Are you looking for the Draftbit Lifetime Deal 2024?

If yes, you’ll be disappointed because Draftbit doesn’t offer a Lifetime Deal. 😥

So, don’t waste your time searching terms like Draftbit LTD, Draftbit AppSumo deal, etc because you’ll not find this kind of deal anywhere.

👋 But wait I have good news for you. 😍

I accept that they don’t offer a lifetime deal of paid plans but they offer a lifetime free account of Draftbit but with some limitations. 

So, if you want to use Draftbit without paying a penny then grab the Draftbit lifetime free account using the link above.

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Why Draftbit Don’t offer a Lifetime Deal of Paid Plans?

draftbit lifetime deal

The main reason DraftBit doesn’t sell a one-time lifetime purchase is their company has a bunch of costs that continue over time – not just a single upfront software sale. 

Stuff like:

  • Paying for their office space each month
  • Salaries for their software developers
  • Fees for cloud computing services that host app data

These types of costs require steady incoming funds rather than one big lump purchase from each customer.

If Draftbit allowed every user to pay a single lifetime fee today for permanent access, eventually the business might not be able to keep running once that money ran out! 

Then no one could use Draftbit anymore once operational funds dried up.

Instead, pricing plans with monthly/annual renewals work better to:

  • Provide regular reliable income
  • Allow financial planning
  • Enable continuously improving the app builder

So while a lifetime deal sounds appealing to buyers, subscription renewals keep companies sustainable long-term – which is the ultimate goal for Draftbit’s viability.

Does Draftbit Offer a Lifetime Free Account?

The simple yet surprising answer – Yes!

Draftbit does offer a lifetime free tier to help app creators initially start building on the platform before upgrading to take projects live.

Lifetime Free Plan Features:

  • All visual building tools like Bits, Blocks, and design widgets
  • Limited to 5 screens (or canvas pages) per project
  • Storage for working on 3 draft project blueprints
  • Connectivity bridges to leverage 2 API endpoints per project
  • Ability to fully create app designs and flows
  • Must upgrade to a paid plan to officially launch/publish apps

So while publishing and active app limits exist until upgrading to affordable paid tiers, Draftbit empowers designers, developers, and entrepreneurs alike to kickstart their mobile app ideas with real traction freely using the highly-capable app builder.

FAQs about Draftbit LTD

What exactly is Draftbit?

Draftbit is an intuitive visual development platform for building, testing, and publishing mobile apps for iOS and Android devices without needing coding expertise.

What can you use Draftbit for?

The drag-and-drop builder interface offered by Draftbit enables individuals and teams to rapidly design, prototype, and launch fully functional mobile apps based on their ideas without hiring a development firm.

Should I wait for a Draftbit lifetime deal?  

No, it is not realistic to expect Draftbit to offer any limited-time lifetime purchase promotions given their recurring business costs. Their subscription plans offer great value to creators as is.

What are Draftbit’s paid plans starting at?

Draftbit offers paid plans for additional capabilities starting at an affordable $29 per month. Core features enable the launching and iterating of apps.

What is a good alternative to Draftbit? 

Two emerging competitors in the no-code mobile app builder space are and Circle Plus which take different but parallel approaches to simplifying creation.

draftbit lifetime deal

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