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Pictory Coupon Code (LIVE & Verified)

If you want to get huge discount on Pictory AI then click on this special link for extra discount and then apply then apply coupon code “uwj2r”.

This promotional code can give you the maximum discount. It’s the biggest discount and not available anywhere else.

So, use it asap. It may expire at anytime. ☹️

  • Coupon Code: uwj2r
  • Discount: 20% Discount

How to Use Pictory Coupon Code? (Quick Guide)

I’ve recorded a step by step video that will help you to apply Pictory discount code and save money.

So, must watch this video:

Unlocking a whopping 35% discount on Pictory is simpler than you may think. 

By combining the 15% discount available on yearly plans with our exclusive 20% OFF coupon code, you can maximize your savings and get a huge 35% discount on any Pictory AI plan. 

Here’s how to do it:

STEP 1: Click on this special link to navigate to the Pictory landing page designed exclusively for our readers. This is where your journey to big savings begins.

STEP 2: On the landing page, you’ll find a “GET STARTED FOR FREE” button. Click on it to begin the signup process. 

click on the get started for free button in pictory homepage

STEP 3: Enter your name, and email address, and choose a password to create your new Pictory account.

enter name email address to create pictory free account

STEP 4: After signing up, head to the top-right corner of the screen and click on the dropdown menu. From there, select “My Subscription” to view the list of available plans.

select my subscription from the pictory drop down menu

STEP 5: Pictory offers a 15% discount on all yearly plans right off the bat. Choose the plan that fits your needs best, whether it’s the Standard, Premium, or Team plan, and click on the “Buy Now” button.

pictory pricing plans

STEP 6: On the checkout page, you will see a section labeled “Coupon Code” on the right side. This is where you’ll enter our exclusive code. Type in “uwj2r” and hit the “Apply” button.

enter pictory coupon code to get discount

STEP 7: As you can see in the above image, After applying the promo code, you’ll notice that the total price has decreased by an additional 20%. This is on top of the 15% discount you already get for choosing the yearly plan. So, in total, you save 35%.

STEP 8: Review your choices and the final discounted price. If everything looks good, proceed to finalize the purchase by entering your credit card details.

enter credit card details and purchase pictory plan with discount

Congratulations, you’ve successfully applied the double discount and saved 35% on your Pictory subscription!

What’ll be the Price After Applying Pictory AI Coupon?

pictory coupon code

To provide a clear understanding of the savings you can achieve with our exclusive Pictory coupon codes, the following table breaks down each plan’s regular price and the discounted price after applying the Pictory discount code “uwj2r.”

For Monthly Plan:

Monthly PlanRegular PriceDiscounted PriceDiscount
Standard Plan$23/mo$18.4/mo20%
Premium Plan$47/mo$37.6/mo20%
Team Plan$119/mo$95.2/mo20%

For Yearly Plan:

Yearly PlanRegular PriceDiscounted PriceDiscount
Standard Plan$19/mo$15.20/mo35%
Premium Plan$39/mo$31.20/mo35%
Team Plan$99/mo$79.20/mo35%

Note: These regular prices for the yearly plans already include Pictory’s 15% annual discount, calculated from the standard monthly prices. The discounted prices further apply our 20% coupon code to this reduced rate.

Will I Get Refund If I Use Pictory Coupon Code?

Yes, you can request and receive a full refund for your purchase, even if you used a promotional coupon or discount code at checkout. offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing customers to get a hassle-free refund within the first two weeks for any reason – no questions asked.

This refund policy applies regardless of whether you paid full price or took advantage of any new user promotions, special sales, or coupon savings when you initially made your purchase.

FAQs: Pictory Coupon Code 2024

What is Promo Code of Monthly Plan?

The best promo code currently available for a monthly plan is “uwj2r” which offers a 20% discount.

What is the Discount code for Yearly plan?

The same code “uwj2r” can also be applied to a yearly plan. You can combine it with the 15% annual discount that already offers, giving you a total discount of 35%.

Which plan is good for me?

The choice of plan depends on your specific needs:

– The Standard Plan is suitable for individual users who need to make up to 30 videos per month.
– The Premium Plan is for users who require advanced features like automatic voice-over synchronization and additional videos & transcription hours.
– The Team Plan is best for businesses that need multiple users, more branded templates, and collaboration features.

What are some good alternatives to Pictory AI?

Some other popular text-to-video software include Lumen5, InVideo, and Renderforest. These platforms also offer a range of video editing features, but the specific capabilities and pricing may vary.

pictory coupon code

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