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Are you tired of your 9-to-5 grind and looking to make money online? 

Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Accelerator Course claims it can transform you from an affiliate marketing newbie to a seasoned pro. 

But is it worth the investment? đź¤”

In this Freedom Accelerator review, we’ll dig deep to find out.

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What We’ll Cover: 👇

  • About the Instructor: Who is Jonathan Montoya and why should you listen to him?
  • Course Structure: A deep dive into the four main phases of the course.
  • Pricing: Is the course worth its price tag?
  • Bonuses: All extra bonuses you’ll receive
  • FAQs: Quick answers to some burning questions you might have.
  • Pros and Cons: The good, the bad, and the must-know.
  • Alternatives: Top 3 Alternatives of this course
  • Conclusion: Final thoughts and verdict.

Stay tuned for an in-depth look at each of these points.

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Jonathan Montoya Freedom Accelerator Review 2024

jonathan montoya freedom accelerator review

The Freedom Accelerator course by Jonathan Montoya, a six-figure internet entrepreneur, is an automated, user-friendly system and the best online business I’ve seen. The course allows working from home without needing technical skills, social media following, product development background, or prior experience.

Review of Freedom Accelerator
Course ByJonathan Montoya
Price$1497 or 3 payments of $597
Demo Video of this CourseWatch it for FREE
Money-Back Guarantee14-days
Is it a Scam?No, check student results here
AccessibilityLifetime Access
Course MaterialVideos, Worksheets, Templates
Community SupportYes, via private group
Our Rating4.7/5

What is Freedom Accelerator?

The Freedom Accelerator course is an online training program created by Jonathan Montoya to teach people how to succeed in affiliate marketing. 

Covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques, the course helps you use social media platforms effectively, create engaging short videos, and promote high-value products. 

It also shows you how to track your success and make adjustments as needed. 

Whether you’re new to online marketing or have some experience, this course aims to provide you with the skills to earn money online effectively.

Key Features of Freedom Accelerator:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The course covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, from selecting the right product to creating effective marketing campaigns and tracking your results.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Each of the four phases is broken down into easy-to-understand steps, providing you with actionable tasks to make progress.
  • High-Ticket Affiliates: The course specializes in teaching you how to promote high-ticket items, maximizing your earning potential.
  • Short-Form Video Focus: A unique aspect of this course is its focus on using short-form videos across social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to rapidly accelerate your success.
  • Traffic Ecosystem: Learn how to generate massive amounts of traffic to your offers through tried-and-tested strategies in Phase Two of the course.
  • Conversion Tactics: Understand the science behind converting your audience into paying customers.
  • Automation and Scaling: The final phase arms you with the tools and know-how to automate your business, allowing you to scale with minimal effort.
  • Lifetime Access: Once enrolled, you get lifetime access to course materials, including any future updates.

Through its comprehensive structure and actionable insights, the Freedom Accelerator course stands out as a practical guide for anyone aspiring to make a full-time income through affiliate marketing.

About the Coach: Jonathan Montoya

johnathan montoya clickfunnels earning 10k usd

Jonathan Montoya is far from a typical instructor. 

With a background in electrical engineering and a steady $80,000 annual salary, he made the bold move to pivot into affiliate marketing. 

The gamble paid off handsomely; he started bringing in more than $20,000 a month in less than a year.

But Montoya didn’t stop at personal success. He took his knowledge public, launching a YouTube channel called “Passive Income Lifestyle” The channel has attracted a loyal following, boasting over 29,000 subscribers who eagerly consume his practical advice.

In short, Jonathan Montoya doesn’t just preach about affiliate marketing; he’s proven his methods work, both for himself and for many others. 

This makes him a credible and valuable guide for anyone looking to take the same journey.

Here is short summary about him:

  • From Engineer to Entrepreneur: Jonathan started as an electrical engineer earning $80,000 a year. He pivoted to affiliate marketing and started making over $20,000 a month in less than nine months.
  • YouTube Success: His YouTube channel, “Passive Income Lifestyle,” has garnered over 29,000 subscribers who flock for his valuable insights on affiliate marketing.
  • Real-World Experience: Unlike many self-proclaimed gurus, Jonathan has walked the walk. He knows the pitfalls and shortcuts in the affiliate marketing game.
  • Teaching Style: Expect a down-to-earth, relatable mentor. His approach is practical, and focused more on actionable steps than theoretical jargon.

In short, Jonathan Montoya isn’t just another online marketer; he’s a successful entrepreneur willing to share his secrets. 

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, he’s a mentor worth considering.

What’ll You Learn in The Freedom Accelerator Course?

The Freedom Accelerator program isn’t just a one-off lecture but a well-structured roadmap to success. 

Broken down into four main phases, each phase is carefully designed to build on the last, guiding you from novice to expert. 

Below is a detailed look at what each phase entails:

Phase One: Getting Results As Fast As Possible

jonathan montoya freedom accelerator course phase 1

Phase One of Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Accelerator Course is a critical first step in your affiliate marketing journey. 

Unlike many other courses that overwhelm you with jargon and complex strategies from the get-go, Freedom Accelerator’s initial phase focuses on giving you a quick win by aiming for a $10,000 income in your first month. 

This psychologically boosts your confidence and gives you the drive to scale further.

While the target may seem lofty, the phase is meticulously crafted to make this attainable. 

It introduces you to the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing, from identifying market needs to the technical aspects of setting up an automated sales system. 

The skills you acquire in this phase lay the groundwork for your future scaling and automation.

In short,

  • Coverage: This phase targets foundational elements like problem identification, product selection, and basic sales strategies. It aims to help you make $10,000 in your first month.
  • Takeaways: Learn how to identify a problem, find products that offer solutions, and construct an automated sales system. DM closing techniques and short-form video content creation are also covered.
  • Effectiveness: Given that it covers the absolute essentials and aims for quick income, this phase appears highly effective for getting you off the ground.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Finding the Right Problem: The course trains you to identify market gaps and the problems that potential customers are trying to solve. This is the cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy.
  • Product Matching: Once you understand the problem, you are guided on how to find a product that offers a solution. This ensures that you have a valuable offer for your target audience.
  • Sales System Automation: You’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to build an automated system to sell your chosen product. This includes setting up landing pages, email sequences, and tracking metrics.
  • Content Creation: The course emphasizes the power of short-form video content. You’ll learn how to effectively create and deploy this type of content to engage your audience and drive sales.
  • Direct Messaging Techniques: This section provides insight into how you can use direct messaging to close sales effectively. These are essential skills for anyone looking to convert leads into paying customers.

By completing Phase One, you not only gain the basic skills necessary for affiliate marketing but you also get a clear pathway to your first substantial earnings, setting the stage for more advanced strategies in the subsequent phases.

Phase Two: Traffic Ecosystem

jonathan montoya freedom accelerator course phase 2

After you’ve had your first taste of success in affiliate marketing from Phase One, Phase Two of the Freedom Accelerator Course catapults you into the world of scaling. 

The primary goal here is to expand your reach and boost your monthly income to $30,000. 

It sounds ambitious, but the course is structured in a way that provides actionable steps to attain this.

In this phase, you transition from being a beginner who is just getting started to someone who knows how to attract a crowd. 

This part of the course is designed to teach you how to generate a significant flow of traffic to your offers. 

It emphasizes using popular social media platforms to create a broader audience base.

In short,

  • Coverage: This is all about scaling your operations to hit the $30,000 per month mark. It teaches you how to generate high traffic through popular social media platforms.
  • Takeaways: Students will learn how to nurture customer relationships, create an evergreen lead machine, and use platforms like YouTube for generating hot leads.
  • Effectiveness: For those who have nailed down the basics, this phase provides the necessary tools to scale your business.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Customer Nurturing Hub: You’ll be taught how to build an ecosystem that not only attracts customers but also keeps them engaged. This is a critical component for any long-term business.
  • Evergreen Lead Machine: Learn the art of creating a self-sustaining system that continually brings in new leads, making your business less dependent on seasonal trends or fads.
  • YouTube as a Hot Lead Source: The course shows you how to leverage YouTube to get hot leads. It teaches you to convert casual viewers into interested prospects effectively.
  • Warm YouTube Ads: You’ll also learn how to transform viewers into potential customers by creating YouTube ads that resonate with them, thus increasing the lead flow.

By mastering the skills taught in Phase Two, you position yourself for substantial, consistent earnings. 

This phase is essential for anyone serious about turning affiliate marketing into a full-fledged, thriving business.

Phase Three: Increasing Conversion

jonathan montoya freedom accelerator course phase 3

If Phase Two is all about attracting an audience, Phase Three of the Freedom Accelerator Course ensures that this audience converts into sales. 

Earning a high volume of traffic is an achievement, but what matters more is how many of those clicks turn into conversions. 

This phase teaches you to maximize the profitability of each visitor to your site or content, aiming for even higher income levels.

The course goes beyond just marketing products; it delves into the art of persuasion and sales. 

It’s about optimizing your offers and making them irresistible. This makes Phase Three essential for those who want to not just attract leads but effectively close high-ticket sales.

In short,

  • Coverage: This phase focuses on optimizing your operations for higher conversions.
  • Takeaways: Learn how to create custom lead magnets, custom bonuses, and close high-ticket sales effectively.
  • Effectiveness: Effective for those looking to optimize their existing operations for better conversions and higher income.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Signature Lead Magnet: Creating a signature lead magnet that is too compelling to ignore. This helps in building a strong email list that you can market to repeatedly.
  • Custom Bonuses: You’ll learn how to enhance your primary offer with custom bonuses to increase its perceived value and thereby, the conversion rate.
  • High-Ticket Sales Techniques: Using advanced sales strategies, the course trains you on how to close high-ticket sales efficiently, elevating your profit margins.
  • Growth Indicators: Learn how to identify and measure key growth indicators in your business. Understanding these metrics will guide your future strategies and offer insights into what’s working and what needs adjustment.

By the end of Phase Three, you should have a streamlined, effective process for converting your leads into paying customers, drastically increasing your conversion rates and, as a result, your profits.

Phase Four: Automation and Scaling

The culminating phase of the Freedom Accelerator Course, Phase Four, is where you make the transition from an affiliate marketer to an affiliate marketing business owner. 

The focus shifts from hands-on, day-to-day tasks to higher-level management and automation. 

In essence, you learn how to make money while you sleep by setting up systems and hiring a team to take care of the daily grind.

What makes this phase particularly impactful is its focus on freeing up your time while still increasing your income. 

Jonathan Montoya places a significant emphasis on creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) and automating workflows, allowing you to focus on strategic growth rather than being mired in daily tasks.

In short,

  • Coverage: This phase is designed to teach you how to automate your business.
  • Takeaways: From mastering workflow to scaling your business by hiring a team, this phase covers it all.
  • Effectiveness: Essential for anyone looking to turn their affiliate marketing into a hands-off operation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Master Your Workflow: The course teaches you how to set up efficient workflows and business automation that help you manage your affiliate business more effectively.
  • Outsourcing: You’ll learn the skill of delegating low-income tasks to a team. The course will guide you on where to find competent team members and how to manage them effectively.
  • Team and Scaling: Understand the dynamics of scaling your business through effective team management. This includes organizational charts, role descriptions, and advanced project management techniques.
  • Cold Ads: One of the most exciting aspects is learning how to use cold ads effectively to reach a broader, untapped audience. This can be a game-changer in scaling your business.

At the end of Phase Four, you’re not just earning more money, you’re doing so more efficiently. 

You learn to work smarter, not harder and are well-equipped to take your affiliate marketing business to seven figures and beyond.


freedom accelerator course pricing

When it comes to investing in a course like the Freedom Accelerator, the price tag is often a significant consideration. 

Priced at $1497 for a one-time payment or broken down into three monthly payments of $597, the course is positioned as a high-value offering in the affiliate marketing education space. 

Given the comprehensive nature of the course and the potential for high returns, the price can be considered an investment in your future business success.

While the pricing may seem steep at first glance, it’s crucial to measure it against the long-term value and earning potential it offers.

The course is designed to guide you towards making $10,000 to $30,000 a month, making the initial investment seem relatively small in the grand scheme of things.

Key Points:

  • One-Time Payment: A single payment of $1497 grants you complete access to the course and all its resources. This is an upfront way to save on the overall cost.
  • Payment Plan: For those who prefer breaking down the cost, a 3-month installment plan is available at $597/month. This option provides flexibility but comes out to be slightly more expensive in the end.

What You’ll Get For the Price:

  • Comprehensive Course Material: Four detailed phases, each aimed at teaching you different aspects of affiliate marketing—from starting up to scaling and automation.
  • Bonuses: Jonathan Montoya allows you to ‘steal’ his course to build up your business, offering 15+ programs you can promote at once. This is essentially a business-in-a-box.
  • Lifetime Access: Once you’ve paid, you get lifetime access to all course materials, including any future updates.
  • Software Recommendations: While the course does suggest some paid software for enhanced functionality, there are free alternatives available, ensuring you don’t have hidden costs.
  • Community and Support: Access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and direct support channels for quick assistance.

Considering the depth of the course content and its potential to exponentially increase your income, the Freedom Accelerator cost appears to be a justified investment for those serious about mastering affiliate marketing.

Freedom Accelerator Bonus

One of the standout features of the Freedom Accelerator Course is the incredibly generous bonus offered by Jonathan Montoya. 

In a rare move within the online course industry, Montoya allows you to essentially ‘steal’ his course.  

That means you can use his materials to build up your own affiliate marketing business. 

jonathan montoya freedom accelerator course bonuses

This bonus can serve as a major head start, allowing you to bypass some of the most time-consuming steps in setting up an affiliate marketing business. 

You get to leverage the expertise and work that Montoya himself has put into the course, taking your affiliate business to the next level faster than you could on your own.

What You’ll Get in the Bonus:

  • Multi-Program Promotion: Within the bonus course, you get access to over 15+ programs that you can start promoting right away. This diversifies your income streams.
  • Customizable Links: You’re allowed to swap out Montoya’s affiliate links for your own. This means you get the credit for any sales, kick-starting your revenue.
  • Business in a Box: This bonus essentially gives you a ready-made business. All you need to do is implement what you’ve learned in the main course and use these resources to grow.
  • Competitive Edge: Having access to Montoya’s own materials gives you a competitive advantage in the market, as you’re leveraging proven strategies and campaigns.

This bonus alone significantly increases the value proposition of the Freedom Accelerator Course, making it even more appealing for those serious about succeeding in affiliate marketing.

Pros and Cons of the Freedom Accelerator Course

Here are some pros and cons of this course:


  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers everything from basics to advanced techniques in affiliate marketing, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced marketers.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: The course is structured into well-defined phases that guide you through the entire process, reducing the chances of feeling lost or overwhelmed.
  • Focus on Quick Results: The course aims to get you to your first $10,000 as quickly as possible, providing motivation and tangible results.
  • Platform Agnostic: Teaches strategies applicable across multiple social media platforms, increasing your reach and potential income sources.
  • Automation and Scaling: The latter phases of the course focus on how to automate and scale your business, making it easier to grow without a proportional increase in effort.
  • Reputable Instructor: Jonathan Montoya has a proven track record in the field, adding credibility to the course material.
  • Lifetime Access: Once purchased, you have lifetime access to the course material, including any updates.


  • High Cost: Priced at $1497 or 3 payments of $597, the course is a significant financial commitment.
  • No Guarantee of Success: As with any course, results may vary and are dependent on individual effort and application.
  • Narrow Focus: The course is tailored primarily for affiliate marketing, so those looking for a broader digital marketing education may need to look elsewhere.
  • Additional Software Recommended: Though not mandatory, the course does suggest using some paid software, which could be an additional cost.

By weighing these pros and cons, you can better determine if the Freedom Accelerator Course is the right investment for your affiliate marketing journey.

If you still have any confusion then watch honest Freedom Accelerator review video.

Top 3 Freedom Accelerator Course Alternatives

While the Freedom Accelerator course by Jonathan Montoya is a comprehensive course for learning affiliate marketing, there are other noteworthy courses in the market that you might consider as alternatives. 

Each has its own unique focus and set of features that could align differently with your learning objectives and career goals.

1. Blog Growth Engine

what is inside blog growth engine course

Blog Growth Engine (read an honest review here) is one of the best blogging and affiliate marketing courses by Adam Enfroy centered around the idea of turning a blog into a high-revenue-generating business. 

It focuses on strategies such as SEO optimization, content marketing, and lead generation. 

Unlike Freedom Accelerator, which emphasizes various social media platforms, Blog Growth Engine is more tailored towards those who wish to monetize their writing skills through blogging.

If you want to check the quality of the course then watch the free Blog Growth Engine masterclass using this link.

Short Summary of this course: 

  • Focus: While Freedom Accelerator is all about affiliate marketing through social media and short-form videos, Blog Growth Engine concentrates on monetizing a blog through SEO and content marketing.
  • Target Audience: Blog Growth Engine is perfect for those who love to write and want to monetize their writing skills, whereas Freedom Accelerator targets those who are more interested in fast-paced, social-media-driven affiliate marketing.

NOTE: Adam Enfroy is a famous blogger who is making over $350k with his blog. 

2. The Authority Site System

mark and gael the authority site system

The Authority Site System by Gael Breton and Mark Webster is another viable alternative. 

It aims to guide users in creating an authoritative website from scratch, concentrating on areas like niche selection, site planning, and content creation. 

The course is particularly helpful for those who aim to build a long-term sustainable business with a content-rich website, rather than focusing solely on affiliate marketing.

Check The Authority Site System Success stories using this link. It’ll help you to decide if it’s worth your money or not. 

Short Summary of this course: 

  • Focus: This course centers around building an authority site from the ground up, which involves deep content creation and brand building. Freedom Accelerator, on the other hand, aims for quick monetization through affiliate marketing.
  • Long-Term Strategy: The Authority Site System is geared more toward those who are looking for a long-term business model, focusing on building a brand and a content-rich website.

3. The Affiliate Lab

matt diggity affiliate lab course

Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab is a course dedicated to affiliate marketing just like Freedom Accelerator. 

However, it brings its own spin to the table, focusing more on SEO techniques and website flipping. 

This course is ideal for those who have some knowledge of affiliate marketing and wish to delve deeper into advanced SEO techniques for higher profitability.

Also Read: The Authority Site System vs. The Affiliate Lab: Which is the Best Blogging Course?

Short Summary of this course: 

  • Focus: Like Freedom Accelerator, The Affiliate Lab is focused on affiliate marketing. However, it leans heavily on SEO techniques and website flipping for profitability.
  • Advanced Techniques: This course is better suited for individuals who already have some grounding in affiliate marketing and are looking to master advanced SEO techniques.

In summary, while Freedom Accelerator is a robust course for affiliate marketing, alternatives like Blog Growth Engine, The Authority Site System, and The Affiliate Lab offer different approaches to online marketing and monetization. 

Your choice would depend on your specific interests and the skills you wish to acquire or refine.

FAQs about Freedom Accelerator Reviews

What is the Freedom Accelerator Course?

Freedom Accelerator is an online course by Jonathan Montoya that teaches you how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business from scratch. The course is divided into four phases to guide you through the process.

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya is a former electrical engineer who transitioned into affiliate marketing. He now makes over $20,000 per month from his affiliate marketing ventures and shares his knowledge through this course.

How much does the course cost?

The Freedom Accelerator Course is priced at $1497 for a one-time payment, or you can opt for three payments of $597 each.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. The course is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced marketers. It covers the basics and gradually takes you to advanced tactics.

Do I need to pay for any additional software?

No, you don’t necessarily need to pay for additional software. While some recommendations are given, there are free alternatives to get your business running without needing a credit card.

Will this work if I have no social media following?

Yes. The course will teach you how to build a following from scratch.

What’s the main teaching method?

The course primarily uses short videos and focuses on the use of short-form videos for rapid success.

What are the phases in the Freedom Accelerator Roadmap?

The course is divided into four phases: Getting Results as Fast as Possible, Traffic Ecosystem, Increasing Conversion, and Automation and Scaling.

What kind of bonus does the course offer?

Jonathan Montoya allows you to “steal” his course by providing you the materials to build your own affiliate marketing business. You get to promote over 15 programs immediately and can even swap out Montoya’s affiliate links with your own.

Do I get lifetime access to the course materials?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to all course materials and recordings.

Is Freedom Accelerator legit?

Yes, It’s 100% legit course that help you understand how to do affiliate marketing in the right way. I saw his results and his students result in his official Facebook group.

Jonathan Montoya review: Is He Legit?

Yes, Johnathan Montoya is legit and a super affiliate of multiple affiliate programs especially ClickFunnels and Systeme IO. I saw his results in multiple Facebook groups.

Conclusion: Should You Purchase Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Accelerator Course?

The Freedom Accelerator Course is a detailed guide for anyone wanting to succeed in affiliate marketing. 

With a step-by-step approach and a focus on quick results, it’s designed for both beginners and seasoned marketers. 

However, it’s not the only option out there. 

Depending on your needs and skills, other courses like Blog Growth Engine, The Authority Site System, or The Affiliate Lab may be more suitable. 

Ultimately, the key to success is taking action on what you learn.

I tried to cover everything in this Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Accelerator Review. If you still have any confusion then please let me know via comment below.

jonathan montoya freedom accelerator review

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