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Traffic Secrets Bonuses from ClickFunnels 

traffic secrets bonuses

Here are the bonuses that you are going to get from ClickFunnels when you purchase the Traffic Secrets book.

Traffic Secrets Bonus #1: Traffic Secrets Foundation (Worth $97)

traffic secrets bonus traffic secrets foundation

The first bonus you are going to get from Russell Brunson is a 60-minute presentation he did at the Funnel Hacking LIVE event in front of 4,500 entrepreneurs like you. I

In this 1-hour’ training video, he is going to teach you his FAVORITE ‘Traffic Secrets” from the book.

Traffic Secrets Bonus #2: The Ultimate Unfair Advantage (Worth $97)

traffic secrets book bonuses the ultimate unfair advantage

The next is a presentation from Dean Graziosi.

Russell found out Dean was getting about 4X as much traffic to one of his funnels as he was, so Russell talked with him to understand what he was doing differently.

Finally, Russell found that it was a small tweak that was so simple to understand. After that, Russell made the change to his traffic strategy and saw an almost instant 4X increase in traffic.

Russell asked Dean to come and speak at FHL and show everyone this secret, and this video is his full presentation!

You are going to get this full presentation video as a bonus.

Traffic Secrets Bonus #3: How to Make a Video Go Viral (Worth $97)

traffic secrets bonus how to make a video go viral

The next Traffic Secrets book bonus is Prince EA’s full video presentation where he speaks about how he makes videos go VIRAL! Did you know? He has over 3 BILLION views on his videos.

During this presentation, he breaks down the simple science of creating videos that can grow your brand and influence overnight!

Traffic Secrets Bonus #4: The Ultimate Traffic Hack (Worth $97)

traffic secrets book bonus the ultimate traffic hack by peng joon

You are also going to get access to the presentation of ClickFunnels super affiliate and top traffic expert Peng Joon.

In this “content multiplier” training he is going to show you how he created 4 months worth of content… in just 3 days!

This shortcut traffic hack will help you understand how you can fill your funnels or website with consistent traffic, in just 3 short days!

Traffic Secrets Bonus #5: Traffic Secrets Resources (Worth $39)

traffic secrets book bonuses resource

You will also get PDFs and other resources for Free which will help you get traffic to your funnel or website.

Traffic Secrets Bonus #6: Traffic Secrets 30-Day Challenge (Worth $97)

clickfunnels traffic secrets book bonus 30 days challenge

The 6th and most important bonus for you is this “30-days challenge” which will help you to implement all the strategies of the traffic secrets book.

Additional Traffic Secrets Bonuses From Me 

Here are some additional bonuses which you’ll get if you purchase the Traffic Secrets book using my affiliate link.

Traffic Secrets Bonus #1: Million Dollar Ads Swipe File (Worth $199)

traffic secrets book bonus million dollar ads swipe library

Inside this Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library, you are going to get the entire ad copy & images of 40 top internet entrepreneurs.

It means that with the help of this swipe file, you can easily study the ad copy and images of famous millionaire internet marketers and entrepreneurs like Ryan Laverque, Peng Joon, Russell Brunson, and many more.

This swipe file will help you understand which type of ad copies are working for these top entrepreneurs.

After studying these ad copies, you can also run a successful ad for your business.

Good News: I’m giving you white level rights of this swipe file. It means that you can use this as a lead magnet or you can give it a bonus like me to sell your affiliate products easily.

Traffic Secrets Book Bonus #2: CF Share Funnel Library (Worth $89)

traffic secrets bonus cf share funnel library

In this ClickFunnels Share Funnel library, you’ll get a list of 45+ million dollar share funnels.

The best thing about these share funnels is that you can use these million-dollar funnels in just a few clicks.

So, you don’t need to design your funnel from scratch.Just import these funnels in a few clicks to save time.

Good News: I’m giving you white level rights of this CF Share Funnels Library.

It means that you can use this as a lead magnet or you can give it a bonus like me to sell your affiliate products easily.

Traffic Secrets Bonus #3: Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs (Worth $39)

traffic secrets bonus ultimate list of lifetime recurring affiliate program

This Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs has a list of 130+ lifetime recurring affiliate programs.

It means that you don’t need to do any research. All these affiliate programs are divided into category wise so that you can quickly find and join the best recurring affiliate programs.

Good News: I’m giving you white level rights of this. It means that you can use this as a lead magnet or you can give it as a bonus like me to sell your affiliate products easily.

Procedure to Get All These Bonuses:

Please follow each and every step carefully so that my affiliate link can be tracked properly.

STEP 1: Clear your Browser Cookies. If you don’t know how to clear cookies then read this guide. (Important)

STEP 2: Now, open this link (i.e. my affiliate link) in an incognito window (in Chrome) or in a private window (in Firefox) so that my affiliate link will be tracked properly. (Important)

STEP 3: Please make sure that in the URL field, it’s showing my affiliate ID which is 2267076 as shown in the image below (Important)

russell brunson traffic secrets book

STEP 4: After purchasing the Traffic Secrets Book, Forward your “Traffic Secrets book” receipt email to with the subject link “I purchased Traffic Secrets Book” and I’ll send you all these bonuses within 24 hours. (Important)

To your success,

Sumit Sao

Founder of Blogging Lift

FAQ Related to Traffic Secrets Book Bonuses

What is the Traffic Secrets Book?

Traffic Secrets is a new book by Russell Brunson (cofounder of ClickFunnels). This book reveals all the major secrets which can help you to fill your website or funnel with quality traffic.

What are Traffic Secrets Book Bonuses?

You are going to get 6 bonuses from Russell Brunson (cofounder of ClickFunnels) and 3 additional bonuses from me. So grab it asap.

Is the ClickFunnels Traffic Secrets book worth it?

Yes, this book is a goldmine for anyone who wants to drive quality traffic to their website or funnel. I purchased this book and so far I have completed 3-4 chapters. So, I know that this book is worth $500+ which Russell Brunson is offering for FREE.

What is the price of the Traffic Secrets book?

The price of this book is $0+shipping. It means that this book is free for everyone. You only have to pay the small shipping charge which is $9.95 inside the US (or $19.95 Int.)


traffic secrets bonuses

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