21 Smart Ways to Increase Affiliate Sale + My Earning Report


I know you are reading this article because you want to increase your affiliate sales.


In this article, I'll give you the most simple but effective affiliate marketing tips that can really boost your affiliate sales within the next few days.

I am not kidding. 

I have used all these strategies and I'm glad to inform you that these tips really helped me to make money from my blog.

So, are you ready? Let's dive in

Recently, I created a poll in my Facebook Group to check how many people are making money from affiliate marketing.

And result shocked me...


Because as you can see in the screenshot below more than 50% people are not making money from affiliate marketing.

That's why I decided to write an article on it to help newbie bloggers to make money from their blog through affiliate marketing.

Am I making money from my blog??

Yes, I'm making money from my blog.  (I made money with affiliate marketing even when I was only getting 10-20 daily visits on my blog).

I made my first affiliate sale with the Bluehost affiliate program.

I got my first $65 with Bluehost affiliate program.

and you know what, I made this affiliate sale with only 10-12 daily traffic.


After that I realize...

...that if I do more research on affiliate marketing then I can defiantly make more money with it.

So, that's exactly what I did. I read books, case studies and lots of articles about it.

and I came up with some awesome tips which again help me to make money from my blog. (with low traffic)

Let's see the screenshots below...


After that, I made $59 dollar from Thrive Themes affiliate program.

Check out the screenshot below.


After that, I continuously made 3 sales from SiteGround Affiliate Program.

Here is my SiteGround Affiliate Dashboard screenshot from 2017 (when I started my blogging journey)


I got emails from SiteGround like this...


After reading this email, it encourages me a lot to do more research on Affiliate marketing...


Check out my affiliate income (of Feb 2020) from a single affiliate program.

elementor affiliate commission

I hope now you understood that the tips which are going to give you in this article can really help you to increase your affiliate sales without increasing your blog traffic.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this chapter, I will teach you about what is affiliate marketing and how you can make money from it? (with video tutorial)

I can define affiliate marketing in one simple sentence.

"Affiliate marketing is the process of earning the commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products or services."

Now let's discuss, how to earn money from it?

Steps to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Find an affiliate program or product you like. 
  2. Promote it to others through your blog. 
  3. And earn a piece of profit for each sale that you make.

Interesting huh?

But it is not as simple as it appears.

It takes some time to make money from affiliate marketing.


Because to earn money from affiliate marketing you must have some solid affiliate marketing strategies.

Believe me, without any strategy you can not make even a single penny from your blog. 

Don't worry, I will give you each and every affiliate marketing strategy in this article which helped me to make money from affiliate marketing with low traffic.

So, read this article fully to get my all simple but effective strategies.

Let's see what Neil Patel says about affiliate marketing.

I hope now you don't have any doubts related to affiliate marketing.

Let's move on to our next chapter.

What Are Bloggers Doing Wrong?

In this chapter, I will teach you what are the most common mistakes which bloggers are making in affiliate marketing.

So, read this chapter carefully and avoid these mistakes in your blogging career.

Before sharing tips to double your affiliate sale without increasing blog traffic.

I first want to inform you what bloggers are doing wrong today in affiliate marketing.

These are the main reason why you are not making any sale from affiliate marketing?

1. Sharing Products that don't Fit your Audience:

Did you know?

The most common mistake bloggers make nowadays is they join the affiliate program that doesn't match to their audience.

For example:

Suppose, you have a fitness blog and in this blog, you are sharing product related to blogging tools.

Then what'll happen?

You'll not make even a single sale


because your audience wants fitness tips and product not blogging tools.

I hope now you understood what I want to say.

So, always try to join only those affiliate program which matches to your audience. 

It'll definitely help you to increase your affiliate sale.

2. Sharing More than one Affiliate Product of the same type

If you really want to build trust and increase marketing affiliate sales...

...then I have a tip for you:

Never share more than one affiliate product of the same type.

It may confuse your blog audience and they'll not purchase anything.

For Example:

Suppose, you are promoting two products 'product 1' and 'product  2' of the same type...

...then when your blog readers will read your article then it'll confuse them that they should purchase 'product 1' or 'product 2'.

As a result, they leave your blog and will not purchase anything.


#1. Create a List post and announce winner product.

#2. Write Product Comparison article.

With this method, you can promote multiple product at the same type and your blog reader can purchase the product they liked.

3. Not using Premium Themes and Plugin

I accept that FREE Themes and Plugins are good to start your blogging journey.

But if you seriously want to get success in affiliate marketing. 

Then I must suggest you to use Premium themes.


because if you use premium theme then it'll give your blog an attractive look which attracts your blog reader i.e. they feel like that they have visited in a professional blog and they easily trust you.

Premium Theme = Attractive Look = Attract Visitors = More Sale

That's why I recommend everyone to use premium theme instead of the FREE theme.

Did you know?

I am using Focus Blog theme (a Thrive Theme) on this blog.

and guess what?

After using this theme, my affiliate sales increase by 315%.


Because Before using this theme, I was using a FREE Genesis Child theme which was not as attractive as this theme.

So, I must recommend you to use the premium looking theme to increase your affiliate sales.

NOTE: In my upcoming article, I'll show you why Thrive Themes is much matter than Genesis Theme.

4. Sharing Wrong Product for sake of money

One of the most common mistake bloggers are making is..

... they recommend the bad product or service to their blog reader to earn money.

If you really want to make money then one thing I suggest you that only share good product to your blog readers.

Did you know?

I receive many sponsored post and guest post request form different hosting companies.

Let's see the screenshot...


I rejected all request except 000webhost because 000webhost helps to start the blog for newbie bloggers at 0 cost.

If I want then I can write good things about these hosting companies on my blog and can make a good amount of money.

But I reject these requests.


Because I know that only SiteGround is the best hosting company.

That's why I don't want to cheat my blog readers by recommending them bad service or product just for sake of money.


I hope you understood.


I win my readers trust through my SiteGround and Bluehost comparison article.

If you have any doubt then must read this SiteGround Vs Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review 

In this article, I have shared lots of screenshots from Facebook and Twitter.

After seeing this screenshots you'll also hate Bluehost and love SiteGround. (Must check these screenshots)


21 Smart Ways to Increase (i.e. Double) Your Affiliate Sale 

In this chapter, I will give you 20 tips which can help you to boost your affiliate sale without increasing blog traffic.

Read this and apply all the tips on your blog to increase your affiliate earning

Believe me...

If you think that you only place a banner in your blog sidebar and it starts making money then you are wrong.


Because, if you want to make money from affiliate marketing then you must have some solid affiliate marketing strategies that really work.

Don't worry friends!

In this article, I am going to share all affiliate marketing strategies that help me to increase my affiliate sales with little traffic.

So, are you ready?

Let's dive in.


It is very common but the most important factor to double your affiliate sale.

Every Affiliate writes the review article but only some of them able to make sales from review article.


because it's not about writing some paragraphs about the product. 

If you seriously want that your review article helps you to make money from affiliate marketing then must remember these points which mentioned below.

Things to do while writing the review article:

  • Before writing review article research for the proper keyword.
  • Must use buttons to increase conversion.
  • Consider using the Skyscraper technique to get your review article on the 1st page of Google.
  • Write review article of the affiliate products as soon as they launch to improve your search ranking and sales.
  • Use links everywhere in the text while writing the review (not too much).
  • Use Call to action to increase conversion
  • Must write about pros and cons of the affiliate product to build trust.
  • Write “Top 10″ type articles, Like: ” Top 10 themes for travel bloggers”
  • Price of the affiliate product must be included
  • Must write a conclusion at the end of your review article.
  • Try to include video of the theme and plugin which you are going to promote
  • Don't forget to use an attractive heading that attracts readers to read your article.

I hope now you understood, how to write the awesome review article that really help you to make money.

If you have any doubt then you can ask me via comment below.


Research shows that if you use the banner in the sidebar and within blog post then you will get only 10% click on sidebar banner but 90% Click on banner within the blog post. 

So, I suggest you place banner not only in the sidebar but also in blog posts.

But I suggest you to add banner after the last paragraph of your blog post.

If you use this method then your CTR and affiliate sale will defiantly increase.


It’s the major factor that affects your earning.

If you are writing a review article of MyThemeShop or any other affiliate program then not only focus on its pros but also tell your readers about its cons to building a trust between you and your readers.

How will it affect your earning?

Suppose you write a review article on the theme which has some con and you do not tell your blog reader about it. They purchase this theme through your affiliate link and after buying they found that this theme not works properly or has some cons.

Then they never believe you on any review and stop reading your blog. For making only one sale you lost customers for your upcoming affiliate products who never buy any product through you.

I hope now you understand the importance of building trust with your readers.


While promoting Affiliate product review article then must share the star rating of that theme or plugin to increase your conversion rate.

For this, you can use Author HReview Plugin to display attractive star rating.

I have added star rating on my thrive architect review article by using this plugin. (check below screenshot) 

star rating increase affiliate sale

star rating to increase CTR

5. Product Comparison Blog Posts

I want to share a secret with you.

Did you know? that I have made 2 affiliate sales with only 30 page view and only 10 unique clicks on my affiliate link.

Do you want to know, How I do that?

The nswer is very simple, I have written a SiteGround vs Bluehost Comparison article with lots of screenshots from social media.

And with only 30 page view I made 2 affiliate sales.

I have added Screenshot of emails receive from SiteGround to show you Comparison posts works better than review post.


After opening the email, it looks as shown below


If you want to learn how to write a killer product comparison article that really converts then check below article.

Example of Comparison Post:

6. Affiliate Link in Menu

This is another simple but very effective way to boost affiliate sales.

What you have to do is to add your affiliate link in your main menu.

For example: you can add a menu called siteground deal and insert your affiliate link in this menu.

I hope now you understood how to use it to boost CTR. 

7. Blogging Tools Page

I must suggest you to make a separate blogging deal page on your blog. 

It will help your blog readers to get all blogging deals in one page.

Not only it'll helpful for your blog readers but also help you to increase chances of making more sales through this page.

If you want demo then must visit our blogging deals page.

8. Sticky Widget

This is not an effective way to increase affiliate marketing sales.

If you want that sticky widget work for you then I'll suggest you not to use deals on the sticky widget.

Instead of deals, you should share your well-written review post which consists your affiliate link.

Plugins for Sticky Widget:

For Example:

As you can see I am using "SiteGround Vs Bluehost" blog post banner in my sticky sidebar to boost my affiliate sale and glad to say that it really works for me. 

9. Create Tutorial Articles that Include Videos

I have written a well descriptive Thrive Architect Review article which includes a tutorial video.

and you know what after publishing this article within 20 days I made affiliate sale from this blog post.

You can check the screenshot below.


It proves that if you'll make tutorial blog posts with video then your chance of making the sale will become double. 

10. Share Real User Experience from Twitter, Facebook

In my recent SiteGround vs Bluehost blog post, I have shared lots of screenshots from Facebook and Twitter.

And shared what people are saying about these two hosting companies.

It helps my reader to easily understood which is the best hosting company.

And guess what happened?

I made an affiliate sale with only 2 unique clicks.

If you have not read this awesome article yet then read this article now.

11. Build Mailing List

Most of the newbie blogger makes this mistake that they don't focus on building their email list.

If you seriously want that lot's of people read your blog post immediately after publishing it and buy the product through your link.

Then you must try to build your mailing list.


Because Money is in your mailing list.

For Example:

Consider a very simple case.

Suppose you have 1500 people in your mailing list.

And you publish an article and send mail to your subscribers about your new article.

Let's consider 600 people visit your blog post after getting mail 

and 50 people click on your affiliate link and 4 people purchase product through your affiliate link.

In this way, you have made 4 sales immediately by sending an email to your subscribers.

I hope now you understood why it's important to focus on increasing your blog subscribers.  

For Building Your email list, you need two things:

#1. Email Marketing Service (to send emails and set up automations)

#2. Email Marketing Tool (to collect email address of your blog readers by showing popups)

ActiveCampaign is the best email marketing service and it's affordable for everyone.

Click here to try ActiveCampaign for FREE

So, now let's discuss which is the best email marketing tool. 

I must suggest you to use Thrive Leads. I'm also using it to build my email list in the fastest way.

12. Get Most out of Your Popular Blog Posts

If you don't have too many subscribers then I have a secret which can help you to make sales without increasing blog traffic.

Find out your most popular blog post using Google Analytics and add your affiliate banner or affiliate link in this blog post.

So that whenever people visit this blog post they'll also see this banner and may click on it and purchase something.

This is the very clever hack to increase affiliate sale without increasing blog traffic.

13. Add Tables to Your Blog Post

Table is not only help your blog reader to decide what they want to read or purchase but also it help you to increase your ranking in Google search result.

Why to use tables in the blog post:

  1. It helps your blogger to easily decide what they are getting in this article.
  2. Helps you to increase your search ranking.
  3. gives an attractive look to your blog post.
  4. helps you to make your article more helpful.
  5. solve the bounce rate problem.

Suppose you are making an article about "black Friday hosting deals" or any other hosting deals type article.

Then you can add this article more helpful by adding hosting company name, discount, discount link, buttons etc. in the table.

It will help your blog reader to easily decide which product they want to purchase and they can easily purchase it using buttons available in the table.

14. Improve Blog Design

When I start my blogging journey then at that time I made a very common mistake that I was using a FREE Genesis child theme which was not very attractive.

Due to that, I face many problems and not able to make even a single sale.

Currently, I am using Focus Blog Theme (a Thrive Theme) on my blog.

I use and recommend it to everyone because it's simple but most powerful theme.


Attractive Theme = More Revisits = More Clicks = More sales 

Let's understand it by a simple example:

Suppose you visit a blog which has the worst design, the font size is too small and unable to read it.

Then what will you do?

You'll press back button immediately and never visit that blog again.

Consider another case in which you visit a blog which has the attractive design and have awesome font (no eye strain).

Then you will read the entire article and may click on affiliate links.

15. Use Affiliate Link in Image

If you have uploaded the image of your affiliate product in your article then must consider adding the affiliate link in this image.


Because many people click on the image to see it. 

So, if you add the affiliate link in the image then it will redirect your reader to the affiliate product site and your chance of making affiliate sale will increase.

I hope you understood what I want to say.

16. Cloak Your Affiliate Link

If you are not using cloaked affiliate link then you are making the biggest mistake in your affiliate marketing career.

So first I want to explain to you what is link cloaking?

"Link Cloaking is a method used to make a long affiliate URL link into a shorter and prettier one."

Example of Normal Affiliate Link:


Same affiliate link after cloaking it (Cloaked Affiliate Link)


Now tell me when you see both links in which link you'll click.

Obviously 2nd. Because 1st link looks like Spam but 2nd link looks genuine.

So, If you seriously want that people click on your affiliate link then cloak your affiliate link.

You can use a FREE plugin called "thirsty affiliates" to cloak your affiliate links.

17. Use Call to Action Button.

Everyone know buttons are also the great way to boost your affiliate sale.

If you'll use an attractive button then it increases the probability that your readers will click on this button.

And help you to get more affiliate sales without any difficulties.

You can use thrive architect plugin to add attractive buttons in your blog posts.

Below buttons are added by thrive architect plugin:

18. Create Review Box Using Thrive Architect Plugin.

This is a very smart hack to increase your affiliate income.

If you are using Thrive Architect Plugin like me then you can create Affiliate Product Review box which contains all the information of your like:

  1. Title (Your Affiliate Product Name)
  2. star rating
  3. pros and cons
  4. Summary 
  5. Button 

Check Below Image to see how Review Box looks like:


As you can see how attractive it is. 

It attracts your visitors to click on the button which appears on the review box. 

Note: The above review box is designed by Thrive Architect plugin.

Thrive Architect Video Tutorial:

Not only me but also many blog bloggers are the fan of this plugin.

So, If you are an affiliate marketer then I must suggest you use Thrive Architect.

I hope now you understood why it's important to build the review box.

19. Give Some Bonus

I am 100% sure that if you use this method then your affiliate earning will surely increase in little time.

Just answer a question:

If two persons A and B are selling the same product at $49

and Person A gives you only that product

But Person B give you a FREE gift with the same product at the same price 

Then from whom you purchase that product?

Obviously, From Person B.

Because you'll get the FREE gift from him.

In the same concept, this method works.

Give Bonus to your blog readers.

But how?

For this just create an Ebook, video Training or anything that you'll give FREE of cost to whom who purchase affiliate product through your affiliate link.

How it works?

After writing your review article (or on the deal page) at last paragraph write a paragraph about your bonus.

Example of Bonus Paragraph:

"I will give you [your ebook name here] ebook worth $19 for FREE of cost if you purchase this product through my affiliate link. Just sent me an email at [your email address here] after purchasing this product through my affiliate link and I will sent you this bonus within 1 hour"

20. Pricing Table

 Pricing table is the best way to explain the pricing of your affiliate product.

It'll help your readers to easily understand what's the pricing of product which they are going to purchase.

To add pricing table you can use thrive architect plugin which has a lots of pre build pricing tables.

Pricing Table includes:

  1. Plans 
  2. price of product
  3. The functionality of different plans
  4. discount on each plan
  5. button to purchase

NOTE: I have already added below table (using Thrive Architect) in my Thrive Architect Review Article. (Check Live Demo in this article)


I hope you'll use tables to increase your conversion rate.

21. Build A Sale Funnel to Convert Visitors into Buyers

Believe me, If you will create a sale funnel then not only it helps you to get more affiliate sales easily but also increase your affiliate marketing skill.

I learned this tip from Anil Agarwal who is a well-known blogger from India.

Anil Agarwal


You need to find a way to convert your website visitors into sales. For that, you need a proper sales funnel.

Let's see how this method works...


Best tip to boost your affiliate income by BloggersPassion.com

Steps to create your affiliate marketing sale funnel:

you are just 4 steps away from creating an affiliate marketing sale funnel

STEP 1: Create Awareness

This is the first but most important step to sell affiliate products online.

Because, if your blog readers don't know anything about affiliate product which you are promoting on your blog.

Then they never purchase that product.

So, create the review or tutorial article so that your blog readers know what is benefits of using that product.

STEP 2: Build Connection

Try to solve your audience problem through the product you promote and build a connection with your blog audience through replying to comments on the blog and help people on social media.

STEP 3: Recommend, don't force

If you try to force your blog readers to purchase any product then they will never purchase product from you.

So, always try to help them by recommending the product and tell them why you are a fan of that particular product.

Also, share real users experience screenshots from Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

STEP 4: Make Affiliate Sales

If you follow above 3 steps then you don't need to do anything else...

...because now your audience knows everything about your affiliate product and they will defiantly love to buy the product you recommend.

If you'll use this method then your affiliate income will defiantly increase.

22. Use selling without selling approach.

It's a surefire technique to boost affiliate income.

you must be thinking what is selling without selling approach and how it works? right?

For example: I'm using thrive architect plugin to design my homepage and blog posts. That's why at the end of every article I tell my blog readers that I've designed this article using thrive architect. (check screenshot below)

As you can see in above screenshot I only inform my readers that I'm using thrive architect but I am not saying them to purchase this plugin.

I hope now you understood how does this method work.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Affiliate Marketing 

If you have any doubt related to affiliate marketing then this chapter will clear all your doubts.

So, must read this chapter.

I know, Newbie bloggers have many doubts in their mind about affiliate marketing.

That's why they search for many questions related to affiliate marketing every day in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Quora and other social media.

So, to help them I create this separate chapter...

Q.1) Can I share my Affiliate link directly on social media?

Q.2) Is there any plugin to cloak affiliate link?

Q.3) Can I share my affiliate link in YouTube video description?

Q.4) How to Find and join the Affiliate Program?

Q.6) How can I get affiliate income in my bank account?

Q.7) Is there a cost associated with signing up for an Affiliate program?

Q.8) Can I promote products which I've never tried before?

I hope now you don't have any doubt related to affiliate marketing.

All the best!

Now it's Your Turn 

I have shared all the affiliate marketing tips which worked for me to double my affiliate sales.

But I know I missed something. 

What tips will you offer to newbie bloggers to increase their affiliate sales?

Please let me know via comment below so that I can add those tips in this article to make it more helpful.

If you found this article helpful then please support us by sharing this article on social media.

It'll help other bloggers to make money from their blog.

Waiting For Your Comments....

This entire Blog post is designed by using Thrive Architect Plugin 

Click here to read the tutorial of this plugin



Affiliate Disclosure


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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    So, I would like to suggest every newbie blogger to start building trust from Day 1.

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    You have nailed the topic! You have explained the things well to boost affiliate sales.

    Making money from AM is an art! It is not possible for anyone. Yes, it needs smart work and consistency.

    Write the in-depth articles for the product and service that we use is the right way to get genuine sales. As you said, we should reach the relevant audience and make them read the content and invoke them to take action.

    Reputation is important and hence it is essential to build trust. People never buy from the unknown and thus, we have to build a brand for our website.

    Likewise, listing the pros & cons would help them take a better decision. Offering a bonus is also a great idea to increase affiliate sales.

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    There are several aspects to take on and increase the affiliate sales. I agree with you, a great body of your website will make the difference. This is why I use Generate Press at my blog. And I can see your blog is equipped with the focus blog theme, which is one of the best theme as well. I like thrive products too as you do.

    Thorough reviews after using the product, certainly bring up more up more sales in the bucket, if one has a huge loyal email subscribers.

    If one is relying on SEO then probably need to do something else. Comparisons articles will boost the sales drastically if done along will real screenshots. I see one of the great comaprison article in your blog site ground vs Bluehost. That’s the way to go. One last thing, trust is one of the factor which will make the difference.

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    • Yes, I totally agree with you that we should focus on building trust.

      If your blog readers trust you then they’ll definitely purchase the products suggested by you.

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      So, I would like to suggest every newbie blogger to start building trust from Day 1.

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    This is a massive guide and you have covered some awesome tips. Affiliate marketing is just awesome and with right efforts, one can make wonders.

    Just want to add 2 more points.

    #1. Building a Facebook group with the targetted audience [Learned from You Only :)]

    #2. Instead of writing individual product reviews, it is better to target the category. E.g. People may not search Bluehost review, but they will search the best web hosting for WordPress blog.

    Hope you agree with these points.

    • Yes bro, I agree with you.

      You’ve given 2 but most important tips to increase Affiliate Marketing sales.

      I’ll update this article with the tips you gave me here.

      And Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving your valuable comment.❤

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    • Thanks Vishwajeet for your awesome feedback.

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