If you are looking for the tips to improve website speed then you are in the right place.


Because in this article, I’m going to share some proven working tips with you which helped me a lot to get my site load time under 1 second.

Yes, you heard right.

After implementing the tips (which I’m going to share in this article), I checked my site speed in two different site speed checker tool.

  • According to Pingdom, my site speed is 533 ms
  • And According to GTMetrix, my site load time is 1.2 sec.

Here is the screenshot of my site speed in Pingdom tool.

boost site speed

Now let’s see my site speed according to GTMetrix.

gtmetrix site speed checker tool

I achieve this result by doing only 3 changes (without any coding);

  • I changed my web hosting,
  • Purchased a Lightweight theme and
  • I changed my cache plugin.

I’m going to share each and everything in detail.

So, must read this article till the end to speed up your WordPress site without any coding knowledge.

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Many of these tools are FREE.”

What is Page Speed?

improve website speed

In simple words, page speed is the amount of time that takes by a web-page to load.

The page speed depends on many factors like:

  • Server location
  • Page size
  • Image optimization
  • And many other factors

In this article, I’m going to discuss these two things in detail:

  • Why should you speed up your site?
  • And some proven tips to speed up a WordPress site without any coding knowledge.

So, must read this article and implement the strategies which I’m going to share in this article to get your site load time under one second.

Why Should You Focus on Improving Site Speed?

You may probably be thinking that why should I care about improving my site speed.


In the earlier days, I was also very careless about improving my site load time.

But remember this point that If you want to improve the ranking of your articles on Google then you should definitely think about improving your site speed.


Because it’s an important ranking factor.

Let’s check what Google said about Site Ranking and page speed.

In 2010, Google officially announced that Site Speed is an important ranking factor.

website speed is a ranking factor

Again In 2018, Google stated that page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

mobile speed is a google ranking factor

That’s why I’m saying that If your site takes a long time to load then it may hurt your ranking.

Apart from this, If your site load time is higher then It’ll also increase your bounce rate.

Because, according to research, People leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Here is the latest data about bounce rate changes with website speed.

website speed stats about bounce rate

Many newbie bloggers don’t focus on improving website speed. It’s the most common blogging mistakes that almost every amateur blogger makes.

That’s why I highly recommend you use the tips which I’ve shared in this article to speed up a WordPress site.

site speed is a ranking factor

Tools to Check Your Website Speed

I know that many of you don’t know how to check your site speed.

Don’t Worry! You can check your site load time easily and for free by using any one of these tools.

If your site load time is under 2 second then It’s perfect.

But if it’s more than 2 seconds then you should definitely work on your page speed to get it under 2 seconds.

So, here is the 3 best tool you can use to check your site load time.

1. Pingdom

boost site speed

Pingdom is one of my favourite tools to check site speed.

Because it not only shows you the speed of your site but also perform a complete analysis of your site and informs you why your site speed is slow.

If you want to check your site speed then go to Pingdom official site, enter your site URL and press enter.

it’ll show you the following data:

  • Your page speed
  • Performance grade based on your site speed.
  • The overall page size
  • No. of HTTP requests and
  • Reasons behind your slow loading site

Apart from all of these features, It has one more amazing feature that you can manually select the location from where you want to perform this site speed test.

select location to perform speed test

If you are targeting a local audience then select the location which is closest to your server.

Now let’s discuss our next page speed checker tool.

2. GTMetrix

gtmetrix site speed checker tool

GTMetrix is another very popular tool to check the site speed.

It’s very easy to check your site speed in GTMetrix.

Visit the GTMetrix site, enter your site URL in this tool and it’ll show you the following data related to page speed:

  • Fully load time of your site.
  • Performance score based on your page loading time.
  • Yslow score
  • Total page size
  • No. of requests.
  • Tips to improve your page speed

Similar to Pingdom, this tool also do a complete analysis of your site and help you to understand the reasons behind your slow loading site.

Want to know more about it?

It’s very easy to get all these data.

After generating the page speed report, You can go the tabs which are showing below the generated report to know the reasons for your slow loading site.

Check all these tabs which are showing below your generated report to find the reasons for your slow loading site.:

  • PageSpeed
  • YSlow
  • Waterfall
  • Timing
  • Video
  • History
tips to boost site speed by gtmetrix report

So, must check these tabs to get some practical advice to improve website speed easily.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google page speed insights tool

Google Page Speed Insights is a free tool provided by Google which can help you to check your page speed for both mobile and desktop device.

Go to Google Page Speed Insights and enter your website URL.

This tool will give you page score out of 100.

After generating the report, this tool will also give some advice which can help you to speed up your site.

Now let’s move on to our next chapter.

7 Proven Tips to Improve Website Speed Without Any Coding Knowledge

According to my research, I design this graphic which can help you to easily understand what are the factors that affect your site speed.

things that affects website speed

NOTE: You can use the above image on your site by giving proper credit.

Now, this article is going to be very helpful for you because now I’m going to share my secret strategies with you which helped me to get my site load time under one second.

So, Why are we wasting our time? Let’s dive in.

1. Remove Unnecessary Plugins and Themes

I noticed that many bloggers are using more than 30 plugins on their WordPress site.

And you know what?

Many of these plugins are useless.

If you are doing the same mistake then I highly recommend you to go to your WordPress dashboard and remove all the unnecessary plugins.


Because if you are using too many plugins then it’ll increase the number of server requests. As a result, your site speed will also increase.

So, use only essential WordPress plugins on your blog.

If you are using any of these high CPU uses plugins then remove it:

  • Jetpack
  • SumoMe
  • Disqus Comment System

Note: If you want to find which plugin is taking maximum time to load then use P3 Profile plugin. It’ll help you to find out the plugins which are slowing down your WordPress site.

Now let’s talk about the next thing.

We all use only one theme on our blog.


So, I highly recommend you to delete all other themes.

It’s very easy to delete the themes. Just go to Appearance >> Theme and remove the unnecessary theme.

2. Use Good Web Hosting Company

The major reason behind your slow loading site is the hosting company you are using.

Previously, I was using Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting. At that time, my site speed was 8-9 seconds. (according to GTMetrix).

I did many changes but my site load time was more than 6 seconds.

Then on 21st October 2019, I purchased WPX hosting for my site. Their team migrated my site to their server within 24 hours.

The next day, When I checked my site speed in GTMetrix then I shocked.


because My site load time was under 2 seconds.

Then I installed a cache plugin and now It is under 1 second.

Here is the screenshot of the Pingdom page speed report.

boost site speed

After migrating to WPX hosting, I learned a lesson that Webhosting play an important role in site speed.

Here is the list of some best Web hosting Company which are famous for providing fastest site load time.

  1. GreenGeeks (Recommended)
  2. A2 Hosting (Monthly Payment option is available)
  3. Rocket Hosting (I’m using)

Note: If your budget is low then I recommend you to use A2 hosting. Because they provide best hosting at affordable price. You can get up to 63% discount on A2 hosting from here.

If you are using any other hosting then migrate to any of these 3 hosting to load your site faster.

3. Install a Cache Plugin

Cache plugin can make your site 2x faster.


Because after the first load, cache plugin makes a copy of your entire site and then serve the cached version of your site to the users after their first visit.

There are many cache plugins available both free and premium. But I highly recommend you to use WPRocket Plugin. Because it’s the best cache plugin I’ve ever used.

NOTE: I also tried W3 Total Cache Premium version plugin but that plugin didn’t help me to reduce my site load time.

What happened when I installed WPRocket cache plugin on my site?

You may probably be thinking that there are many popular cache plugins available then why I select WPRocket cache plugin.


Let me first tell you that before using WPRocket, I installed W3 total cache premium plugin on my site but even after using this premium plugin my site load time was around 2 seconds.

Then one of my friends Umer Queshi recommended me to use WPRocket Cache plugin.

And guess what?

After installing this plugin, I shocked because this plugin helped me to get my site load time under one second.

This is the reason why I’m recommending this plugin to all of you.

Because I want to share only those things with you which really helped me to speed up my site.

Here are some amazing features of this plugin.

  • It Reduces Http Requests
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Reduce Redirects
  • Remove Render Blocking JavaScript
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Lazy load feature to load your site quickly
  • And many amazing features are available.

So, after changing your WordPress hosting, must install this cache plugin to see a huge improvement in your site load time.

4. Use Lightweight WordPress Theme

WordPress theme also affects your site load time.

If you want to load your site faster then use a lightweight theme. I noticed that many newbie bloggers use the free theme which affects their site speed.

You may ask me this question; “Sumit, I’m using a free theme. It’s looking like a premium theme then Why should I change it”


So, Let’s Discuss What’s the problem with the majority of a free WordPress theme?

  • If your free theme is poorly coded then it’ll slow down your site.
  • Hidden malware may be available in many of the free themes
  • You’ll not get any technical support

So, don’t make this mistake and invest in a good & lightweight theme. It will cost you less than $49.

Here is the list of some good lightweight themes:

5. Use CDN

People visit your site from various countries in the world.

That’s why it’s obvious that site speed will differ if a person visits your site from the location which is very far away from where your site is located.


So, how can we fix this problem?

The answer is simple. Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for your site.

CDN keeps a copy of your site in many data centres (which are located in various countries). The main task of CDN is to serve the webpage from the nearest data center to improve your site load time.

cdn can speed up wordpress site

Image Source: Backlinko.com

Cloudflare also offers CDN service. You can use it for free of cost.

According to a recent study, CDN can improve your from 20 to 51%.

website load time statistics about using a CDN

BTW, These are some best web hosting companies which provide free CDN:

6. Optimize Your Images

Even if you are using a premium theme, cache plugin and good WordPress hosting but if your images are not optimized then It can increase your site load time.

That’s why I highly recommend you to Optimize your image to speed up your WordPress site.

Now you may ask this question:

“Sumit, What do you mean by image optimization?”

“What should I do to optimize my images?”


Don’t Worry! It’s very easy.

But let me first tell you what is image optimization.

Image optimization is a process of reducing the size of your image as much as possible without affecting the quality of your image.

So, now let me share two simple tips with you which I personally use to optimize my images to load faster.

To optimize your images, I recommend you to do these two things before uploading images on your WordPress dashboard

  • Resize your images
  • Compress your images

These two things can help you to reduce the size of your images and make your site faster.

Now, the question is how to compress images without losing the quality of the image?

The answer is simple.

You can use any of these two tools to Compress your image without losing the quality of your image:

You can use any one of these tools.

But I personally use TinyPng to compress my blog images.

Now let’s discuss how to resize your images.

To resize your images follow these simple steps:

  1. Right-click on your image
  2. open it with Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  3. Click on the Edit Button
  4. And resize all your large image to 700*300 px

You can use any other tool to resize your image but I personally use this method to resize my images and screenshots.

So, always compress and resize your images to load your site faster.

Now let’s move on to our next tip which will help you to load your site quickly.

7. Install A3 Lazy Load Plugin

a3 lazy load plugin

If you are using lots of images on your site then it can slow down your site.

You may ask me, “Sumit, I’m using lots of images in my blog posts. What should I do now?”

Don’t worry! You can install a free plugin which can help you to fix this problem.

The name of this plugin is “A3 Lazy Load”. It’s a free plugin.

A3 Lazy Load is the best and free plugin which can help you to speed up your site by optimizing images of your site.

This plugin loads images only when they appear to your reader during scrolling.

It means that your site will load quickly even if you are using thousands of images on your article.

NOTE: if you are using WP Rocket Plugin then you don’t need to use A3 lazy load plugin because WP Rocket Cache Plugin also offers lazy load feature.

Why is my WordPress site so slow?

It may be due to your hosting provider. So, invest in a good hosting company, use a lightweight theme, install a cache plugin, use lazy load plugin and optimize your image.

What affect webpage loading speed?

Some major things which affect your site load time are Web Hosting you are currently using, your WordPress Theme, image size and many more.

Is site loading time is a ranking factor?

Yes, site load time is one of the main ranking factors. If you want to get good Google ranking then your site should load faster.

How quickly should a website load?

If your site will take more than 3 seconds to load then your visitors may click on the back button which can increase your bounce rate and decrease your ranking. That’s why your site should load within 2 seconds.

How can I check my website speed?

There are many tools available which can help you to check your site load time. But I suggest you to use either Pingdom or GTMetrix to check your site load time.

Should I use CDN to improve my site load time?

Yes, CDN can help you to speed up your site. You can use Cloudflare CDN. It’s free. 

Now it’s Your Turn

Website speed is an important ranking factor. So, must focus on improving your site load time to get better ranking.

I tried to share each and everything which helped me to get site load time under 1 second.

Improve website speed and start getting a better Google ranking.

BTW, What’s your site load time?

And Is this article really helpful for you?

Please let me know via comment below and don’t forget to share this article.

Waiting for your feedbacks.

improve website speed

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