Do you want to make your Homepage, landing pages and blog posts super attractive?

Then I would suggest you to use Thrive Architect Plugin (New version of Thrive Content Builder) is the best choice for you.

Not only me but also pro bloggers like Ankit Singla and many other are using this plugin.

you may have a question in mind that why should I invest money in this plugin?

Am I right?

So, read this Thrive Architect Review carefully to know why it is must have the plugin for every blogger.

Do you  know? Thrive architect is a WordPress Visual Editor and it is known as “WYSIWYG”

WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

Since I’m not an expert in HTML and CSS; it’s very difficult for me to get into the HTML text editor and add different tags and CSS codes; to check what I want, I have to keep switching between Preview mode and Writing Mode… just to check what I’ve done is right or not.

Without wasting your time, now I am going to start Thrive Architect Review and Tutorial.

So, be ready. Because, after reading it you’ll be the the fan of this plugin.

Let’s start it now…

Thrive Architect Review & Tutorial 2024

Thrive Architect (previously known as Thrive Content Builder) is a Visual Page Builder Plugin then lets you create grate looking conversion focus pages and blog post.

In other words, It is a true front end editor with drag and drop features.

It means whenever you add buttons, image or anything into your blog…

…then you don’t need to switch between writing mode and preview mode to see changes you have made.

That’s why it is called “WYSIWYG”.

WYSIWYG = “What You See Is  What You Get”.

See below image why it is called true front end editor.

thrive architect true front end editor

Using Thrive Architect You can:

  • Create Stylish Homepage:
  • Conversion Focus Landing Pages
  • Design your blog Posts
  • Create Sale Page
  • Create Video Landing Page
  • Create Email Confirmation Page
  • Create Lead Generation Page
  • Create Product Download Page
  • Product Review Page
  • Podcast Landing Page
  • Podcast Episode Page
  • Testimonial Page
  • Resource Page
  • and much more.

Difference Between Normal WordPress Editor & Thrive Architect Visual Editor

Let’s check what’s the difference between a normal WordPress editor and Thrive Architect Editor.

About Normal WordPress Editor:

We all are using WordPress editor. It provide only simple functionality as you can see in below image.

wordpress editor

Normal WordPress Editor with Simple Functionalities

It provides very simple functionalities.That’s why you can not build a professional website with it.

Want to know why?

Then read the facts below..

To make your blog post or page awesome, you must have plugins to add:

buttons, columns, content box, countdown timer, stylish list, click to tweet, social share button, fill counter, star rating, table of content, process bar, icons, lead generation, popup box builder, table and many more plugin.

But if we use all these plugins then it can slow down our website and require lots of space.

Also, you have to switch between writing mode and preview mode to check how it will look on your blog post or page.

To avoid such difficulties, you can use a single plugin known as thrive architect. It’s a true front end editor with lots of functionality.

About Thrive Architect (Visual Editor) Plugin:

thrive architect visual editor

To show you all the options available in this plugin. I have shared a GIF of the plugin below.

It’s really awesome..

thrive architect options

As you can see in above image that it provides a lot of functionality to make your blog post awesome.

Is it a All in One Plugin?

Yes, it’s a all in one plugin. If you are using this plugin then you can get rid of many plugins. Hence your site speed will also improve.

If you are using Thrive Architect plugin then you don’t need to use these plugins.

  • Image Compression Plugin
  • Table of Content Plugin
  • Social Share Plugin
  • Lead Generation Plugin
  • Landing Page Builder Plugin
  • Testimonial Plugin
  • Popup box builder Plugin
  • Click to Tweet Plugin
  • Stylish List Plugin
  • TablePress Plugin
  • And many similar Plugins

In Simple words, If you use this plugin then it helps you to get rid of too many plugins and save a lot of space.

Hence, improve your site performance.

Why Should You Use Thrive Architect Plugin?

Be ready. Because now I am going to tell you about features of thrive architect plugin.

After reading its features, you can understand why I highly recommend this plugin to every blogger.

Let’s dive in!

1. Provides Stylish Button Set

Buttons are not only necessary to increase your affiliate sale but also to make your website more attractive.

It provides a wide range of awesome buttons set.

Let’s have a look…

thrive architect buttons

2. Stylish Content Boxes

Content Box is the best way to stand out some part of your blog post.

Suppose you want to highlight the important content of your blog post then the content box is the best option for it.

See below content box examples.

thrive architect content boxes

3. Background Section Element

Background section is the best way to add some attractive design to your page or blog post.

You can add a video background or colorful background to your blog post or pages by using this awesome feature called as background section.

4. Click to Tweet Element

If you want to increase your social share then believe me Click to Tweet element is the best option for you.

With the help of this option, you can insert attractive “Click to Tweet” element within your blog post.

​​​​5. ​​​​Countdown Timer Element

If you seriously want to increase your affiliate sale then Countdown timer is the best way to do it.

How it can help you to increase affiliate sale?

The answer is simple, Suppose you want to inform your readers that any special offer will expire in __  days then you can add a countdown timer below the special offer link.

When you see this countdown timer then they think I should buy this product before it expires. In this way, Thrive Architect Countdown Timer can help you a lot to increase your affiliate sale.

6. Divider Element

Thrive Architect provides you 5 beautiful divider set.

You can use it separate your content. As you can see I used it before every heading to make my content separate from each other.

Also, it helps you to design your blog post like a professional blogger.

These are the Five Different types of dividers provided by Thrive Architect:

thrive architect dividers

7. Fill Counter Element

Fill Counter Element provided by Thrive Architect is very useful if you want to show numerical data within your blog post.

I have added a Fill counter below to show you how this element looks in real time.

See it below…

thrive architect fill counter

8. Process Bar Element

It is little similar to Fill counter element.

Process bar element let you show your results in a very attractive way. If you are using Thrive Architect Plugin then you can simply drag and drop this element within your blog post.

I want to show an example of this element.

Check it below…

thrive architect process bar

9. Stylish List Element

Thrive Architect provides you stylish list set which you can use to give a cool look to your blog post.

Also, you can change color, size and icons to make it more attractive. I am using it on my all blog posts and pages.

thrive architect styled list

10. Star Rating Element

When you are reviewing any service or product then this element can help you a lot to make that review more attractive.

I have also used this element in the starting of this blog post (within review box).

Star rating help your readers to easily understand what you are telling about your product review.

I have added some star ratings below….

thrive architect star rating

11. Tab Content Element

Tab Element is one of the best features of Thrive Architect Plugin.

I know you may have doubt what is tab element?

So, to help you I have added a Tab Element below to show you how a tab element looks like.

thrive architect tabbed content boxes

12. Toggle Element

Toggle element is the best way to show FAQ in your blog posts.

If you want to show questions and answer in an attractive way then toggle element of Thrive Architect is the best solution for it.

I have added a toggle element below to show you how it looks like.

13. Lead Generation Element

Are you struggling to increase your subscriber list? Then thrive architect can solve your problem.

Because it provides lead generation tools like signup form

Thrive Architect Works with almost all email marketing Services.

I have added the image below to show you which email services you can use with Thrive Architect.

14. Table Element

If you are a blogger then you can understand the importance of Table Element in your blog post.

It not only helps you to make thing easier but also it helps you to get your result higher in Google Search result.

15​​​​​. Call to Action Element

Thrive Architect Plugin provides a wide range of responsive and attractive Call to Action Boxes.

If you want to increase your affiliate sale then these elements can help you to increase your affiliate sale within little time.

These elements can help you increase your CTR and hence affiliate sale.

I have added some Call to Action boxes below which are provided by Thrive Architect.

Examples of Call to Action Element…

thrive architect cta boxes

16. Money Back Guarantee Boxes

Thrive Architect Plugin also provides a wide range of money back guarantee boxes.

If you want to sell something online which offer the money back guarantee then thrive architect help you a lot to say it in the form of an attractive way.

I have added only one Money back guarantee box below. I hope you like it.

thrive architect money-back guarantee boxes

17. Testimonial Element

As we all know that Testimonial element is the very powerful element of the blog post.

I know that Most themes that come with testimonial shortcodes or plugins offering this functionality.

…But trust me their design doesn’t come anywhere close to one provided by Thrive Architect.

In total, Thrive Architect Provides unique 2 testimonial design.

But if you want other design then you can simply design that by using this plugin.

Example of Testimonial Element…

thrive architect testimonial boxes

18. Table of Content Element

This element can help your blog readers to quickly understand what they are going to get within your blog post.

Also, they can quickly navigate to that part of your blog post which they really want to read.

So, in my view, It’s the best element to help your blog visitors.

19. Free Tool to Generate Popup Box

One of the best features of this plugin is that you can also create popup box with this plugin.

Just go to Your Admin Area >> Thrive Light Box >> Create New Light Box

and after creating popup box use it in your blog post.

20. 100+ Free Landing Page Templates

Thrive Architect provides 100+ Free Landing Page Template.

You can simply use it in your page and modify every single detail.

thrive architect landing page templates

How to Edit Blog Posts or Pages with Thrive Architect?

thrive architect review new page

It’s very easy to edit pages or Blog posts with this plugin. Follow below steps:

  • Create a New Blog Post or Page in WordPress.
  • Give it a heading and click on save draft.
  • Now Below heading, you see an  “Edit with Thrive Architect” button.
  • Click on this button and edit your content with this plugin.

Thrive Architect Pricing: One time Payment Offer

Thrive Architect follow the same pricing model to its other products.

I want to say, You have to pay one time Payment of $67 (For Single Site Licence).

If you want 3 or 5 site license then you need to pay little more money.

But if you purchase Thrive Theme Membership plan then you will get all the product of Thrive Themes including Thrive Architect for Free.

I have added Pricing of Thrive Architect below must check..

1 Site Licence ($67)

  • Install on 1 Website
  • Include All Features
  • Unlimited Free Updates
  • 1 full year of support

5 Site Licence ($97)

  • Install on 5 Website
  • Include All Features
  • Unlimited Free Updates
  • 1 full year of support

15 Site Licence ($147)

  • Install on 15 Website
  • Include All Features
  • Unlimited Free Updates
  • 1 full year of support

Final Words About Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is the best ever front end editor for WordPress.

It provides lots of amazing features like content box, pricing table, countdown timer, buttons, table, columns, click to tweet and much more.

And the best part is that you don’t need to switch between writing mode and preview mode while writing blog posts because it is a true Front end editor.

If you are looking to design your homepage, blog post and pages like professional, Why not give a try to Thrive Architect?

Believe me, you’ll love it.

I hope you liked the review of Thrive Architect Plugin.

All the best!

thrive architect review

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    But someday, I will try Thrive Architect too…

    Harpreet Kumar

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  7. Sorry, I’ve been trying to build a customized website with Thrive Architect for two weeks now and it’s just plain full of bugs! Many adjustments don’t work or they only take effect if you fool it by immediately changing another parameter. Undo’s and Redo’s don’t often work, changes in text often don’t take effect – just so many problems with this site builder.

    Maybe it all only works if you pay the full membership fee to get the templates. Because don’t expect Thrive to play well with any template you purchase. And don’t expect to make your WP installed template pages and blog look like your landing page – not possible because you can’t change headers on existing pages with Thrive – you have to make thrive landing pages look like your non-thrive template!

    Just a mess. I had really high hopes for this and maybe if I stick it out until they fix all these bugs and include some basic themes, I might be happy. For now looks like it’s back to Site Builder and YellowPencil (really good, btw).

    1. Sumit Sao says:

      Thanks Daniel for your stopping by and leaving your valuable feedback.

      I totally agree with you that there is the problem with undo and redo option.

      But, I never face any other problem with Thrive Architect.

      I want to clear one thing that either you purchase only thrive architect or full membership plan, in both cases It will work same.

      I think you are new to thrive architect that’s why you are facing some problems while using this plugin.

      So, Don’t worry Daniel. It took some time to learn all the features of Thrive Architect.

      If you still have any doubt related to this plugin then please Let me know via comment below.

      ~Sumit Sao

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