Are you dealing with a slow website speed? This would be the right time to fix that using the best WordPress caching plugin.

The WP Rocket Black Friday Sale for 2023 is here and it comes with massive discounts that you can’t overlook.

This year, WP Rocket Black Friday offer will start on 23rd November and it will be live until 1st December 2023. That’s nine days in total.

You can get up to 30% OFF on your new WP Rocket license during this offer period. Don’t miss out on it.


Want to learn more about it before you make a decision? If so, keep reading.

WP Rocket Black Friday Discount Deals At A Glance

wp rocket black friday

Before we learn more about WP Rocket and its Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts, let me summarize the deals and discounts at a glance for you:

  • WP Rocket Black Friday Offer: Get up to 30% OFF on a new WP Rocket license.
  • Coupon Code: There’s no coupon code required. Click on this link to visit the discounted page.
  • The Offer Start On: 23rd November 2023
  • The Offer Will End On: 1st December 2023

That’s a total of 9 days when this offer will be live but I wouldn’t suggest waiting for the last moment. Grab the deal as soon as you can.

Now let’s have a look at the pricing difference this WP Rocket Black Friday Deals are making:


That’s a massive discount, isn’t it? Don’t wait until it expires.

How To Activate WP Rocket Black Friday 2023 Discount?

Now let’s have a look at how you can activate or claim this amazing discount in 2023.

STEP 1: Click on this link to visit the discounted page. It will lead you to WP Rocket plans page.

wp rocket black friday landing page

STEP 2: Now choose your preferred WP Rocket license plan. Personally, I would recommend you to choose the Plus plan if have less than 3 websites, and the Infinite plan if you have more than 3 websites.

wp rocket black friday pricing plans

STEP 3: Now click on the “Buy WP Rocket” button to proceed.

STEP 4: Now choose your payment method and fill in the details required. At the moment, you can buy a WP Rocket license using Credit Cards or via PayPal. The discount will be auto-applied.

wp rocket black friday discount coupon code

STEP 5: Finally click on the “Place Order” button to complete the purchase and enjoy a faster website loading speed. After configuring it on your WordPress websites of course 🙂

About WP Rocket Black Friday Sale 2023

Now for those who have no idea what is WP Rocket or what is this Black Friday sale, let me help you with it.

Let’s begin by learning more about WP Rocket briefly.

About WP Rocket

WP Rocket is one of the best WordPress caching plugins that accelerates the page loading time, reduces server load, and saves bandwidth for your websites.

Founded in 2013 by Jonathan Buttigieg and Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier, WP Rocket grew its popularity so fast because of its simplicity and performance enhancements.

As of writing this post, over 2,363,000+ websites are optimized using the WP Rocket plugin.

Currently, it has over 238,000 happy customers using WP Rocket as the one and only WordPress caching plugin and website performance optimizer.

While there are so many cache plugins out there, WP Rocket’s “Simplicity First” approach makes it stand out compared to others.

About WP Rocket Black Friday Deals

Now that you know about WP Rocket, let’s talk about what is WP Rocket Black Friday Sale and its deals.

So each year during this period, most of the brands including WP Rocket come with massive discounts for a very limited time only.

It’s the same thing that we know as WP Rocket Black Friday Sale or you may also know it as WP Rocket Cyber Monday sale.

As both of them occurs at the same time, mostly the offer remains the same during the Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sale.

In the case of WP Rocket Black Friday this year, they are offering up to 30% OFF on all of their plans. Please note that the offer will begin on 23rd November and it will last until 1st December 2023.

So don’t wait for it to end as this happens only once a year. You’ll not get the same discount for a year if you miss this out.

Why Should You Grab WP Rocket Plugin Black Friday Deal In 2023?

One obvious reason why you should grab this WP Rocket Black Friday deal is the massive discount it is offering at the moment.

But the discount only shouldn’t be the reason to spend your money on it, should it?

So let me help you to decide if it’s the right fit for you or not by telling you about the advanced features and benefits of using WP Rocket on your WordPress website.

1. Simple & Easy To Use

I think I already talked about it a lot while introducing the WP Rocket plugin, but let me emphasize it here.

While there are so many other WordPress caching plugins available out there, WP Rocket stands out because of its simplicity and how easy it is to use.

Just install WP Rocket plugin on your website and with just a few clicks you can get the best possible performance from your website.

It’s truly amazing how simplified their settings and configurations are. There’s no technical knowledge required to understand it or use it on your website.

While its counterpart such as the W3 Total Cache plugin is extremely confusing and most of us would not even be able to use it at all.

That’s why WP Rocket wins this game by a big margin in my opinion.

2. Page Caching

While it’s pretty obvious what this cache plugin and this feature do but I would like to explain it briefly anyway for those who don’t understand it.

The page caching feature in WP Rocket allows you to cache the pages of your websites so that they can be delivered as fast as possible when a user visits your website.

It reduces the website loading time and also minimizes the use of server resources, saving you tons of money indirectly.

It’s an essential thing to have and almost all the websites on the internet use this technique to deliver the website as fast as possible when a user requests it via the browser.

Don’t worry, the dynamic parts or elements of the websites won’t be cached.

3. GZip Compression

GZip compression is one of their performance enhancement feature that allows you to compress your web pages and decompress them on the browser for visitors. Compressing the website on your server and decompressing them in the browser can help your website load more quickly.

With the GZip compression, the file size gets smaller, and that allows your visitors to see your content right away on their browser.

4. Cache Preloading

The cache preloading feature in the WP Rocket plugin allows you to preload the cache of your website as the name suggests.

Generally, a web page is only cached by a cache plugin when it is requested by a visitor for the first time.

So, if a page of your website hasn’t been visited before, it will load and render directly from the server instead of the cached version of the web page. Which results in slower website load time and higher stress on your servers.

The cache preloading feature is built in the WP Rocket cache plugin to counter that issue.

When you enable cache preloading on your website, it will automatically crawl your website and create a cached version of all your web pages without a real user requesting the website.

That means, everyone will get the fastest website loading time possible, even the first one to visit your website.

5. eCommerce Optimization

As a cache plugin works by creating static HTML files to make your websites faster, it is normal to feel skeptical while using it on an eCommerce website.

But don’t worry at all.

WP Rocket is completely eCommerce friendly and it will intelligently ignore the pages that should not be cached, such as the checkout page or the payment page.

I have tested it with WooCommerce, WP Forms, etc. personally and it works perfectly.

And in case it caches a page that shouldn’t be cached, you can always add it manually to be excluded from being cached in just a few clicks. So, basically, there’s nothing to worry about.

6. Browser Caching

The browser caching feature in WP Rocket allows you to store the frequently accessed resources of your site such as images, JavaScript, CSS, etc. in the local memory of the device via the browser.

It works both on computers and mobile phones or the devices that support the modern web browsers basically.

By using browser caching, you make your website load even faster as the browser doesn’t have to load the resources every time the user requests your website.

The logo of your website is a perfect example of this situation. It remains the same throughout your website so there’s no point in loading it again and again from the server for each page instead of just using a locally cached version of the file for all your pages.

And again you can decide what you’d like to cache locally in the browser cache and what not.

7. Minification Of The Files

WP Rocket also has the ability to minify the files on your websites built into it. File optimization is also a crucial part of making your website perform better as it reduces the total file size which results in a faster loading website.

The file optimization of modification feature does its job automatically when you enable it. It will basically minify all the static HTML files, JavaScript files, CSS files, etc.

As a result, the file sizes will be lower than normal which will help with the speed optimization of your website.

8. Excellent Compatibility

If you have ever worked on a broken WordPress site then you might know that it’s usually the cache plugins that cause the issues.

That’s why all the customer support teams ask you to clear the cache and check again or by removing the plugin itself if necessary.

Well, the good news is that WP Rocket is compatible with most of the WordPress Hosting, Plugins, WordPress Themes, etc. So you wouldn’t need to worry about a broken website that either looks awful or doesn’t work at all.

WP Rocket has an excellent compatibility record and it is the best cache plugin in that regard.

9. Developer Friendly

If you are a developer who likes to code things or tweak the themes and plugins then you would love WP Rocket too.

WP Rocket is also a developer-friendly plugin and you can tweak or customize it as per your needs and requirements.

While in most cases you would not require to modify anything at all to make it work, you also have the flexibility to do it if it is something that you need to do.

So there’s that too. Cool, isn’t it?

10. Budget-Friendly

Even though WP Rocket comes with all the bells and whistles of a cache plugin plus more, it’s extremely cheap or budget-friendly.

Especially when you are an agency or a freelancer, it seems like buying gold but at the price of silver.

It’s really affordable even with its regular price and the WP Rocket Black Friday deals make it even more affordable and special.

I wouldn’t miss this offer at any cost and you shouldn’t too. Click here to grab the deal now.

By the way, those weren’t all the features and benefits that it offers. It comes with a lot more value and features that I haven’t discussed here to keep this post short and precise.

So to learn more about it, don’t forget to visit their official website here.

To give an idea let me list some of the things that I didn’t talk about here:

  • Quick Setup (Takes Less Than 3 Minutes)
  • Sitemap Preloading Option
  • Database Optimization
  • Lazy Loading Feature
  • Google Fonts Optimization
  • Compatibility With CDNs (E.g., Cloudflare, Rocket CDN, etc.)
  • DNS Prefetch Feature
  • Mobile Device Detection (Used To Server Mobile Specific Cache And Files)
  • Multilingual Compatibility
  • and much more…

WP Rocket WordPress Plugin Black Friday 2023 Pricing Plans 


Pros & Cons of WP Rocket

Let’s have a quick summarized look at WP Rocket with its pros and cons. Starting with the pros.


  • Very Simple & Easy To Use That Even Non-Technical People Like It
  • Complete Package Of Features To Improve Your WordPress Website Loading Time Such As Database Optimization, Cache Preloading, Lazy Loading, etc.
  • 50% OFF On Renewal Of Existing Licenses Makes It Easier To Keep WP Rocket Active
  • Compatible With Most Of The Hosting, Themes, Plugins, Etc. Including WordPress Multisite.
  • Easily Integrates With Content Delivery Networks Like Cloudflare, Rocket CDN, etc.
  • WP Rocket Plugin Is Also eCommerce Friendly And It Can Be Used Without Any Worries Even On WordPress eCommerce Websites. It’s Fully Compatible With WooCommerce.
  • Includes Features That Let’s You Avoid More Plugins & Extra Added Costs
  • It Also Has A 14-Days Moneyback Guarantee So That You Can Test It Out Without Any Worries


  • No Free Version Is Available. While Other Plugins Have Limited Free Versions As Well.
  • Lifetime Plan Not Available But It’s Also Rare To See Lifetime Deals On Products Like This

FAQs Related To WPRocket Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 Discount

Now let’s have a look at some of the frequently asked questions about WP Rocket or its Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

Who Should Use WP Rocket?

For all the WordPress website owners out there, a website caching plugin is a necessity to serve the website as fast as possible without putting strain on your servers. So basically, it should be used by everyone.

The only exception would be if you are already using some other caching plugins or an in-built chasing system of your hosting provider. However, I would still recommend using WP Rocket for its simplicity and better performance compared to others.

Can I Combine It With Other Cache Plugins Such As SG Optimizer?

While it may not cause any issues on your website, it would be better to use a single cache plugin on your website instead of combining two of them.
Choose WP Rocket for your website and I guarantee you that you’ll like it.

What Are The Requirements To Use WP Rocket?

As the WP Rocket plugin is a WordPress caching plugin, you need a WordPress website to use it. Apart from that, a minimum of PHP 7 is required. It also works with any of these servers: Apache (with mod_rewrite, mod_expires, mod_deflate), NGINX, Litespeed, or Windows.

Also, please note that the “Pretty” permalinks in WordPress are required to use WP Rocket.

Does WP Rocket Offer A Free Trial?

Unfortunately not. However, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee so that you don’t have to worry about losing your money on something which is not useful to you.
Purchase and try it without any worry.

Is There A Lifetime Deal For WP Rocket?

That would be amazing, isn’t it? But unfortunately no. They don’t have any lifetime deals at the moment. However, you can consider their Infinite plan to use it on unlimited sites.

Can I Upgrade My License Later?

Of course, you can. However, it would be wise to take the benefit of this offer to purchase WP Rocket at the best price possible.

So instead of upgrading later, you might want to consider their Plus plan or the Infinite plan instead of the Single site plan.

Can I Use WP Rocket As An Agency For Clients?

Yes of course. If you are an agency or a freelancer who works for their clients, then you should buy their Infinite plan which allows you to use the WP Rocket plugin on unlimited websites.

No need to pay again and again for each website you create or install the WP Rocket plugin on them.

Is WP Rocket GDPR Compliant?

Another good thing is that it is also compliant with GDPR. So in case, your website needs to comply with their rules, there’s nothing to worry about. It is fully compliant.

What Are The WP Rocket Black Friday Deals?

The WP Rocket Cyber Monday sale or the Black Friday sale is offering up to 30% OFF on all of their WP Rocket plans.

That means you can get your WP Rocket plugin license for as low as $34.30. The deal will only last for 9 days until 1st December 2023. So hurry up!

Can I Get A Refund If I Don’t Like It?

Yes of course. They have a 14-days money-back guarantee and you can ask for a refund if you don’t like it for some reason.

Try it, test it, and then finally decide if you want to keep it or not. You have the flexibility to decide for 14-days without losing your money.

Final Words About WP Rocket Black Friday Offer 

There is no doubt or hesitation when I say that WP Rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin out there that you can use to optimize your WordPress website loading time.

Even with its regular pricing, it is a very valuable deal to get your hands on one of their licenses. And with the WP Rocket Black Friday Sale 2023, it becomes extremely valuable that no one should miss out on it. Including you!

To remind you again, the offer will begin on 23rd November and it will last for 9 days. That means it will end on 1st December 2023.

So do not wait for it to expire, and get your WP Rocket license today @ 30% OFF.

Trust me when I say this, it’s the best cache plugin out there in the market. Just go for it.

wp rocket black friday

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