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  • With Passion io, you create a professional Android and iOS app without coding skills.
  • It features a drag & drop builder, device compatibility, and a range of features like drip content and in-app community creation.
  • You can also send push notifications, accept payments in-app, and promote online courses using communities.
  • The interface is user-friendly, with pricing starting from $97/mo and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • However, 3.9% fee on Passion payments and Drip content feature not available in the Pro plan are major limitations.

In this review, I’m going to cover everything about including pros, cons, features, real customers review, live platform demo, webinar and many more.

So, read this Passion IO app review till the end to decide Passion IO is the right tool for you or not.

NOTE: This review is based solely on my personal experience and unbiased evaluation of

Why Should you trust us?

Before writing this review, I have tested by activating its free trial. Apart from this, I have done deep research on all social media platforms, forums (like Reddit, Quora) etc.

✍️ How we review tools and services → Review: Upfront Recommendation

passion io review is it the best app creating paltform

I’ve tested Passion IO platform for 14-days (with trial) and build an coaching app.

So, I am more than qualified to give an unbiased review of this tool.

Here is my quick review (after building an app with it):

  • Ease of use: 7/10
  • Features: 8/10
  • Customer Support: 8/10
  • Price: 6/10
  • Value for Money: 8/10

Summary: 7.4/10

Overall, I’ll give it a rating of 7.4/10 based on my experience during creating an app with it.

I built a course app on and found it user-friendly, especially if you don’t have coding experience.

The interface is straightforward, and it works well on different devices.

However, I did encounter some limitations with advanced customization options compared to more complex LMS platforms.

Plus, they charge 3.9% fee on Passion payments and Drip content feature not available in the Pro plan.

If you are OK with it then it’s a good platform for you for app development.

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My Thoughts After Using It As A First Time User

I’ve tried personally.

For this, I signed up for their 14-day free trial and actively built a sample coaching app.

This process involved utilizing the drag-and-drop builder to create course modules, integrating payment gateways, and testing push notification functionalities.

I also experimented with the platform’s ability to manage user subscriptions and foster community engagement through built-in features.

This firsthand experience not only allowed me to assess the platform’s ease of use but also provided valuable insights into its potential benefits and drawbacks for various user groups.

I recorded a detailed review of Passion io. So, must Check this video to understand how to use it.

I Tried (Watch this video for LIVE DEMO)

This video will help you to understand how to create App using Passion IO App building platform ?

So, click on the above link to see how Passion App builder works.

What is (Quick Summary)

passion io training and course mobile app builder
Passion IO Homepage is an app development platform that helps you to create an effective training and coaching app in just a few minutes without any hassle or any coding skills required.

With Passion IO, you can create interactive courses with pre-built templates or design your own from scratch.

These apps work seamlessly on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart tv & desktops.

The best thing about Passion IO is that you can receive payments directly through your application.

I hope that now you understand what is Passion app platform (AKA Dan Harvey app platform).

LIVE DEMO: How Does Passion IO Works?

Creating an app with is very easy, all you need to do is to follow the steps listed below.

STEP 1: Sign up for a free trial from here and create your free account.

STEP 2: After creating your free account using the above link, you’ll see a welcome screen like this.

step 1 welcome to passion io app welcome screen after activating the free trial

STEP 3: Now, Choose the name of your app.

step 2 choose an app name passion io
choose your app name and click on the “Check Availability” button

STEP 4: Select a blank template or professional looking predesigned templates from the theme library.

step 3 select an app template from theme library
Select a template for your app

STEP 5: Now, click on the “Choose Template” button to open the drag and drop app builder of Passion IO.

step 4 click on choose template button in passion io platform
click on the “choose template” button to open editor

STEP 6: Now, it’ll open the drag and drop app builder for you. You can drag and drop your course video or anything easily to create your first app that will make money for you.

step 5 design app using passion io drag and drop app builder drag and drop app builder looks like this

STEP 7: Publish your app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Congratulations, you have successfully built and launched your first app using Passion IO Platform.

Why Choose App?

There is not any doubt that building an app is a time-consuming process, but with it is possible to create an app in just a few minutes.

Apart from this, Passion IO comes with some amazing functionalities which are not available in any other alternatives.

Here are some amazing benefits of using the apps platform:

  • No coding skill needed
  • No Design skill needed
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Work on all devices
  • Easy payment and payout through app
  • Seamless order and subscriptions
  • Amazing templates to choose from
  • On-demand and live streaming
  • Create Interactive community
  • Group-based challenges for the community
  • Send push notifications

1. No Coding Skill Needed

Creating an app is hard. It’s time-consuming and expensive, too. offers a new way to create apps without coding skills or any of the hassle that comes with it.

You don’t need to be a developer or have any coding experience at all to use’s platform for creating apps! The simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to build their own mobile app in minutes – no code required!

2. No Design Skill Needed

Creating an app is hard, especially if you don’t have any design skills. 

If you are using then you don’t need to worry about it because it comes with lots of predesigned templates. 

You can customize these templates as per your requirements with a drag & drop builder. 

It means that even if you are not good at design, then also you can make your app look professional with templates.

Click here to design your first app without buying any plan.

3. Drag and Drop Builder

Passion IO comes with a drag-and-drop builder which is very easy to use and designed with beginners in mind. 

It means that with drag and drop app builder you can create custom courses or training apps for your users without any hassle.

4. Work on All Devices

With you can create apps that work seamlessly on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

passion dan reviews about supported devices
Passion Dan reviews about supported devices

You don’t need to worry about any type of compatibility issues with because it supports different devices and platforms like Android, iOS, android tv, smart tv, desktops and many more.

5. Easy Payment and Payout through the App

Whether you decide to use a subscription-based model or a one-time payment, makes it easy to handle the payments from your app.

You can set your pricing & other details from App Dashboard and then start working on getting revenue from your app. offers an easy setup for your app.

With, you can receive money directly through your app without any need for any external payment processor or third-party service provider. For any payment method you can set up, does all the work for you!

Passion IO also offers you the ability to track your app’s progress. This way you can keep track of how your app is doing and make sure it is optimized for maximum conversions.

6. Seamless Order and Subscriptions makes it easy to manage your orders, subscriptions and other charges through your app.

It means that you don’t need to worry about setting up different payment gateways or managing chargebacks with takes care of all the work for you!

7. Amazing Templates to Choose From comes with lots of templates to choose from, so you can start your app quickly without any hassle. 

It means that even if you are not good at design, you can still create an amazing app within a few minutes with templates.

You can customize these templates with drag & drop builder or you can also create the design from scratch.

It means that you don’t need to hire any designer or developer for creating your app.

Click here to launch App at half Price (LIVE DEMO).

8. On-demand and Live Streaming comes with an amazing feature that allows you to do live streaming in your app whenever you want.

It means that whatever you breathe in the app will be live-streamed for your entire audience, so they can learn better and faster than ever before!

I’m not sure but they should have the option to record your classes or events, upload them to your app and make them live!

9. Create Interactive Community allows you to create communities within your app. It’s a great way to stay connected with your users over time, which will help you nurture relationships with them! 

You can create polls, surveys, giveaways, quizzes etc in this community. It’ll help you make your community more interactive and engaging.

10. Group-based Challenges For the Community

You can create challenges for your community. For example, you can run a 30-day workout challenge where users have to share their progress on daily basis.

It’s very easy to create a challenge in You can charge users to join the challenge, or you can allow free access to the challenge. 

11. Send Push Notifications

One way you can make your app more engaging is by sending push notifications to your users.

Sending messages in real-time is a great way to be in contact with people who are using your app. 

It allows you to send them messages when something new happens, or when something relevant has happened in the news that they may care about. 

It’s also a good idea when you want to remind people about finishing an activity that they were doing on your app! take all the hard work out of delivering notifications so you don’t have to worry about setting up anything complicated. 

All you need is to write your message and click on the Send button from your Passion IO dashboard. 

Pros and Cons of is an app development platform that helps you to create an effective training and coaching app in just a few minutes without any hassle or any coding skills required.

Let’s see the pros and cons of the app.

What I Like About

Here are some of the pros and cons of Passion IO.

  • Create awesome courses without having to worry about coding
  • Make your course work across all devices
  • Payout with live streaming available for success
  • Deliver a personalized learning experience in a way that’s never been possible before
  • Build interactive courses with pre-built templates or design your own from scratch
  • Simple to use interface
  • Drag and drop interface to create courses
  • No coding or technical worries
  • Seamless payment process (in-app purchase)
  • Drip content feature is also available
  • 30-days money-back guarantee and one-click cancellation feature.
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Send push notifications to your subscribers.
  • Upsell option is also available 

What I Don’t Like About

  • Not affordable for everyone
  • 3.9% platform fee for Passion payments
  • Due to lots of features, it may take some time to be familiar with
  • The drip content feature is not available in the Pro plan.

Who is Perfect Fit for? is great for anyone who wants to create an app, or who wants to create an online course.

It’s perfect for teachers, bloggers, trainers and coaches who want to offer online courses via their own app.

Passion io is a perfect platform for:

  • Coaches, Trainers and Instructors
  • E-commerce
  • Business Owner
  • Agency Owner

1. Coaches, Trainers and Instructors

Passion IO is good for coaches, trainers and instructors who want to offer online training courses via their own app. It has all the tools and features needed for powerful online coaching, training and instruction.

2. E-commerce is great for e-commerce businesses or any business that wants to sell products or services through their app. It has all the tools and features needed for powerful online e-commerce.

3. Business Owner is great for any business owner who wants to create an app for their company. It’s perfect for companies who want to keep in touch with their customers and create a better relationship with them via an app.

4. Agencies is great for agencies that want to create an app for their customers or clients. It has all the tools and features needed for powerful online applications.

You can use for creating powerful apps, webinars, online courses or surveys.

Whether you are an e-commerce business, agency, employer or an individual who wants to create an app- Passion IO is perfect for you.

Passion IO customer support

Passion IO have a very friendly and helpful customer support team! They are always on hand to help you with any questions, problems or issues about using Passion IO.

They’re very quick to respond to you too. It doesn’t matter if it’s over Facebook, email or the live chat on the website- they’re always ready to help!

Passion IO also has a really good FAQ section too which answers most of the common questions that people have about creating an app. You can always go to their FAQ section for more information about using

I shared lots of Daniel Harvey Passion Apps review with you. Now, it’s time to discuss about its support.

Let’s see how the customer support team of Passion IO going to help you in achieving your goals.

Support in Pro Plan

  • They are going to provide you free access to the 30-day Expert Unleashed Challenge that will help you to launch your app and start selling successfully
  • You’ll also get Expert community access where you can ask your doubts to get answers quickly
  • accountability coaching that will help you in every step.
  • Onboarding tutorials to learn how to use Passion IO to create professional apps.
  • 24×7 Email & chat support

Support in Ultimate Plan

  • Everything available in Pro Plan
  • On-boarding video call to help you.
  • Step-by-step “Expert Freedom” training for FREE (worth $1000+) to grow your business

Passion IO Pricing Plans

passion io pricing which plan is good for you comes with 3 pricing plans: Pro, Ultimate & Ultimate Plus

Passion IO allows you to create an app for $97 per month. However, if you are serious about creating an app and want some features not available in this plan (such as drip content), you can buy these additional features for $297 per month.

It comes with three pricing plans:

  • Pro Plan ($97/mo)
  • Ultimate Plan ($297/mo)
  • Ultimate Plus Plan (price depends on requirements)

1. Pro Plan

In this plan, you will get 100 videos, 100 subscribers, 1,000 push notifications per month and the platform fee is 3.9% with Passion payments. This plan doesn’t offer drip content features. 

The Pro Plan is the cheapest plan of that costs only $97/mo and it’s great for those who want to create an app but don’t need any of the advanced features as in the Ultimate Plan.

2. Ultimate Plan

In this plan, you will get unlimited videos, unlimited subscribers, unlimited push notifications per month and the platform fee is 0% with external payment and 3.9% with Passion payments.

This plan comes with a drip content feature. It means that you can lock and unlock your course content according to your requirements. 

The ultimate plan is certainly the best choice for those who want to create an app with advanced features like drip content and unlimited video, subscribers and push notification.

The ultimate plan offers all these amazing features at only $297/mo.

3. Ultimate Plus Plan’s Ultimate Plus plan provides everything you need to build and launch your own app, including a done-for-you service so you can focus on your business instead of creating app yourself.

With this plan, you can create up to 5 apps and have unlimited subscribers.

You’ll also get unlimited video uploads and phone support from their team of experts.

Plus, there are no transaction fees when using

Whether you’re selling physical or digital products, they’ve got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today and turn your dream app into reality.

Word On Free Webinar

I’m sure that you’ve never seen anything like this before.

The team is revealing the secret formula of how to get clients on autopilot, create apps 10x faster and at a lower cost, and make more money than you’re probably making right now.

And it’s all boiled down into an easy-to-follow webinar that walks you through everything step by step.

Here is everything you’ll learn in this free webinar:

  • How to create an app 10x faster and cheaper than you think
  • How to turn strangers into your clients on autopilot
  • How to get paid up to $10k to launch your app

Watch this webinar for FREE

Words on Facebook Group – Passion Fighters App have a very active Facebook Group called “Passion Fighter” where you can speak with the founder of Passion IO and other users about creating an app with, or about online marketing in general.

If you want to build an app and create an online business, you can join the Facebook group – “Passion Fighters” and learn from other experts who use

The name of this Facebook group is Passion Fighters.

Passion IO Case Studies: Is Legit? customers are making thousands of dollars from their app. I’m going to share 6 amazing case studies with you. It’s like an honest Passion Dan app review. Here is the list:

  • Case Study 1: Allie Cooper
  • Case Study 2: Ellen Decker
  • Case Study 3: Spartan RAM
  • Case Study 4: Bakerlou Music
  • Case Study 5: Tiffany Wilkerson
  • Case Study 6: Savannah Bohlin

Case study 1: Allie Cooper

Allie Cooper is a circus, aerial rope and aerial art coach.  Just 1 week after launching her Cirque Plus app, Allie had made over $4,000. with only 50+ subscribers she is making $50k+ with her app. Read the full case study from here.

Case Study 2: Ellen Decker

Ellen’s app ‘Fit in Twenty’ is a fitness app that offers a daily, quick, effective workout routine for staying fit. With only 60 subscribers, she is making $2,400+ passive income every single month through her app. Read Ellen case study from here.

Case Study 3: Spartan RAM

Spartan RAM also created a fitness app using Passion IO and you know what with only 180 subscribers he is making $200k+ per year with his app. He is offering a monthly subscription of $97 to $297 which helped him to achieve this goal. Read Spartan full case study from here.

Case Study 4: Bakerlou Music

Bakerlou Music is a music training app built with The owner of this app is offering a monthly subscription to her app. You’ll be glad to know that she is making $4,100+ per month passive income with only 20 active subscribers. Read here full case study from here.

Case study 5: Tiffany Wilkerson

Tiffany Wilkerson has created a fitness & workout training app with Passion IO. she charges $800/ seat for her 6-week training and you know what she is making $4650/mo through her app with only 50+ subscribers. Read her full case study from here

Case Study 6: Savannah Bohlin

Savannah Bohlin is a personal trainer and health guru who leave the Kajabi platform and build her own app. She offers a monthly subscription to her app at just $22.22/mo. With her Passion IO app, she is making $66k+ per year with only 250 subscribers. Read her full case study from here. Reviews by Customers

Let’s see what people are saying about It’s like an honest app review.

passion io review is it legit
passion io review is it a scam
passion io review feedback by customer
passion io review by user
passion io review by customer

Want to see more passion app reviews? If yes then read our next section.

Here is Passion io reviews on Trustpilot.

passion io reviews on trustpilot
Passion IO rated 4.7 based on 230+ reviews

Is Passion IO Worth it?

Yes, can be a great option, but it’s important to understand its limitations.

While easy to use and packed with features, it lacks the advanced customization like other platforms.

There’s also a 3.9% fee on payments and drip content requires a higher plan.

Ultimately, its worth depends on your specific needs and budget.

I’ll suggest you to try its free trial to see if it fits!

Passion IO 14-Days Free Trial

If you are still confused about using Passion IO- why not try it for 14 days?

You can take advantage of Passion IO’s 14 days free trial to see if it works for you.

You don’t have to pay anything during the trial period.

You can try Passion Dan app platform completely risk-free. If you like Passion IO then you can become a paid member at any time.

And If you aren’t completely satisfied with it- then you can cancel your account without paying anything.

Who is Behind Passion IO?

You may be wondering that who’s behind Well, there are lots of experts in charge of the development of The CEO and Co-founder is Daniel Harvey. Austin Distel is the CMO of Passion IO who is also CMO of a popular company Jarvis. 

Here is more detail of the entire team:

  • Co-Founder/ CRO: Daniel Harvey
  • CMO: Austin Distel
  • Customer Success and App Submission: Magdalena Mostazo
  • Junior Marketing Operations Specialist: Lisa Eiberger
  • Inbound Specialist: Andrew Truong
  • Software Engineer: Viacheslav (Slava) Moskalchenko
  • Product Manager: Alex Camilar Alternatives

Compared to competitors like Kajabi and Thinkific, shines in its native app functionality.

Learners can access courses seamlessly on their smartphones and tablets, without relying on web browsers.

Additionally, the platform’s built-in community features, like group challenges and discussion forums, encourage active learner engagement, something Kajabi and Thinkific lack.

But wait… they charge 3.9% fee on Passion payments and Drip content feature not available in the Pro plan. 👎

But still, if you are looking for competitors then I’ll recommend you to try any of these 4 platforms: 

  • Appily
  • Fliplet
  • AppGeyser
  • Flutter

1. Appily

Appily is a good alternative to Passion IO that let you build android and IOS app. Its user interface is not as smooth as Passion IO but it is still a good alternative to Passion IO.

You can create simple apps with Appily but you’ll not get advanced functionalities like drip content, in-build community, upsell etc. So, it’s not better than Passion hours app.

2. Fliplet

Fliplet is a good passion io alternative. It’s an app builder platform that can build apps for businesses without coding.

It’s a good and cheaper option for those who want to create a normal app for their business.

But if you are a coach or trainer who wants to build a professional app with upselling, community, interactive community etc then Fliplet is not the right platform for you.

3. AppGeyser

AppGeyser is also a good alternative to the app that allows you to create an app without any coding skills required.

Same as Appily and Fliplet this is not good for coaches and course creators because it doesn’t have most of the features that has.

The one thing I don’t like about AppGeyser is that it can create only Android apps. So, if you are looking to make an iOS app then you are better to use

4. Flutter

If you have coding knowledge then you can use Flutter App builder. It’s the best Platform that helps you to create App for iOS, Android and desktop. But if you don’t have any coding knowledge then I’ll not recommend you to use Flutter.

NOTE: I recently found a new alternative called Draftbit which is better than It allow you to extract source code.

What is is an amazing platform that allows you to create powerful mobile apps for your business or your hobbies. It has all the tools needed to create an amazing app. It includes lots of templates, themes and elements that you can use to create your dream app.

How much is costs $97/mo for the Pro Plan and $297/mo for the Ultimate Plan. The ultimate plan comes with some additional features like drip content and unlimited everything.

Is passion io worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it! There are lots of amazing features that you can use while creating your app. With you can create an app for your course, coaching or training. It’s great for people who want to use their skills to create a full-time business. In you can get access to all the tools that you need to create your app and then monetize it.

Is legit?

Yes, is 100% legit because you will have all the tools that you need to build your app. Passion IO is for people who are serious about their side hustle or full-time business.

Does offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with Passion IO, you can get your money back without any issues.

Can we try for free?

Yes, you can try Passion IO without any issues. You can use it for free for 14 days. If you don’t find this tool helpful then you can cancel your account without paying anything.

How much does it cost to publish an app on Google Play Store and Apple app store?

You can launch your app on the Google Play Store at just a one-time fee of $25.In the case of the Apple App Store, you have to pay $99/year. will give you step by step instructions that will help you to launch your app on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Does have an affiliate program?

Yes, It has an affiliate program. With the affiliate program, you can earn a 30% recurring commission for life. In simple words, you’ll get a 30% commission every single month as long as users will use Passion IO.

What will happen to my data if I cancel my account?

If you want to cancel your account, please remember to download all your data, because this will be the last time that you’ll be able to do it. After cancelling your account, all your data will be permanently deleted from Passion IO.

Who is Passion Dan?

Passion Dan (aka Daniel Harvey) is an entrepreneur with 7 figure earnings. He created the Passion IO Platform because he believes that people with passion deserve a platform to spread their skills. I’ve shared some passion.dan reviews in this article. After checking these Dan Harvey reviews, you’ll understand that he is not fake.

Does offer Black Friday Deal?

Yes, this year is going to offer a 90% discount on its Ultimate plan. So, don’t miss Black Friday Sale this year.

Does offer a Lifetime deal?

No, LTD is not available because it’s not good for running their business in the long run.

Final Thoughts…

Use forCreating Apps
Good ForCourse creator, coaches, trainers
PricingStarts from $97/mo
DiscountUp to $696/year discount (Claim this deal)
Money-back Guarantee30-days
Free TrialAvailable (Get 14-days Free Trial)

Overall, is the best platform for building professional, money-making apps without coding skills.

It features a drag & drop builder, templates, push notifications, and payment integration.

You can create membership sites, courses, and build in-app communities.

It works on multiple devices, and the pricing starts at $97/mo with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If even after reading this Passion IO review, you are not sure whether is the right tool for you or not. Then you can use this special link to Try app for free.

If you still have any doubt then please let me know via comment below.

Sumit Sao

Ease of Use
Customer Support
Upsell Feature
Integration with other apps
Money-back guarantee
Drip Content
Seamless payment process
Push Notifications
Build Community within app
Work on all devices

Summary is great platform for course creators, coaches, trainers or anyone who want to build professional looking Android, IOS and desktop app without coding skill.

It comes with pre-designed templates, drag and drop feature and many more amazing features that’s why it’s my favourite App builder platform.

passion io review is it the best app creating paltform

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