000/Mo, Storage 15GB, Bandwidth 150GB/Mo

4. Standard Plan ($499/mo)

Tailored for businesses with more extensive needs, the Standard Plan offers a wide range of premium features and allows for custom features via SDK. 

It has the highest usage limits, making it ideal for larger enterprises.

Here are more details: 

  • Devices Supported: Android App, iOS App, PWA, plus iPad and Android Tablet devices
  • Premium Features: Extensive list including Check List, Container Folder, Document Manager Stats, and more
  • Security and Access: User Management, Behavioral User Tagging, In-App Purchases
  • Integrations: Zapier, Tier 3 Server to Server API Key, and SDK for custom features
  • Analytics: Comprehensive analytics including User Timeline and Segment Analytics
  • Notifications: Advanced options including Deep Linking and Custom User Segment Notifications
  • Additional Admin Seat: $50/Month
  • Usage Limits: Push Notifications 500,000/Mo, Monthly Active Devices 150,000/Mo, Storage 50GB, Bandwidth 250GB/Mo

Who is BuildFire Perfect Fit for?

BuildFire is an incredibly versatile platform that serves a wide range of needs and industries. Here are some sectors and situations where BuildFire is particularly well-suited:

1. Small Businesses

BuildFire offers affordable pricing plans that make it an excellent choice for small businesses looking to tap into the mobile market without breaking the bank. 

Its intuitive interface means you don’t need a dedicated IT team to manage your app.

2. Content Creators

The platform offers various features that make it simple for content creators to distribute and monetize their content.

From bloggers to podcasters, BuildFire’s in-app purchase feature can create new revenue streams.

3. E-commerce Platforms

If you’re running an online store, BuildFire can help you extend your reach into mobile. 

It supports various e-commerce features, allowing you to manage inventory, track analytics, and engage with customers directly through the app.

4. Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges, and educational organizations can benefit from BuildFire’s customizable features, offering options to create educational materials, manage user access, and send push notifications for updates or reminders.

5. Religious Organizations

For churches, mosques, temples, and other religious bodies, BuildFire provides an easy way to connect with a community. 

Share sermons, event updates, or reading materials effortlessly through your custom app.

6. Health and Fitness Coaches

BuildFire offers unique features suitable for fitness apps, such as workout guides, tracking tools, and even in-app purchases for premium content, making it ideal for personal trainers and fitness influencers.

7. Large Enterprises

With higher-tier plans offering extensive customization and robust analytics features, large companies can harness the power of BuildFire for more complex, large-scale operations.

8. Event Planners

If you’re an event planner or organizer, BuildFire’s event app features can significantly enhance the attendee experience, offering options like real-time updates, ticket sales, and interactive maps.

By understanding the extensive features and customization options that BuildFire offers, businesses and organizations can find the perfect fit for their specific needs.

BuildFire 14-Day Free Trial

The BuildFire 14-day free trial offers a risk-free way to explore the platform’s capabilities before committing to a subscription. 

During this period, users have access to BuildFire’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor, allowing them to build and prototype their mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. 

The trial doesn’t require a credit card, making it a hassle-free experience. 

It’s an excellent opportunity for businesses and individuals to test out the platform’s features, gauge its ease of use, and decide whether it meets their specific app development needs.

BuildFire Alternatives

While BuildFire offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities, it’s not the only player in the no-code app builder market. 

One notable alternative worth considering is 

Want to know everything about Passion io then read our Passion io reviews article. vs BuildFire: Why is it The Best Alternative? stands out as a compelling alternative to BuildFire for several reasons:

  • Affordable Pricing: One of the most significant advantages of is its cost-effectiveness. With plans starting at just $79 per month, it’s a more budget-friendly option, especially when compared to BuildFire’s higher-tier plans.
  • Robust Features: Despite its lower price point, doesn’t skimp on features. It offers a wide array of functionalities that are almost on par with what you can get from BuildFire’s more expensive plans.
  • Ease of Use: Like BuildFire, is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes app creation accessible to those without coding skills.
  • Quick Deployment: allows for rapid prototyping and deployment of your app, similar to BuildFire, ensuring that you can get your app to market as quickly as possible.
  • Monetization: Just like BuildFire, provides various options to monetize your app, such as in-app purchases and subscriptions, making it easier for businesses to generate revenue.
  • Customer Support: Users often praise for its responsive and helpful customer service, providing an extra layer of assurance when building your app.

So if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing essential features, might be the perfect alternative to BuildFire.

If you want to test it before purchasing then read our free trial guide and activate your free trial.

Special NOTE: if you want to hire professional developer to make complex app for you then try Draftbit. Want to know more then read this.

FAQs: BuildFire Reviews

What is BuildFire?

BuildFire is a no-code mobile app development platform that allows users to create customized apps for iOS and Android using drag-and-drop technology. It also offers advanced functionalities through its developer SDK.

How much does BuildFire cost?

BuildFire has various pricing plans, starting from $100 per month for the MVP Plan. The pricing goes up depending on the features, with plans for small businesses to enterprises.

Does BuildFire require coding skills?

No, BuildFire is designed to be user-friendly and does not require coding skills. Its drag-and-drop interface allows users to create apps without writing a single line of code.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, BuildFire offers a 14-day free trial that doesn’t require a credit card. During this period, you can test out all the features to see if it meets your needs.

Can I monetize my app on BuildFire?

Yes, BuildFire has built-in monetization features like in-app purchases to help you generate revenue from your app.

Is BuildFire suitable for E-commerce apps?

Absolutely. BuildFire has specialized features to support E-commerce, such as shopping carts and secure checkout options.

How reliable is BuildFire’s customer support?

The customer support experience with BuildFire could be improved, especially when it comes to their live chat service. More often than not, I found the live chat to be offline when I attempted to seek assistance, falling short of the real-time support one might expect.

How long does it take to create an app on BuildFire?

The time it takes to create an app can vary based on the complexity, but with BuildFire’s drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates, you can develop an app in a fraction of the time it would take to code one from scratch.

Are there any limitations on the types of apps I can create with BuildFire?

BuildFire is highly versatile and supports a variety of app types, including business workflow apps, content creator apps, and even fitness apps

Is BuildFire the only no-code app development platform?

No, there are other options like, which offer similar features at a lower cost.

Conclusion: Should You Use BuildFire?

Overall, BuildFire presents itself as a versatile no-code app-building platform suitable for both beginners and seasoned developers. 

From its drag-and-drop interface to its diverse template offerings, it’s clear why many turn to it for mobile app creation. 

The added bonus of a 14-day free trial gives potential users a taste of its capabilities, ensuring they make an informed choice. 

However, as with any tool, it’s essential to weigh its features against its price points and potential alternatives. 

This BuildFire review aimed to provide a comprehensive look into BuildFire, and I hope it has shed light on whether it aligns with your app development needs.

buildfire review

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