💡 How to Write a Well Researched and Good Blog Post in 9 Easy Steps in 2020

write good blog post fast

Many bloggers don’t know the correct way to write a good blog post faster.

That’s why they waste a huge amount of time on writing articles.

If you are one of them and want to write a great piece of content for both your readers and Google. Then you are in the right place.

What's the benefits of reading this article?

If you'll read this article from start to end without skipping any step then It'll help you in many ways like:

  • It’ll help you to write a great blog post in 9 easy steps.
  • You’ll learn how to write a well-researched article.
  • It’ll help you to find easy to rank keywords within 2 minutes. (My secret strategy)
  • It'll also help you to find blog post ideas very easily.
  • And many more.

So, must read this artice and see the magic.

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9 Steps Formula to Write Good Blog Post Faster

Are you ready?

Because now I'm going to share my article writing process with you.

So, Don't skip any of these steps and read this article from start to end because in every steps, I've shared some secrets strategies which can help you to write a well researched and great blog post in the fastest way.

Let's dive in!

STEP 1: Find Blog Post Idea

find blog post ideas

The very first step is to find the blog post idea. 

I know that It’s always painful to come up with an awesome blog post ideas.

That’s why I’m going to share some tips which will definitely help you to find good blog post topics within the next few minutes.

Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas:

Be ready, because now I’m going to share three simple and effective tips which I’m using to find the blog post ideas.

1) Use Quora

Quora is one of the most popular Question and Answer sites on the internet right now where millions of people visit daily to ask questions and write the answers.

It can help you to find viral blog post ideas within a few minutes.

Just go to Quora and enter any topics in the search bar. 

For Example: Suppose you want to find blog post ideas related to  “Blogging”. Then what you need to do is enter “Blogging” in the search box and press the “search” button.

use quora to find blog post ideas

Now, It’ll show you all the questions related to blogging which people are asking on Quora.

As you can see in the above image, From here you can get lots of blog post ideas for your next blog post.

2) Use AnswerThePublic
answer the public site

AnswerThePublic.com is also a good place to find questions related to your main topic.

What you need to do is just enter your main topic (For Example: “Backlinks”) in this tool and click on the "Get Questions" button.

answerthepublic questions blog post ideas

As you can see in the above image, It’ll show you a huge list of questions related to your topic which people are searching on Google.

From here, you can select the best question and turn these questions into blog posts

3) Research Your Competitors

This is one of the easiest ways to find blog post ideas. 

What you have to do is make a list of all the competitor's website.

Now go to a FREE tool like UberSuggest and enter your competitor's domain here and click on “top pages” button.


It’ll show you the most popular blog posts of your competitors which are driving traffic to their sites.

competitor analysis to find blog post ideas

Now note down these topics and create a better piece of content than your competitors. 

Tips to Come Up with an Attractive Heading

It is a very important step to select the best and attractive heading for your blog post.


Because if your heading is not attractive then you will definitely get fewer clicks on your article.

Let’s understand this by a simple example. Check the two headings which I’ve written below:

Heading 1: How to write a blog post?

Heading 2: 9 Easy Steps to write a good blog post in the Fastest Way.

Now tell me which heading is looking attractive and get more clicks.?

Obviously heading 2. right?

I hope you understood the importance of selecting a good heading for your blog post.

Here are few tips for you to come up with an attractive heading for your blog post.

#1. Use Modifiers

Modifiers are words that help to make your heading more attractive. So, I must use it in your heading to increase CTR.

Here is the list of some modifiers:

  • Best
  • Free
  • Current Year (Ex. 2019)
  • Top
  • Guide
  • Easy etc

Example: 9 Best and Free SEO Tools you should use in 2019 

#2. Add Odd Numbers in your list post.

According to research by Hubspot,  odd numbers perform well in the search results. So, if you are planning to write a list post then must use odd numbers in it.

Example: 11 best Adsense alternative for bloggers

STEP 2: Time to do Keyword Research

keyword research for writing blog post

You learned how to find blog post idea in step one. Now it’s time to do keyword research. 

Many bloggers waste a lot of time in keyword research. So, I decided to share how I do keyword research for my blog.

But First, I want to tell you what is keyword and Types of keywords.

What are keywords?

Keywords are phrases or set of words in your article that make it possible for people to find your article via search engines like Google, Bing etc.

Example: Suppose you’ve written an article about “how to increase website traffic fast in 2019?” and you want to show this article whenever anyone searches for “increase website traffic” in search engine. In this case, “increase website traffic” is your keyword.

Short Tail Keyword vs Long Tail Keyword: Which is Good for SEO?

Many newbie bloggers make this mistake that they focus on short-tail keywords. Because they don’t know what is the short tail and long-tail keywords.

So, If you are a newbie blogger then must read this.

Short Tail Keyword: Short tail keywords are those keywords which contain 3 words or less. It has a high search volume and very high competition. Example: “WordPress Hosting”

Long Tail Keyword: Long-tail keywords are those keywords which contain more than 3 words. It has low search volume and low competition. Example: “Best Affordable WordPress Hosting with FREE SSL”

Don’t focus on short-tail keyword. Always use long-tail keywords in your article because it’s easy to rank due to low competition and a very high conversion rate.

Let’s see this Short tail vs long tail keyword chart:

long tail vs short tail keywords in SEO

I hope now you understood that you should always use long-tail keywords to get good results.

Tools I Use Find Easy to Rank Long Tail Keywords:

Now I’m going to show you how I find easy to rank long-tail keyword for my blog post. 

NOTE: I mainly use Ahrefs and SEMRush for keyword research.

1. SEMRush
semrush keyword research tool

SEMRush is one of the best keyword research tools to long-tail keywords easily.

It’s “Keyword Magic Tool” has some amazing features which I’m going to share in this article.

Go to SEMRush and open “Keyword Magic Tool

Now enter your target keyword here and click on “Search button”

Suppose, I want to find keywords related to “weight loss”. 

SEMRush keyword magic tool

As you can see in the below screenshot it’s showing 4,50,000+ keywords related to weight loss.

semrush keyword magic tool results

But I want only long-tail keywords which have low KD (Keyword Difficulties). 

Now see the magic of SEMRush tool. It has an option called “Advanced Filters”. Click on this option.

As you can see in the below screenshot. “Advanced Filters” has 7 different options.

  1. Word Count
  2. Volume
  3. KD %
  4. CPC
  5. Competition
  6. SERP Features 
  7. Results in SERP

Each Option has the feature to set minimum and maximum value.

To find easy to rank long-tail keyword we are going to use only 1st, 2nd and 3rd option.

Enter these values in these options:

semrush keyword magic tool advance filter
  • Word Count: I want to find a long-tail keyword which contains 4 words or more. that ‘s why I enter 4 here.
  • Volume: I enter 100 here because I want only those keywords which have 100+ search volume.
  • KD i.e. Keyword Difficulty is a very important factor which tells you how difficult is to rank for any particular keyword. It should be as small as possible. I’ve entered 40 here.
easy to rank keywords list by semrush

As you can see in the above image, It is showing more than 350 long tail easy to rank keywords which has more than 100 search volume 

In this way, you can find easy to rank long-tail keywords which have high search volume and low KD (Keyword Difficulty)

If you want to 10x Your Website Traffic then must read our Ultimate SEMRush Guide

It'll defiantly help you to get more organic traffic. 

It's a 6,300+ words article with 50+ screenshots. 

How to Use SEMrush for FREE?

If you want to use this tool for FREE of cost. Then I can provide you with a 14-Days FREE trial of SEMRush. It’ll help you to understand this tool and collect keywords for your next blog post.

Don’t worry! You can cancel anytime within 14 days.

STEP 1: Click on this exclusive 14-Days trial link and sign up with your email address and password.

semrush free trial landing page

STEP 2: As you can see in the below screenshot that it automatically add a promo code which will give you 14-days trial of this tool. So, fill your billing details and enjoy this tool for FREE for the next 14 days.

semrush coupon code promo code for 100% discount

I’m 100% sure that you’ll love SEMrush. It’s the best keyword research tool

2. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs is also a good tool for bloggers to find easy to rank keywords within a minute.

What you need to do is go to Ahrefs.com and enter your target keyword in “Keyword Explorer”.

Let’s take the previous example and I’m going to find easy to rank long-tail keyword for “weight loss”

ahrefs keyword explorer

It’ll show you keyword difficulty, search volume etc. AVOID IT.

Scroll down and check SERP overview section. Here Ahrefs will show you the top 10 sites which are ranking in Google 1st page.

Now it’s time to steal long-tail easy to the rank keyword from these sites.

As you can see in the image below that the 1st site is ranking for 1000+ keywords.

ahrefs serp overview

Click on the no. of the keyword as shown in the image above.

Now it’ll show you all 1000+ keywords for which this site is ranking.

But our aim is to find only easy to rank long-tail keywords.


So, again apply a filter like KD < 30, search volume > 500 and No. of words >4 (i.e. long-tail keyword)

Now as you can see in the image below it’s showing lots of easy to rank long-tail keywords which have low KD and high search volume.

find easy to rank keywords using ahrefs

Similarly, you can steal the keywords of other ranking articles easily with Ahrefs.

STEP 3: Select 5-6 Best Easy to Rank Keywords

From Step two you understood how to find easy to rank keywords within 5-10 minutes.

Now you may have a question in your mind that how many keywords you can use in your article.

I suggest you select 5-6 best keywords and use it in your article.

How to use these selected keywords?

Consider each of these keywords as a topic. Now add these keywords in your subheading and write a detailed guide for these keywords by considering it as a separate article.

It’s called the topic cluster. And According to Hubspot, It helps to improve ranking.

BTW, You can also add all these keywords in the following places:

  • Add keywords in subheadings
  • Tools He Uses
  • In Image alt tag
  • You can also use these keywords in internal links (if you’ve already written an article around that keyword.)

PRO Tip: You can also use these keywords while replying to any comments on your article

STEP 4: Check Top 10 Ranking Articles

check top 10 ranking articles

I noticed that many newbie bloggers avoid this step i.e. they don’t check the top 10 ranking articles before start writing their articles.

If you are one of them then you are doing the biggest mistake of your blogging journey. 

Why to Check top 10 ranking articles?

After selecting your target keyword, must enter it in Google and check the top 10 ranking articles.

It’ll help you to understand the following things:

  • The most important benefit is that It’ll help you to understand the user search intent i.e. the reason behind the search queries. Top 10 Sites are ranking because they are providing something in their article which user really wants.
  • Check these top 10 articles and find out what is missing in this article. So that you can create a better article then these top 10 ranking articles.
  • It’ll help you to find the average word count of these articles.


Enter your target keyword in Google and check the top 10 ranking articles. 

CASE 1: If these articles are list post then there is a clear indication that Google wants to give higher ranking to a List post. So, you should also create a list post around that topic.

For Example: 21 Quick Tips to increase affiliate sales in 2019

CASE 2: And if all the ranking articles are How to guide then you should understand that Google wants to show How-to Guide for a particular keyword. So, you should create a How-to Guide for that Keyword.

For Example: How to do increase affiliate sales in 2019

STEP 5: Create Your Blog Post Layout

Many newbie bloggers just start writing their article without creating any blog post layout and it wastes their time.

Before start writing your article, you should create a blog post layout in which you’ll add your headings and subheadings. It’ll help you to create your content in the fastest way.

Before writing this article, I also created a blog post layout for this blog post. 

create a blog post layout

As you can see in the above image, I created a layout in which I’ve added all your heading and subheading. 

What're the benefits of creating a blog post Layout?

  • You don’t need to stop writing and thinking about what I should write next in the article.
  • You can write your article without any stress because after creating a layout, your task is only to fill those gaps.
  • It will save your time which can be used in the article promotions.

So, I hope you understood the benefits of creating a blog post layout. So, must build the habit of creating blog post layout before writing your article.

STEP 6: Collect & Compress Screenshots and Images.

You’ll get the main benefit of creating the blog post layout in this step.

After creating your blog post layout, you can easily understand which images or screenshots you are going to use in your article.

So, now your task is to collect all the images and screenshots which your going to use in your article.

After collecting these screenshots, must compress it.

Now you’ll definitely ask me this question:

“Sumit, Why should I compress screenshots and which tool you are using to compress your screenshots?”


Don’t Worry! I’ll tell you everything step by step.

Why Should we compress images?

You must compress images before uploading to your site because it’ll reduce the size of your images.

It means that your images will load faster i.e. it’ll improve your page speed.

And Page speed is one of the important ranking factors.

So, always compress your images before uploading to your WordPress dashboard.

Tools I use to take Screenshots

There are many tools which you can use to take screenshots. But I’m using “Ice Cream Video Recorder” to take screenshots.

It’s very easy to use and has lots of features.

How to Compress Images Without Losing Quality of Image?

There are many tools available on the internet which can help you to compress your images.

But Wait?

Many of these tools can affect the quality of your image after compressing.

So, I want to share a FREE tool which I’m using to compress my images without losing the quality if the image.

STEP 1: Go to https://imageresizer.com/compress-images and click on choose images to compress button and add your images here. 

image compressing tool

STEP 2: click on compress button and download your compressed images.

compressed images for blog post

So, must compress your images to load your site faster. Don’t forget that page speed is one of the main Google ranking factors.

STEP 7: Write Article Without Any Distraction

After collecting and compressing your images, save it in a folder on your computer.

Now your task is to write a blog post without any distraction.

Here are some tips for you to write your article without any distraction.

# TIP 1: Don’t insert images or screenshots in your article during article writing. You can add a write “Insert Screenshot here” in your article wherever you need to insert the image. 

write blog post without any distraction

And Bold this text and change its colour. It’ll help you find all the places where you need to insert images after writing your article.

# TIP 2: Don’t reread your article during writing to check grammar and spelling mistakes. Write it in one go.

# TIP 3: I highly recommend you to write your article in Google Docs to write articles without any distraction. I’m also using Google Docs to write my articles.

These tips will defiantly help you to write article without any distraction.

STEP 8: Time to Add Screenshots & Images

After writing your article, Upload screenshots and images and add it in your article. 

PRO Tips: Give your images a perfect name. It should not be like image-12.jpg. It should be like on-page-seo.jpg, best-smart-phones.jpg.

It’ll help Google to understand images of your blog.

STEP 9: Avoid Grammar Mistakes and Proofread Your Article.

Now it’s time to check and correct all the spelling and grammar mistakes.

You can use a FREE chrome extension Grammarly to correct all the grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Here are some cool tips for you:

  • Read your article aloud. It’ll help you to check its flow.
  • Keep Paragraphs very shorts to improve readability. As you can see in this article that I’ve used very short paragraphs to improve user experience.


Now do all the settings like add featured images for your blog post in WordPress Dashboard. 

Then Add Titles, Keywords, meta descriptions (i.e. blog description) in your SEO Plugin (i.e. in Yoast SEO, RankMath etc). 

Now your article is ready. You can publish it whenever you want.

FAQ About Writing a Good Blog Post

How to Improve my article writing skills?

To improve your writing skill, I highly recommend you to build a daily writing habit. And the best way to do is by answering the questions on Quora. It’ll help you in two ways. First, It’ll improve your writing skill and second, you can get some quality traffic from Quora by answering questions related to your niche.

Do you know any Content Writer who can write articles for me at an affordable price?

I can understand that you may be facing a problem to write a good article that people want to read. But Don’t Worry! Because Kulwant Nagi, who is one of the Famous PRO bloggers of India has launched highly Content Writing Service at a very affordable price. So, must check it here.

How to Write Good Blog post Heading?

Heading is the most important factor for increasing CTR in the search result. So, If your heading is not attractive then even after writing amazing piece of content, people will not click on your link.

So, here are few tips to write Catchy Blog Post Heading:

  • Add modifiers in your article like Top, Best, FREE, Step by Step, current year etc.
  • If you are writing a list post then must add an odd number. (Ex. 21 ways to do….). Because According to research, Odd numbers get more clicks than even numbers.

How often should I update my Blog Post?

Whenever you feel that your post went outdated then you can update it with the latest information to make your article more helpful for your readers. It’ll also help you to boost your ranking because Google loves to show fresh content.

How to write a Blog post introduction?

Blog post introduction is one of the most important parts of your blog post. If it’s good then it attracts readers to continue reading your blog post. 

Here are some tips to write a good blog post introduction:

  1. Create a story and add it in the first paragraph.
  2. Tell them what benefits are the benefits of reading your article.
  3. Make it short and simple.

How to write a blog post quickly?

As I told you in this blog post that you should follow these 9 steps to write a blog post in the fastest way:

  1. STEP 1: Find Blog Post Idea
  2. STEP 2: Do keyword research
  3. STEP 3: Select 5-6 best and easy to rank keywords.
  4. STEP 4: Check top 10 ranking articles.
  5. STEP 5: Create your blog post layout.
  6. STEP 6: Collect and compress screenshots and images.
  7. STEP 7: Write the article without any distraction.
  8. STEP 8: Add screenshots and images.
  9. STEP 9: Avoid Grammatical Mistakes and proofread your article.

How to write a blog post that makes money for me?

Here are the tips for you:

  • Before writing any article think that which affiliate programs I can use within this article in a natural way. Then make a list of these affiliate program and mention these products within your article where it looks natural. (i.e. use selling without selling approach)
  • Write a Product Review article 
  • You can also write a product comparison article which will help you a lot to make affiliate sales easily.

I hope you’ll use the above tips to increase your affiliate sales.

"Want to know which blogging & SEO tools I’m using to run this blog successfully. Then must check this page.

Many of these tools are FREE."

Now It’s Your Turn

I shared everything that can help you to write a good & well-researched blog post in the fastest way.

But if you still have doubts in any of these steps then please let me know via comment below.

One Request: Is this article helpful for you?

Please let me know via comment below. It’ll help me to write more blog post like this.

write good blog post faster

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  3. It is indeed a great post sumit bro. But although lot of pro bloggers are promoting Ubersuggest. I don’t find it helpful for me. Please share why Ubersuggest is a better option to research my competitors while writing a good blog post?

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    I bookmark It and shared on my social channels.

    I have a question? Recently I bought Ahref from Flikover but I think it’s not worth.
    Do you have any experience regarding Flikover tool?
    Might be I haven’t used it in the proper way.

    • Flikover is worth spending, But If you don’t like it then you can try GroupBuySeotools, But Flikover is better as per my experince. I have used nearly 3 to 4, Flikover is my choice.

  30. Hi Sumit,

    As always you have crafted a very detailed guide for beginners with all possible information at one place. It is a very detailed guide and one must go through all the steps carefully before start writing the next blog post.

    Choosing the topic and then structuring the content is the most difficult part. Personally, I follow the same way you have shared and as I said, give topmost priority in structuring the content. As if that is not done properly, you will never feel that your content is covering everything.

    Thanks a lot for educating people by writing some awesome articles in your blog. Keep sharing more brother.

    • Hi Santanu bro,

      Yes, I agree with you that structuring the content is a very crucial part. Many newbie bloggers don’t follow this step and start writing. That’s why it takes too much time and even after that, they forget to cover some important topics in their article.

      That’s why I covered it in detail with a screenshot. I hope it’ll help them to understand it properly.

      And Thanks bro for reading this article and giving feedback.

      Do you have any suggestion to make this article more helpful? Please let me know.

      Sumit Sao

  31. It is indeed a great post sumit bro. But although lot of pro bloggers are promoting Ubersuggest. I don’t find it helpful for me. Please share why Ubersuggest is a better option to research my competitors while writing a good blog post?

    • Hi Rohan,

      I’m glad you liked my article.

      UberSuggest is really a good and free tool to do keyword research and find new blog post ideas.

      There are some benefits of doing keyword research with Ubersuggest like:

      1) It helps you to find top blog pages of your competitor which are driving huge traffic to their site. So that you can create a more detailed guide around those topics.

      2) You can also find the keywords for which your competitors are ranking.

      If you have any other doubt then please let me know via comment below.



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