Have you ever thought about having your very own community app for Android and iOS? 

With Circle Plus, it’s not just a thought anymore, but a reality you can achieve in just a few weeks. 

In this Circle Plus review 2024, we’re diving deep to help you understand its features, benefits, and how it can redefine your community experience. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll uncover:

  • A quick look at what Circle Plus offers
  • The highs and lows of using Circle Plus
  • The 6-week journey to your app’s launch
  • Features that make Circle Plus shine
  • Figuring out if Circle Plus suits your needs
  • The costs involved
  • Deciding if Circle Plus gives good value for money
  • And clearing up some common questions about the platform.

So, let’s start Circle.so plus review without any further delay.

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Circle Plus Review & Quick Overview

Circle plus review
Product NameCircle Plus
PlatformAndroid, iOS
PurposeCreate Android & iOS apps for your community.
Development Time6 weeks or less
User FriendlyYes
PricingDepends on Your Requirements (Check here)
Special FeatureBranded Experience
Best ForBrands & Community Owners
Official SiteVisit Official Site
Our Rating4.8/5

What is Circle Plus?

Circle Plus is a premium service offered by Circle.so, enabling brands to launch a fully customized community app on both iOS and Android platforms within 6 weeks. 

It offers features like VIP concierge support, exclusive design services, and easy migrations, making it a top choice for businesses wanting to elevate their community experience without the hassles of app development.

Pros and Cons of Circle Plus

Every product has its highs and lows, and Circle Plus is no exception. 

By understanding both, you can make an informed decision. 

Let’s dive deep into what makes Circle Plus shine, and where it might have room for improvement.

Pros of Circle.so Plus

  • Branded Experience: With Circle Plus, your community isn’t just another generic space on the internet. The platform allows you to give your app a unique feel that resonates with your brand. From logos to color themes, it’s all about what you represent.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: Time is money, and with a launch window of just 6 weeks, you’re up and running in no time. This speed is especially beneficial if you’re looking to capitalize on a market trend or event.
  • Assisted Migrations: Transitions can be tricky, but not with Circle Plus. Whether it’s courses or payment data, their team ensures a smooth migration. This means less downtime and a seamless experience for your community members.
  • VIP Concierge Support: It’s not just about having support; it’s about having quality support. With a dedicated community strategist at your side, you’re never in the dark. Whether it’s best practices or troubleshooting, someone is always there to guide you.
  • Monetization Options: With Circle Plus, you aren’t just building a community; you’re building a revenue stream. Their platform makes it easy to charge a premium for access, helping you generate consistent income.
  • Engaging Mobile Features: With the growing emphasis on mobile user experience, features like branded push notifications and direct messages ensure your members remain engaged, even on the move.
  • Easy Onboarding: A smooth onboarding experience is crucial for member retention. Circle Plus focuses on making sign-ups hassle-free, allowing users to get started with just a few taps.
  • Marketing Boost: Having your community app on app stores is a bonus. Not only does it lend credibility, but it also serves as an additional channel to attract potential members, thereby reducing customer acquisition costs.

Cons of Circle.so Plus

  • Unclear Pricing: While customized pricing has its advantages, not having a clear initial pricing structure can be off-putting for some potential users, leading to an extra step of reaching out for a quote.
  • Customization Restrictions: Although Circle Plus offers a variety of features, there might be some limitations if you’re looking to build an app with very specific, unique features outside of their framework.
  • Learning Curve: As with any platform, there might be a slight learning curve involved initially, especially for those completely new to community apps.

How Circle Plus Team Will Create Your App in 6 Weeks?

circle plus community app building process

Launching an app can seem daunting, with the perception that it might take months of back-and-forth, testing, and refining. 

However, Circle Plus has streamlined the process to make your journey to launching your community app both smooth and rapid. 

Let’s break down the six-week journey:

WEEK 1: Contracts and Payments

In the very first week, the foundation of your project is laid. This involves sorting out all the legal and financial aspects to ensure smooth sailing ahead.

Key Points:

  • Formalizing the agreement ensures both you and Circle Plus have clarity on deliverables and expectations.
  • Payment processing ensures there are no hiccups or pauses in the subsequent stages.

WEEK 2: Kickoff Call and Intake

This week is about setting the stage. It involves an interactive session (kickoff call) to get a deeper understanding of your needs, your brand, and your vision for the app.

Key Points:

  • Your inputs during this week are crucial as they form the basis for the design and development phase.
  • The intake process ensures that Circle Plus has all the necessary materials, from your branding elements to any specific features you want.

WEEK 3: Design and Migration

Here, the Circle Plus team starts to bring your app to life. Based on your inputs from the previous week, the design phase kicks off. Simultaneously, they initiate the migration process, moving courses, payments, or any other essential data.

Key Points:

  • This is the phase where you start to see a tangible version of your app taking shape.
  • Migrations are handled with care to ensure no data is lost or corrupted, ensuring your community members face no hitches.

WEEK 4: App Submission

With the design ready and data migrated, your app is now submitted to app stores for approval.

Key Points:

  • Submission to both Android and iOS platforms ensures accessibility for all your members, regardless of their device preference.
  • Circle Plus takes care of all technical requirements and ensures compliance with app store guidelines.

WEEK 5: Launch and Go LIVE

Once the app stores give the green light, your app goes live! This week is all about the big launch, making sure everything works perfectly and your community can start engaging on your new platform.

Key Points:

  • Initial feedback is crucial. Encourage your community to use the app and report any potential glitches or suggestions.
  • Celebrate the launch! This is a big milestone.

WEEK 6: Ongoing Support Calls

With your app live, Circle Plus doesn’t leave you in the lurch. This week is about fine-tuning, based on real-world usage, and addressing any queries or concerns you might have.

Key Points:

  • Regular touchpoints with Circle Plus ensure you’re never left guessing or waiting.
  • This proactive approach helps in nipping any potential issues in the bud and ensuring your community enjoys a seamless experience.
  • This six-week process with Circle Plus demonstrates their commitment to delivering a quality product in a timeframe that’s both efficient and effective.

11 Amazing Features of Circle Plus

Let’s dive into what makes Circle Plus so special by breaking down its features one by one. Here we go:

  • Branded Mobile App: Circle Plus lets you make the app truly your own. This isn’t about slapping your logo on a pre-made template. You get to fully brand your app with your colors, logo, and style. This is a big deal for making a strong impression on your community members.
  • Easy Setup: The quick 6-week turnaround is hard to beat. You don’t have to wait months or even years to get your app up and running. This is super helpful if you want to launch your community quickly or catch a trend while it’s hot.
  • Courses & Payments Migrations: Switching from another platform? Circle Plus has a team that will move all your existing courses and payment data over for you. This way, you don’t lose any content or disrupt your revenue streams during the transition.
  • VIP Concierge Support: You get a dedicated helper—someone who knows the platform inside and out. If you run into trouble or have questions, they’re just an email away, any day of the week. It’s like having a guiding hand throughout your journey.
  • Member Engagement: This is a platform that focuses on keeping your members active. Easy sign-up options and engaging designs mean that people are more likely to join your community and stay involved over time.
  • Custom Design Studio: If design isn’t your strong point, don’t worry. Circle Plus has a team of designers that will work with you to make your app look amazing. You give them your ideas and they turn them into reality.
  • High Product Limits: As your community grows, you won’t have to worry about hitting a wall. You get more storage, more admin slots, and more room for members. It’s a platform that grows with you.
  • App Store Presence: This isn’t just an online community. Your app will be available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This not only makes it easy for members to download your app, but it also gives you a whole new channel for attracting new people.
  • Push Notifications and DMs: Want to get the word out about an event, new content, or announcements? With Circle Plus, you can send push notifications and direct messages to your community. It’s a fast way to get everyone’s attention.
  • Smooth Onboarding: Nobody likes a clunky welcome. Circle Plus makes it easy for new members to join and get started. The fewer roadblocks they face, the more likely they are to stick around and engage.
  • Lower Customer Costs: Finding new members can be expensive. But Circle Plus aims to make this easier and cheaper for you. By listing your app in stores and using their platform, you could spend less money to bring in more people.

These features together make Circle Plus not just another community platform, but a complete package that takes away a lot of the usual headaches of building and running a community.

Who Should Use Circle Plus?

  • Brands and Businesses: Those looking to enhance customer engagement and foster a close-knit community around their products or services.
  • Influencers and Content Creators: Individuals with a substantial online following who want to offer a more personalized and interactive platform for their audience.
  • Educators and Trainers: Professionals who offer online courses and training sessions and need a consolidated space for their content and a platform for interaction with students.
  • Nonprofits and Charities: Organizations that wish to create a dedicated space for their members, volunteers, and supporters to connect, share experiences, and collaborate.
  • Event Organizers: Those who host webinars, workshops, or conferences and need a platform to engage attendees before, during, and after the event.
  • Membership Sites: Platforms that offer premium content to members can benefit from a dedicated, branded community space for better interaction.
  • Entrepreneurs: Startups or individual entrepreneurs looking to build a dedicated user base for their new product or service can use Circle Plus to gather feedback and foster loyalty.
  • Niche Communities: Administrators of specialized forums or groups, be it for hobbies, professional interests, or fandoms, who want a more polished and branded environment.

Using Circle Plus can transform the way these groups interact with their audience, offering a premium and cohesive experience tailored to their brand’s identity.

Who Should NOT Use Circle Plus?

  • Casual Bloggers: Individuals who blog as a hobby without a monetization plan or a significant following might find Circle Plus’s features excessive for their needs.
  • Businesses with Established Apps: Companies that already have a custom-built and functioning community app may not see a significant advantage in switching unless they’re facing challenges with their current setup.
  • Low-Budget Startups: New businesses with very limited capital might find Circle Plus’s premium offerings a bit out of their budget, especially if they are not yet generating consistent revenue.
  • Users Seeking Highly Customized Solutions: While Circle Plus offers great customization within its framework, those who need very specific or niche custom features might find limitations.
  • Short-term Projects: If you’re running a time-bound campaign or project, investing in a platform like Circle Plus might not offer long-term value.
  • Individuals Not Seeking Community Engagement: If your primary goal is to simply share content without fostering discussions or building a community, simpler blogging platforms might be more apt.
  • Those Unwilling to Migrate: People or businesses that find migrating data, content, or member information a hassle, and are content with their current solution.

Choosing the right platform is all about understanding your specific needs, goals, and the audience you aim to serve.

Circle Plus is a fantastic solution for many, but it’s essential to ensure it aligns with your objectives.

Pricing of Circle Plus

When it comes to launching a branded community app, the cost can be a major consideration for many. 

With Circle Plus, the exact price is tailored to the individual requirements of the client, making it flexible and more accommodating to varying needs. 

Here’s a breakdown based on the information available:

Customized Pricing: Circle Plus does not have a standardized price visible to the public. This suggests that the pricing structure may be modular, based on the specific features, services, and requirements you opt for.

Factors Affecting Cost:

  • Design Customizations: The depth and complexity of the design are tailored to your brand.
  • Migration Needs: Depending on the volume and type of content, courses, and payment data you need to shift.
  • Product Limits: The specific limits you request in terms of members, admins, live stream hours, and other resources.
  • VIP Concierge Support: The level and extent of personalized support you opt for.
  • Comparative Savings: It’s worth noting that while there’s a cost involved, Circle Plus pitches itself as a more economical option compared to developing an app from scratch, which can easily run into six figures.
  • Contact for Precise Quote: The best way to get an exact figure is to reach out to the Circle Plus sales team. They will gauge your requirements and provide a detailed quote.

While we don’t have a precise number to share, the flexibility and depth of customization that Circle Plus offers seem to provide value for money, especially for brands and communities that want a premium experience without the exorbitant cost of traditional app development

However, it’s always a good practice to compare services and understand what’s best for your specific needs and budget.

Is Circle Plus Worth It?

So you’re thinking about using Circle Plus to create your community app. Let’s break it down.

Circle Plus lets you have your own app, and it’ll look and feel like it’s truly yours, not just another cookie-cutter solution. If you’re looking to make a strong impression, having your brand front and center can do wonders.

Time is money. Instead of waiting months to get an app developed, Circle Plus says they can get you up and running in just six weeks. If you’re eager to get started, this is a big plus.

Another headache you avoid? All the tech stuff. If you’re not into the nitty-gritty of app development, migrations, and support, Circle Plus has got your back. They handle the heavy stuff so you can focus on what you do best: building and engaging with your community.

But there are some things to think about. The cost isn’t clear right away. You have to talk to their sales team to get pricing, and not everyone likes that. It can feel like a bit of a mystery.

And while Circle Plus packs a lot of features, it might be too much for some. If you’re just starting out or if your community is still small, you might not need everything they offer.

In short, if you want a custom app quickly without diving deep into tech, Circle Plus looks like a solid choice. But make sure you know what you’re getting into, especially when it comes to cost.

🔥 NOTE From Author: If your budget is low then you can use a no-code app-building platform like Passion io. It’ll help you to build your own Android and iOS app without coding. Want to know more then read our Passion.io review article. 

How long does it take to launch an app with Circle Plus?

Circle Plus promises to have your app live in the app stores in just 6 weeks or less, which includes the process from initial contracts and payments to ongoing support.

Can I brand the app to match my existing brand?

Absolutely, yes. Circle Plus provides a fully branded mobile app where you can include your own logos, color themes, and overall brand styling.

What about migrating from another platform?

Circle Plus offers both payment and course migrations. They handle all the technical aspects of moving your content, memberships, and payment data from your old platform to Circle Plus.

What is VIP Concierge Support?

VIP Concierge Support provides you with a dedicated Circle Plus community strategist who will help you at every step. They aim to reply to your queries in less than three hours, seven days a week.

Can I charge for access to my community?

Yes, you can. Circle Plus allows you to set up premium membership options so you can charge for exclusive access to content, courses, or any part of your community.

Is Circle Plus available on both iOS and Android?

Yes, Circle Plus makes your community accessible via a branded app on both iOS and Android devices.

What’s the deal with push notifications?

Circle Plus allows you to send branded push notifications and direct messages (DMs) to your community members. It’s a great way to keep your community engaged and updated.

Will I have full control over my content and data?

You sure will. While Circle Plus owns the platform software, you retain full ownership of your community, content, and data.

How does the pricing work?

Circle Plus doesn’t publicly list its pricing. You’ll need to get in touch with their sales team to get a quote based on your specific needs.

How easy is it for new members to sign up?

Circle Plus aims for smooth onboarding flows, making it easy for new members to join your community. The easier the process, the higher the chances of people sticking around.

Conclusion: Should You Use Circle Plus in 2024?

Circle Plus is a standout service by Circle.so for those wanting a custom-branded community app without diving deep into the complexities of app development. 

In just 6 weeks, brands can have their community app live on both iOS and Android. 

Key benefits include a personalized design aligned with your brand, VIP support to guide you throughout, and seamless migration facilities for content and payments. 

If you’re serious about growing your community and your brand, Circle Plus is worth the investment.

I tried to cover everything in this Circle Plus review (i.e. Circle.so Plus review). If you still have any confusion then please let me know via comment below. 

Circle plus review

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