Sorry! but this Black Friday deal is expired 👎. We’ll update this post when we’ll get deal details.

Are you looking for the KWFinder Black Friday 2024 deal? 

From November 14-29, you can get a huge 35% lifetime discount on KWFinder’s yearly plans.

Here are more details:

PlanRegular PriceBlack Friday PriceDiscount
Mangools Entry$29/mo$12.90/mo35% discount
Mangools Basic$49/mo$19.90/mo35% discount
Mangools Premium$69/mo$29.90/mo35% discount
Mangools Agency$129/mo$58.90/mo35% discount

This Mangools KWFinder Black Friday sale offers their biggest discount ever.

But this unbeatable KWFinder Black Friday 2024 discount will disappear soon. 

So let’s look at how you can lock in the 35% lifetime discount.

How to Grab KWFinder Black Friday 2024 Discount, Deal & Promo Code?

You can grab this amazing one time offer in a few simple steps:

STEP 1: Click on this special link to visit KWFinder Black Friday page.

kwfinder black friday page

STEP 2: After clicking on the above link, you’ll see Mangools Plans: Entry, Basic, Premium and agency.

mangools kwfinder black friday pricing

STEP 3: Now select the plan which is best for you and click on subscribe button.

STEP 4: Create a new Mangools account (or if you already have an account then login to your Mangools account)

STEP 5: Now you only need to enter your credit or debit card details to purchase this amazing one time offer.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your KWFinder account with a massive 35% discount.

KWFinder Black Friday 2024 Pricing

mangools kwfinder black friday pricing

KWFinder is offering their BIGGEST discount ever for Black Friday 2024.

You can save a whopping 35% off ALL yearly plans – and this discount will be locked in for life!

Here is a breakdown of the Black Friday 2024 pricing:

1. KWFinder Entry Plan

  • Regular Price: $29/mo
  • Black Friday Price: $12.90/mo (Save $193.20/year!)

2. KWFinder Basic Plan

  • Regular Price: $49/mo
  • Black Friday Price: $19.90/mo (Save $349.20/year!)

3. KWFinder Premium Plan

  • Regular Price: $69/mo
  • Black Friday Price: $29.90/mo (Save $469.20/year!)

4. KWFinder Agency Plan

  • Regular Price: $129/mo
  • Black Friday Price: $58.90/mo (Save $841.20/year!)

As you can see, you save between $193.20 to $841.20 per year depending on the plan you choose.

And again – this 35% discount will be locked in forever!

So if you want to score KWFinder at the lowest price possible, Black Friday 2024 is the best time to buy.

What’s Included in the Mangools KWFinder Black Friday Deal?

kwfinder by mangools logo

The KWFinder Black Friday deal gets you full access to the complete KWFinder toolkit with 3 other SEO tools access of Mangools.

KWFinder Key Features:

  • Find untapped long-tail keywords with low competition
  • Advanced filters to refine keyword data
  • Accurate search volume based on the last 48 months
  • Precise keyword difficulty scores
  • Best-in-class customer support

You also get access to Mangools’ full suite of SEO tools with Magools KWFinderBlack Friday deal.

Here are the Bonus tools details: 

  • SERPChecker: Analyze the SERPs of competitors
  • SERPWatcher: Track keyword rankings
  • LinkMiner: Uncover backlinks of sites
  • SiteProfiler: Check any site’s on-page SEO

That’s over $1,000 worth of SEO tools included for free with any KWFinder Black Friday purchase!

Whether you’re a solo blogger, agency, or enterprise brand – the KWFinder Black Friday bundle gives you everything you need for SEO success.

And with the lifetime 35% discount applied, there’s no better time than now to invest in your online growth.

How Much is the KWFinder Black Friday Discount?

kwfinder black friday page

For Black Friday 2024, KWFinder is offering their biggest discount ever – 35% off ALL yearly plans!

This means:

  • KWFinder Entry Plan – Drops from $29/mo to $12.90/mo
  • KWFinder Basic Plan – Drops from $49/mo to $19.90/mo
  • KWFinder Premium Plan – Drops from $69/mo to $29.90/mo
  • KWFinder Agency Plan – Drops from $129/mo to $58.90/mo

You save between $193.20 to $841.20 per year, depending on which plan you choose.

And the best part?

This 35% lifetime discount will be locked to your KWFinder account forever!

Every time you renew your plan, you’ll pay the special discounted Black Friday price.

So in short – you get over 1/3 off KWFinder’s already affordable pricing. And you get to enjoy this low price for life!

It’s an unbeatable deal you won’t find anywhere else.

When Does the KWFinder Black Friday Sale Start/End?

kwfinder black friday sale

The exclusive KWFinder Black Friday sale runs from November 14 to November 29, 2024.

This 16-day promotional period gives you ample opportunity to take advantage of the massive discounts.

To recap the start and end times:

  • KWFinder Black Friday Sale Starts: November 14, 2024
  • KWFinder Black Friday Sale Ends: November 29, 2024

So make sure to get your order in early during this window to lock in the 35% lifetime discount.

All special pricing disappears after November 29, 2024, at 11:59 pm ET.

Once this limited-time KWFinder Black Friday deal is gone, the prices will return to their normal rates.

So act now before you miss out on the biggest savings of the year!

Is There a Refund Policy?

Yes, KWFinder has a refund policy for all Black Friday purchases.

You have 48 hours to request a full refund if you change your mind about the purchase.

To request a refund:

  • Email info@mangools.com
  • Or reach out via KWFinder’s live chat support

A representative will process your refund quickly and without any hassle.

It means that you can shop the KWFinder Black Friday deals with full peace of mind.

Do I Need a Coupon Code?

You do NOT need a coupon or promo code to claim the KWFinder Black Friday discount.

The 35% off will be applied automatically during checkout.

Just click this special link to visit the exclusive KWFinder Black Friday deal page.

Then simply choose your desired yearly plan, enter your payment details, and complete checkout.

The massive 35% lifetime discount will be instantly subtracted from the final price when you purchase.

So there’s no need to fuss with coupon codes or vouchers.

Just use the link above before November 29, 2024, to score the lowest possible KWFinder price all year round.

It’s that easy to save 35% now and forever! No special codes are required.

About KWFinder

KWfinder is the best keyword research tool which provides Low Keyword Difficulty (KD) and easy to rank long-tail keywords within a few seconds.

You can apply an advanced filter to get more profitable keywords easily.

KWFinder is going popular day by day because it provides a more accurate result as compared to other popular keyword research tools.

Watch the above short video to know more about KWFinder

Even Brian Dean loves KWFinder. Check this screenshot.

Kwfinder is the best seo tool

Why should you purchase Mangools’s KWFinder in this Black Friday 2024 Sale?

I highly recommend you to purchase KWFinder in this Black Friday. Because It’s data is more accurate and it’s very easy to use.

Here are some amazing features of Mangools’s KWFinder tool.

  • Find hidden easy to rank long tail keywords
  • Advanced filter feature
  • More accurate data
  • Accurate keyword difficulty result
  • Search volume of last 48 months
  • Best customer support

1. Find Hidden Easy to Rank Long Tail Keywords

kwfinder keyword research

After Purchasing KWFinder, go to this tool and enter your target keyword and this tool will show you thousands of low KD (Keyword Difficulty) and easy to rank long-tail keywords.

If you properly implement the long-tail keywords suggest by this tool then you can rank your article on Google, Bing and other search engine easily.

2. Advance Filter Feature

KWFinder has advanced filter feature. With the help of the filter option, you can find more profitable keywords within a few seconds.

Options Available in the Filter option:

  • Search Volume (Min & Max)
  • Keyword Difficulty (Min & Max)
  • No. of Words (for a long-tail keyword)
  • Include Keyword
  • Exclude Keyword
  • CPC
  • PPC
  • And many more

With the help of all these options, you can find easy to rank keywords in just a single click. So, don’t miss the KWFinder Black Friday 2024 deal and save big money on this tool.

3. More Accurate Data

KWFinder’s Search Volume, KD and all other data are more accurate than other keyword research tool. That’s why I’m using KWFinder for a long time for my keyword research.

4. Accurate Keyword Difficulty Result

If you really want to get higher ranking in search result then you should always target those long-tail keywords which have low Keyword Difficulties.

kwfinder keyword difficulty metrics

KD data of many other tools are not accurate. So, I highly recommend you to check KD in KWFinder before selecting any keyword for your blog post.

5. Search Volume of Last 48 Months

The best thing about KWFinder is that it also shows the last 48 months search volume (i.e. trend of a particular keyword).

For any particular keyword, If the trend is going low then it’s not a good idea to use that keyword in your article.

So, before selecting any keyword, go to KWFinder and check the trend of that keyword.

6. Best Customer Support

If you are using KWFinder then you don’t need to worry about anything. Because their customer support team is very active and they always ready to help their customers.

Mangools’s KWFinder Black Friday 2024 Plans:

KWFinder tool by Mangools comes with 3 different plan.

  1. Mangools Basic Plan
  2. Mangools Premium Plan
  3. Mangools Agency Plan

If you just started your new blog then Mangools Basic Plan is best for you.

Here is the more details about the plans:

1. Mangools Basic Plan

If you are newbie blogger then Mangools Basic plan is perfect for you.

Here are the more details about his plan:

  • Keywords Lookups/24 hours: 100
  • Keyword Suggestions/Search: 200
  • Competitors Keywords/Search: 25
  • SERP Lookups/24 hours: 100
  • Tracked Keywords daily: 200
  • Backlink Row/24 hours: 2000
  • Site Lookups/ 24 hours: 20
  • Simultaneous login: NA

2. Mangools Premium Plan

Mangools Premium plan is perfect for those who do lots of keyword research and competitors analysis per day.

Here are some amazing features of this plan:

  • Keywords Lookups/24 hours: 500
  • Keyword Suggestions/Search: 700
  • Competitors Keywords/Search: Unlimited
  • SERP Lookups/24 hours: 500
  • Tracked Keywords daily: 700
  • Backlink Row/24 hours: 7000
  • Site Lookups/ 24 hours: 70
  • Simultaneous login: 3

3. Mangools Agency Plan

This plan is perfect for those who want to do keyword research for their clients. This plan comes with some amazing features which are missing in the above plans.

Here are some amazing features of this plan:

  • Keywords Lookups/24 hours: 1200
  • Keyword Suggestions/Search: 700
  • Competitors Keywords/Search: Unlimited
  • SERP Lookups/24 hours: 1200
  • Tracked Keywords daily: 1500
  • Backlink Row/24 hours: 15000
  • Site Lookups/ 24 hours: 150
  • Simultaneous login: 10

Is KWFinder offering any discount on this Black Friday?

Yes, they are offering a 35% lifetime discount on all yearly plans during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

Is KWFinder data is accurate?

KWFinder provides more accurate data as compared to other popular keyword research tool. That’s why I’m personally using it to find easy to rank keywords.

What is Mangools?

Did you know? KWFinder, SERPChecker and LinkMinder are the most popular tool of Mangools. They provide the best SEO tools for keyword research and Backlink Analysis.

Do you recommend me to use KWFinder? 

Yes, I highly recommend you to use KWFinder because I’m already using it for finding profitable keywords. The data of KWFinder is more accurate and it’s very easy to use.

Can I switch plans anytime if I purchase during the Black Friday promo?

Yes, with KWFinder you have the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time. If you buy a lower plan today but need more features later, you can switch tiers while still retaining the locked-in 35% lifetime discount.

What payment options does KWFinder accept?

KWFinder accepts all major debit/credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You can also pay securely via PayPal.

Is there a contract or commitment with the KWFinder Black Friday deal?

No, there is no long-term contract or annual commitment to lock you in. If you don’t like it then you can ask for a full refund within 48 hours. This allows you to test KWFinder 100% risk-free to see if it meets your SEO needs with no strings attached.

Is this Black Friday Discount for only the first year?

No, this 35% discount lasts for the life of your KWFinder subscription – it’s not only for the first year. Mangools will permanently apply the Black Friday promotional pricing to all your future renewals forever. You’ll continue saving 35% off forever as a loyal customer!

When does the sale end?

This incredible KWFinder Black Friday sale ends on November 29th, 2024 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. Make sure to take advantage of the exclusive 35% discount before then – once the deadline passes, the prices go back up to the normal rates.

Other Black Friday 2024 Deals for Bloggers

I have listed some of the best Black Friday 2024 sale special offers for you.

Final Words on the KWFinder Black Friday Deal

The KWFinder Black Friday sale is your golden chance to gain access to a complete SEO toolkit and secure a 35% lifetime discount.

With capabilities for in-depth keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and SERP monitoring, KWFinder has all the tools needed for SEO success – now at the lowest price of the year.

The countdown is on to take advantage of:

  • 35% off ALL yearly subscription plans
  • Special pricing locked in for life
  • 5 powerful mangools tools included
  • 48-hour money-back guarantee

The clock is ticking on this unmatchable Black Friday deal for KWFinder.

Click here to lock in the exclusive 35% discount before November 29, 2024!

Take advantage now and take the guesswork out of SEO forever!

kwfinder black friday sale

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