SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review 2019 [With Real Users Opinion] + 60% Discount Link

NOTE: After reading this Siteground WordPress Hosting Review you’ll forget the hosting company which you are currently using. I am not kidding. Read this review fully to understand why I am saying this.

Did you know? SiteGround is now officially recommended by Page (screenshot is given below) as they offer PHP 7 and FREE SSL Certificate.

These Hosting Companies are officially recommended by Page:-

siteground recommended by page

Few Words About This SiteGround Review


siteground wordpress hosting review



  1. REAL Customers of SiteGround Experience (Screenshots from various Social media and poll)
  2. SiteGround Each Plan Features
  3. All the Features of SiteGound (With ScreenShot) 
  4. Compare It with Bluehost and HostGator
  5. Why SiteGround is Loved by everyone?
  6. How to Install WordPress on SiteGround Hosting?
  7. Final Words on SiteGround.

In this Review, I have tried to shared all things related to siteground to understand it better.


If you decide to use SiteGround and want to use my affiliate link I will receive a small commission without costing you anything extra. It will only help me to run this blog more smoothly.Your support would help and I would genuinely appreciate it.

If you’ve read this review you also know I try to make my reviews unbiased and backed by evidence in the form of polls, tweets, and real conversations. If you don’t want to use my affiliate link then here’s a non-affiliate link to SiteGround.

Either way, I truly believe they’re the best WordPress host and your site will run faster/smoother… do your research on Google/Facebook Groups and you’ll find most people say the same which I shared in this article.

Now we are going to tell you each and everything about SiteGrund Hosting.

Note: Before writing this review, I have to go through various social media networks to find Real SiteGround users to share their experience with you.( I shared screenshots below must check.)

Also, we have collected some of the screenshot from Online Media Masters.

Ok, Let’s dive in!

SiteGround REAL Customers Review



first of all, I have shared the screenshots of People who migrated to SiteGround and posted results on Twitter…

After reading the review of real customers (shown below) of SiteGroundSiteGround, you can understand why I highly recommend it to you.

people who are migrated to siteground and shared thier result.people who are migrated to siteground and shared thier result.


Siteground is also very famous for it’s fasted support. They will solve your every problem within 10 minutes.

In case of Bluehost, Hostgator and other hosting company you have to wait for at least 24 hours to get a response.

But in case of SiteGround support average response time is within 10 minutes. It’s really unbelievable.


SiteGround support experience shared by it's customers

As you can see in above screenshots that not only me but even its users are very happy with their services. That’s why they recommend it to everyone.


I have shared Facebook poll taken by the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group below. Over 350 people voted who are knowledgeable about WordPress hosting. As expected, SiteGround was the winner of that poll. Check it below.

SitegGround is #1 in this year(2017) poll…

siteground was winner in facebook poll 2017siteground 2017 facebook poll

Siteground was #1  in last year poll too….

siteground was winner in facebook poll 2016

In 1st Screenshot which I uploaded above, you can see that many people migrate (move) their blog to siteground and they notice that they got site load time under 1 second.

If you don’t know how to migrate your blog to SiteGround. I have written about it in “Feature no. 6” below.

SiteGround 60% Discount Link

Plans of SiteGround Hosting

siteground plans and featuressiteground plans and features

Everybody love SiteGround due to their plans because they provide you awesome services at an affordable price.

SiteGround Provides you 3 Plans:

  1. StartUp
  2. GrowBig
  3. GoGeek

STARTUP PLAN ($3.95/month)

Startup plan is best for you if you have just launched your new blog or your website traffic is less than 10,000 per month.


  • 1 Website
  • 10GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly


  • FREE Site Transfer
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free App Installs
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • FREE Daily Backup

  • FREE SSL and HTTP/2
  • cPanel and SSH
  • FREE Website  Builder
  • SSD Storage

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Daily Backup
  • FREE CloudFlare CDN
  • Unlimited DB

StartUp Plan 60% Discount Link

GROW BIG PLAN ($5.95/month)


  • Multiple Website
  • 20GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~ 25,000 Visits Monthly


  • FREE Site Transfer
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free App Installs
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • FREE Daily Backup

  • FREE SSL and HTTP/2
  • cPanel and SSH
  • FREE Website  Builder
  • SSD Storage

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Daily Backup
  • FREE CloudFlare CDN
  • Unlimited DB


  • Priority Technical Support
  • 1 Year FREE Wildcard SSL

  • Supercacher Plugin for Great Speed

  • 30 Backup Copies Available

GrowBig Plan 60% Discount Link


GOGEEK PLAN ($11.95)


  • Multiple Website
  • 30GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly



  • FREE Site Transfer
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free App Installs
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • FREE Daily Backup

  • FREE SSL and HTTP/2
  • cPanel and SSH
  • FREE Website  Builder
  • SSD Storage

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Daily Backup
  • FREE CloudFlare CDN
  • Unlimited DB


  • Priority Technical Support
  • 1 Year FREE Wildcard SSL

  • Supercacher Plugin for Great Speed

  • 30 Backup Copies Available


  • More Powerful Per User

  • Geeky E-commerce

  • 1 Click Staging For WordPress and Joomla

GoGeek Plan 60% Discount Link


Features of SiteGround Hosting



Siteground is only hosting company which is listed in 3 best hosting pages :

WordPress Page….

Siteground recommended by officail pageSiteground recommended by officail page

Joomla Page….

siteground officially recommended by Joomla Page

Drupal Page……

siteground recommended by official Joomla page


Nowadays every newbie blogger uses SiteGround and other bloggers who use different hosting company are switching to SiteGround Hosting because of their Speed Technology.

In simple words, the Speed technology of the SiteGround is the biggest reason due to which people choose them.

They use a powerful combination of Solid States Drives (SSDs), NGINX servers, PHP7, 1-click CloudFlare CDN, and HTTP/2 servers.

In addition, they provide you Supercacher and SG Optimizer plugin to further improve your site load time.

speed technology used by siteground to improve site speedspeed technology used by siteground to improve site speed



As you can see in below screenshot SiteGround always use latest PHP version to improve your site performance and load time.

They always use latest PHP version. As a result performance of the SiteGround hosted website is fastest.

php version use by various hosting companies comparision

The best thing is that SiteGround has a plugin called SG Optimizer plugin which checks for new versions of PHP, compatibility with themes/plugins, and updates your blog to the newest version. Therefore you never need to worry about your website speed.

Did you know? most people don’t upgrade PHP version as it usually requires manual steps – which their plugin does for you.php version use by various hosting companies comparision


Lightning fast support makes SiteGround different from other hosting company.

I already show you real user experience with SiteGround Support at the beginning of this article.

Still, I want to show you another screenshot of SiteGround support.

siteground support response time


If you are using another hosting service and want to move your blog to SiteGround Hosting then you will glad to know that you don’t need to do anything they will shift your blog personally for FREE of Cost.


I am going to show your step by step tutorial on how to shift blog to SiteGround.

STEP 1: Buy SiteGround Hosting (use this 60% discount link) and in domain name field fill your current domain name (don’t worry, it won’t mess things up if you’re using the domain elsewhere, this only identifies your account for now)

STEP 2:siteground free migration service As soon as you log in to your SiteGround dashboard for the first time, you will see a screen as shown below, and you can add your request to migrate your site for free. The migration would take about 5 hours to finish, and your job is to change the domain name-server.

siteground free migration service

6. UPTIME 99.99%

Did you know? Siteground has best uptime technology.  They provide you 99.99% Uptime. I have shared a screenshot below which shows that SiteGround has 100% Uptime. I use uptime robot to show you this result.

siteground hosting has 100% Uptime


As we all know that it’s very important to keep your WordPress blog up to date with the latest update. In this case, Siteground can decrease your word burden with their free automatic WordPress update service.

If you are using SiteGround then You don’t need to check for WordPress update. They will update your WordPress blog to latest version whenever a new version will available.


Did you know? every day thousands of WordPress blog hacked daily due to the poor security provided by their hosting provider company. Siteground provides security to your WordPress blog. Therefore, you should never worry about your WordPress blog security. it’s their responsibility to protect your site.

But if you are using Siteground hosting then you don’t need to worry about anything because SiteGround provides the best security to WordPress blog. That’s the major reason why many people shift their blog to SiteGround.

See below screenshot to understand the securities provided by SiteGround.

siteground wordpress securitysiteground wordpress security

siteground wordpress security


This is one of the best features which is only provided by SiteGround hosting.

when you signup for SiteGround then your can select 1of 5 data center which is nearest to your visitors. These data centers are Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan, or Singapore.

This option will help you to improve your blog performance and reduce the page load time.

NOTE: This was quite the problem with Bluehost when they experienced a network outage which caused tons of outages on their shared, VPS, and dedicated plans. But thanks to SiteGround because they provide such a cool options to their users.siteground data centerssiteground data centers


Everbody now that if you want your content rank higher in google search result then your site should load faster.

With SiteGround there is an advantage that if you use SiteGround then your page average load time is approximately 1.3 seconds.

So, that it increases that chance that all of your blog posts may appear on 1st page of google.

siteground page load time


  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL: Siteground provides FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL to all plans. It means you will get this feature free with every plan available in siteground.
  • Shopping Carts: You will glad to know that SiteGround supports all major shopping carts. So, it can help you to sell your products online.
  • Wildcard SSL: GrowBig and GoGeek include a wildcard SSL for 1 year which secures your site and its subdomains.
  • PCI Compliance: Only GoGeek Plan includes PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) which prevents credit card fraud by unifying payments using 12 requirements.


Don’t Worry, If you’re not currently hosted with SiteGround and want to see a cPanel demo, this will help you understand the different options once you purchase a SiteGround plan.

You will find here many features Like:

  • CloudFlare CDN,
  • auto updates,
  • auto installers,
  • staging,
  • backups,
  • email,
  • WordPress tools
  • SuperCacher plugin
  • and lots of other features.

siteground cpanel demo reviewsiteground cpanel demo review

There are lots of more features which I not listed above. I only mentioned basic and important features of SiteGround.


SiteGround vs Bluehost vs HostGator

Many people confuse between SiteGround, Bluehost and HostGator. Are you also want to know which is the best hosting company. So, I decided to compare these three.

  • HOSTGATOR: “A BIG NO”. I said no because I have read many real users review who was using Hostgator and quit using it because they had faced downtimes and service are not good. If you don’t believe me go to any social media and find or ask users about their experience with HostGator.
  • BLUEHOST: It is GOOD because they provide good services and it is the 2nd best option. Bluehost say that they provide unlimited space but believe me no one provides unlimited space.
  • SITEGROUND: Siteground is the BEST hosting company in the world. The main reason for its popularity is they provide lot’s of features like FREE CDN, FREE SSL, FREE Plugin to speed up your blog, FREE migration service, FASTERST Support and much more. (No other company can beat siteground)

I have also shared screenshots o the Facebook poll result and twitter real users experience at the start of this article to show you it is the best hosting company.

SiteGround 60% Discount Link 

Why SiteGround is Loved by Everyone?

Did you ever think? why Probloggers and also it’s users recommend SiteGround? If you don’t know then read below points that make siteground different from other hosting companies:

  • FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Fastest Speed
  • FREE Migration Service
  • Protect Your Site From hackers
  • FREE Supercacher Plugin

  • FREE Daily Backup
  • Fastest Support
  • Automatic WordPress Update
  • Uses PHP 7
  • FREE SG Optimizer Plugin

  • FREE CloudFlare CDN
  • 5 Data Center
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Recommended by Pro Bloggers

SiteGround 60% Discount Link

How to Install WordPress on SiteGround? -[Video Tutorial]

I have shared 3 Minute Video Below to show to how to install WordPress on SiteGround Hosting. So, must check this Step by Step tutorial.


Final Words on SiteGround Hosting Review

In this aricle , I have tried to cover each and every thing to help you.

Believe me, SiteGround is the best hosting company which provides your lots of features with affordable price. Also, it provides highest speed and security to your blog.

Also, I proved you above that SiteGround is the best hosting company in the world. I have compared SiteGround with Bluehost and Hostgator and show you why SiteGround is Better than Bluehost and HostGator?

At Start, I have shown you Screenshots of real SiteGround users experience from twitter. You may have noticed that they are very happy with siteground for their speed and services. That’s why they recommend it to everyone.

Therefore not only me but also its customers and even pro bloggers recommend everyone to use siteground.

SiteGround 60% Discount Link


If you have any doubt related to SiteGround then Please let me know via comment below. I am super quick in responding.

Please Also tell me:

  1. Is this article helpful for you?
  2. Which is the best hosting company according to you?

I hope you like this detailed SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review.


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