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Skool Pricing 2024: How Much Does Cost?

So, let’s discuss about pricing.

Skool has a straightforward pricing policy.

You pay $99 per month. That’s it.

skool pricing how much does it cost

Here’s what you’re getting for that price:

  • 1 Group: You can start one community or group. This is your tribe, the people who’ll interact, learn, and grow together. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, coach, or hobbyist, this is where you engage with your people.
  • All Features: Skool doesn’t believe in withholding features. For your $99, you get every feature they offer. This includes the rich member profiles, the gamification features, the daily activity chart, and everything else Skool has in its toolbox.
  • Unlimited Courses: Run wild with your course ideas because Skool doesn’t limit you on the number of courses you can create. Whether you’re launching your first course or adding another to your library, there’s always room for more.
  • Unlimited Members: Imagine not having to worry about hitting a member limit! Skool doesn’t cap the number of members you can have. So your community can grow as large as you want it to.
skool pricing plan

As for additional costs, there might be some. 

Skool lacks built-in video hosting and live streaming. 

So, if you plan on having video content or live classes, you’ll need to consider third-party integrations like Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube Live, or Zoom. 

These could add to your cost, depending on the service and plan you choose.

But remember, these are optional, and it’s entirely up to you if you want to use these services.

Skool Features: Is the course-building platform worth it?

skool homepage

Let’s see some amazing benefits of using the Skool course builder platform for building your course.

  • Community Features: As a course creator, Skool lets you build an online community, kind of like having your mini-social network. You can set up different groups for people with the same interests. You can send messages directly to your students, and even see who’s the most active or engaged.
  • Classrooms (Courses): In Skool, you set up your courses in ‘classrooms’. It’s a neat way to structure your content and engage with your learners. The best part? You can control when and how the course content is accessed, giving your students the time to digest the information.
  • Gamification: Everybody loves games, right? Well, Skool lets you add elements of gaming to your courses. You can offer points, levels, and rewards to encourage your learners to participate and progress. It makes learning fun and addictive!
  • Event Scheduling: With Skool, you can arrange and manage events, both online and offline. It’s a great way to gather your community for special webinars, guest lectures, or even fun social events.
  • Daily Activity Chart: Skool gives you an overview of when your students are most active. This is useful for planning when to host live sessions or release new course content. It’s all about reaching your learners when they’re ready to engage.
  • Member Profiles: Skool provides your students with rich member profiles, where they can share details about themselves. As a course creator, this gives you a better understanding of who your learners are, their interests, and how they engage with your content.
  • Groups: With Skool, you can create groups within your community, kind of like smaller study circles. This could be great for group projects, focused discussion topics, or even for your different classes or batches.
  • Drip Scheduling: Drip scheduling is an amazing feature that lets you release your course content over time, instead of all at once. This ensures that students don’t feel overwhelmed and have enough time to understand and absorb each lesson before moving on to the next one.
  • Private Messaging: With Skool, students can send private messages to each other or you, fostering a direct line of communication. This feature allows students to ask questions, share ideas, or seek guidance in a private and safe environment.

Who Should Use Skool Platform?

  • Course Creators: If you’re someone who wants to build and sell online courses, Skool is a top pick. You can not only host unlimited courses but also leverage features like drip scheduling and lesson-wise discussions.
  • Coaches: As a coach, Skool enables you to foster a vibrant online community where you can provide ongoing support, motivation, and guidance. Plus, the event scheduling feature allows you to host webinars or interactive sessions seamlessly.
  • Influencers: For influencers looking to monetize their following, Skool provides an ideal platform. You can build courses around your area of influence, foster a deeper connection with your followers, and turn your influence into a viable business.
  • Businesses: Businesses that want to provide training to their employees or customers can also benefit from Skool. The platform’s interactive features make learning more engaging and effective.

Who Should Not Purchase plan?

  • Those Needing In-Built Video Hosting or Live Streaming: Skool does not offer inbuilt video hosting or live streaming features. If your course heavily relies on these, you might need to consider other platforms or additional services.
  • Mobile App Seekers: Currently, Skool does not have a mobile app version. If your students primarily use mobile devices for learning, Skool might not be the best fit.
  • Budget-Conscious Individuals: While Skool offers a great range of features, it comes at a cost of $99 per month. For those who are not ready or able to invest this amount monthly, there might be more budget-friendly platforms out there.
  • Beginners looking for a free platform: If you’re just starting out and not ready to invest, Skool’s lack of a free plan might be a setback. Other platforms are offering basic features for free, which might be a better starting point.

Is Skool worth the $99 monthly fee?

Absolutely. Skool offers a comprehensive suite of features like unlimited courses, members, and excellent community and gamification tools, all contributing to a robust online learning experience.

Can I cancel my Skool subscription at any time?

Yes, Skool allows you to cancel your subscription whenever you want. There’s no contract, which means you’re not tied down.

Does Skool have any hidden fees apart from the monthly subscription?

Nope! Skool charges a transparent $99 per month, without any hidden or additional costs.

Does Skool offer discounts for yearly subscriptions?

As of now, Skool maintains a flat rate of $99 per month. They currently do not offer yearly subscriptions or discounts.

Is there a free plan available on Skool?

No, Skool doesn’t offer a free plan. However, they do offer a 14-day free trial for you to explore the platform.

Does Skool offer built-in video hosting or live streaming?

Skool doesn’t offer built-in video hosting or live streaming. If you need these features, you would have to bear the cost of external services like Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube Live,, or Zoom.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Skool plan at any time?

Skool currently offers only one pricing model, so there are no options to upgrade or downgrade. You can, however, cancel at any time.

Can I create and sell unlimited courses with Skool?

Yes. With Skool, you have the freedom to sell as many courses as you like, without any additional costs.

Is there a limit on how many students I can enroll in a course on Skool?

No, Skool doesn’t put a cap on student enrollment. You can enroll as many students as you like in your courses, which is a big plus for expanding your online education business.

Can I get a refund if Skool doesn’t meet my needs?

Skool’s focus is on customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with their platform within the first month of subscription, you can reach out to their support for assistance and potential refund options.

Is Skool LTD available on AppSumo?

No, Skool LTD is not available because they don’t have one-time payment option i.e. lifetime deal.

Final Words about Skool Pricing Plan

When it comes to Skool Pricing, it’s simple and straightforward.

You get one simple plan at $99/mo, with unlimited access to all the features, including creating and selling unlimited courses. No tricky business, no up-sells. Straight-up.

Skool’s price tag seems to be a perfect match for course creators, coaches, influencers, and small businesses who are serious about delivering top-quality content without sweating about course or member limits. 

It’s great for those who value the simplicity of one package that’s got everything.

Overall, pricing caters to those who value straightforward, no-surprises pricing, and unlimited everything. Whether it’s worth it or not depends on your specific needs. 

If you have any confusion regarding its pricing then let me know via comment below. 

skool pricing plan

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