Confused about how to find the best AI writing software?

I know that there are many different types of writing tools available in the market. So, I have made a list of the 13 things you should check before buying an AI writing tool in 2024 and beyond.

This AI writing tool buying guide will help you to select the right ai content writing software as per your requirements.

So, without any further delay. Let’s get started .

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What is AI Writing Software?

AI writing tools are software that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep machine learning to generate text that looks like written by a human.

That’s the reason, these tools are called AI Writing software.

These tools can help you to save your time and energy and produce unique, plagiarism-free & professional looking content in just a few clicks.

AI writing assistant tools can write any type of content for you like:

  • Blog posts (i.e. articles)
  • Books
  • Emails
  • Social Media Posts
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Ads copy
  • Product description
  • YouTube video scripts
  • and many more.

There are lots of benefits of using AI writing tools like it saves your time, helps you to write faster, avoid writer’s block problems and many more.

AI Writing tool Buying Guide: 13 Things to Consider Before Purchasing AI writing Assistant software

ai writing tool buying guide things you should check before purchasing

There are many things to consider before purchasing an AI writing software. 

In this section, I am going to share some tips & points which will help you to pick the best AI content writing tool for your business.

1. Technology Used Should be GPT-3

The most important thing to consider before purchasing an AI content writing software is the technology it uses to generate content.

You should look for the AI content generation tool that uses GPT-3 Technology. 


Because OpenAI’s GPT-3 has 175 billion machine learning parameters in it and it has read 10% of the internet. That’s why GPT-3 based AI tools are better than other types of AI tools.

I know that there are hundreds of GPT-3 based AI tools available in the market. So, which tool should you purchase?

I tested many tools and found that Jasper and ShortlyAI generated content quality is far better than other GPT-3 based content writing tools.

2. Ability to Write Blog Post & Long-form Content

If you are a blogger or author who wants to use an AI tool for writing blog posts or books.

Then you should check whether the AI tool that you are planning to buy is capable of writing long-form content (like book and blog posts) or not.

If a tool can only write short-form content like emails, social media posts then you should not waste your money on such types of Ai writer tools.

For writing long-form content like blog posts, books, stories, essays etc Jasper and ShortlyAI are best because these two tools come with a separate long-form Assistant tool.

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3. Quality of Generated Content

Another thing to consider is the quality of generated content. 

If you’ll enter the same input in the two different AI software, then you’ll find that the quality of output differs in each software.

The reason behind this is the algorithm they use. 

As I told you earlier every AI content writing tool uses a different algorithm. So, they generate output with different quality even if you entered the same input.

Here is a LIVE example:

I’ve entered the same input in two AI tools Jasper and CopyAI. Both use GPT-3 technology. Let’s see the quality of output.

AIDA Copy Generated by CopyAI

AIDA input in copy ai
Input to CopyAI
aida copy generated by copy ai sample 2
CopyAI generated content quality

AIDA Copy Generated by Jasper AI

AIDA input in Jasper ai i.e. Jarvis AI
Same input in Jasper AI
aida copy generated by Jasper Jarvis AI sample 2
Jasper AI generated Content Quality

As you can see, CopyAI generated the worst copy for the same input and Jasper wrote amazing content. 

So, always check the quality of generated content before purchasing an AI writing assistant software.

I tried lots of tools and found that the quality of Jasper generated content is far better than other AI content generator tools. 

Click here to claim 10,000 words of free credit of Jasper

4. No. of Templates

Another thing to consider when buying an AI writing tool is how many templates you will get with the software.

Most of the AI writing assistants only provide 10-12 templates while some tools provide up to 80 templates.

So, you should pick the AI content writing software that comes with enough templates. 

5. Supported Languages

If you want to generate content in more than one language then you must check that the writing tool supports your desired language.

There are many AI content writing tools like Jasper, Rytr that can generate content in more than 25 languages. 

So, if you aim to generate content in multiple languages then must check the supported languages list of the writing tool that you are buying.

6. SEO Mode

If you are a blogger who is looking for the perfect AI article writing tool then you should check whether the tool you are buying has any SEO integration or not.

95% of AI tools don’t come with any SEO integration features

So, if you want to write SEO optimized articles using an AI blog post writing tool then you should not purchase those AI content writing tool that doesn’t come with SEO integration feature.

If you’ll ask me to recommend an AI blog post writing tool that comes with SEO integration then I’ll recommend you to try Jasper


Because Jasper AI has Surfer SEO integration which is a very famous on-page SEO optimization tool

You can write the blog post with Jasper Ai and optimized it using Surfer SEO on the same screen as shown below.

surfer seo and Jasper ai integration
Jasper AI & Surfer SEO integration writes SEO optimized article

7. Words Credit 

Most of the AI content writing tools provides you with limited words credit per month to generate content. 

So, it’s very important to check that the tool you are going to purchase comes with sufficient words credit.

If you want to use AI writing software only to generate short-form content like social media posts, emails, product descriptions etc then 20,000 to 30,000 words of credit per month is more than enough. 

But if you are a blogger who wants to write blog posts then you should select a tool that gives you unlimited words credit like Shortly AI.

8. In-built Plagiarism Checker

One of the biggest problems faced by website owners is plagiarism. 

If you are a blogger who writes articles then you should check whether the AI tool you are going to purchase has an in-built plagiarism checker or not.

Almost all AI writing apps generate unique content but you should not blindly believe them. 

If the tool comes with an in-built plagiarism checker like Jasper then you can ensure that the produced content is 100% original and not copied from anywhere else. 

If the tool doesn’t come with an in-built plagiarism checker then also you can use that tool but in this case, you have to copy the generated content manually and paste it into a plagiarism tool to check the originality of the content. 

It’ll take a lot of time and waste your time. So, always choose an AI writing app that comes with an in-built plagiarism checker.

9. Additional Features for Faster Writing

Make sure that the tool you are going to purchase offers some additional features like plagiarism checker, grammar checker etc that will help you to write content faster.

What do I mean by faster writing? Let me explain it with a real example. 

There is a tool called Jasper AI that comes with Boss Mode command features. You can order it in normal language to write anything you want.


  • Hey Jasper, write an introduction paragraph about how to lose weight?
  • Hey Jasper, give me some blog posts ideas related to affiliate marketing
  • Hey Jasper, write AIDA for the above
  • Hey Jasper, what are the benefits of using the AI writing tool

In this way, you can order anything to Jasper in normal language. Just imagine how fast you’ll be able to write using this command feature of Jasper. 

Apart from this, Jasper has recipes for every type of content that let you create content 10x faster. Click here to read more about Jasper Recipes.

In short, purchase those Ai writing tools that come with additional features that helps you to write content faster.

10. Pricing 

If you want to buy an AI writing tool then the price is also an important factor that you should consider before buying it. 

Some AI tools offers more word credits and exact the same feature at a cheaper price. 

So, always make sure that you are comparing the same features before purchasing a tool. 

Don’t assume that a higher price means better quality.

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11. Customer Support

Quality customer support is another important factor that you should consider before buying an AI writing tool.

Sooner or later, you’ll need some guidance or help to use the tool. So, you should always purchase those AI tools that offer 24×7 support to their customers.

12. Users Rating on G2 and Capterra

You should check the rating, user feedback of the tool on G2 and Capterra because those ratings are provided by real users. 

These ratings and feedback will help you to understand the tool is useful for you or not.

If most of the users are satisfied with the tool then you can choose that tool but if most of the users are angry with some features of a tool then it’s better to avoid it.

Check the user feedbacks demo page from here

13. Real Customers Feedback

Lastly, check the real customers’ reviews and testimonials before purchasing a tool. 

You can get real customers reviews from the AI tool’s official Facebook group. 

This feedback of real customers will help you to understand how the tool is working for them. 

In my opinion, Jasper is the best Ai content writing tool available in the market. 

Join Jasper Facebook group and see what people are saying about this tool

Which is the best AI blog post writing software?

According to me, Jasper and ShortlyAI are the best AI article writing software.
Jasper comes with Surfer SEO integration but it doesn’t have unlimited words credit plan whereas ShortlyAI doesn’t have Surfer SEO integration but comes with unlimited words credit.
So, it’s up to you which one to choose depending on your requirement.

Which is the best AI writer for generating short-form content?

Rytr, CopyAI and Jasper are good for generating short-form content. Rytr and CopyAI have unlimited words credit plans at an affordable price but Jasper doesn’t have any unlimited words credit plan. But we can’t neglect this point that Jasper generated content quality is far better than Rytr and CopyAI. 

Which AI content generator tool comes with unlimited words credit?

ShortlyAI, Rytr and CopyAI come with unlimited words credit options. Remember one thing, ShortlyAI support only English languages whereas CopyAI and Rytr support multiple languages. 

Which AI tool is good for writing books?

ShortlyAI & Jasper are the best AI story generator and book writing software but I’ll suggest you purchase ShortlyAI. Why? because to write a book you need unlimited words credit plan which is only available in Shortly AI.

Does blog posts written by AI rank on Google?

Yes, absolutely. You can use any AI writing tool to write a blog post and it will rank on Google if you properly optimize your article for SEO. If you want proof then Join this Facebook group and check yourself

Which is the best AI Email writing tool?

Jasper is the best AI email writing tool. It will write a perfect email for you based on your given input. 

Which is the most affordable AI content generation tool?

Rytr is the most affordable AI writing assistant software because they have unlimited words credit plan at just $29/mo.

Can AI writing assistant tools replace human writers?

No, AI writing assistant tools can’t replace human writers. They can only help you to write faster and enhance your writing quality.

Final Words about selecting the best AI content writing software

In this article, I  mentioned 13 things that you should consider before buying an AI writing software in 2024.

I hope this AI writing tool buying guide helped you to find the best writing assistant tool for your needs. 

If you still have any confusion regarding selecting the best AI content generation tool then please feel free to ask your questions by posting a comment below. I’ll reply asap.

ai writing tool buying guide things you should check before purchasing

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