ShortlyAI Free Trial 2021: Get Your Free Account

Are you looking for ShortlyAI Free Trial 2021?

If yes then you are in the right place. Why? 

Because in this article, I’m going to share a special link to Shortly AI Free Trial which will help you try ShortlyAI for free.

This free trial of ShortlyAI will help you to decide that this content writing & copywriting tool is right for you or not.

ShortlyAI is a famous GPT-3 based AI Copywriting and content writing tool that helps you to write better quality & original content easily and effortlessly.

When your Shortly AI trial ends then it’ll take you to the pricing page where you can select the plan and purchase it if you want to continue using this AI tool.

😮 NOTE From the Author:

I’m personally using both ShortlyAI and Jarvis AI. After lots of testing, I found that output of Jarvis is better than ShortlyAI.

I’ll highly recommend you to Activate the Free Trial of Jarvis AI Boss Mode. You’ll be fan of this tool like me.

Boss mode of Jarvis AI let you become the Boss of Jarvis. You can order anything to Jarvis like a boss.


  • Hey Jarvis, Give me some blog post ideas related to…
  • Hey Jarvis, Write blog post introduction about…
  • Hey Jarvis, Write an email for…

So, I’ll highly recommend you try Jarvis AI Boss Mode for FREE. You’ll love this tool.

Affiliate Disclosure (Please read it):

The Free trial links of ShortlyAI available in this article are my affiliate link. If you’ll use that link to activate the free trial and suppose you purchase ShortlyAI after the free trial period then I’ll get a small commission without costing you anything extra. It’ll only help me to run this blog successfully and provide helpful content for Free. Thanks in advance if you are going to use my affiliate link for activating the free trial of ShortlyAI❤️❤️❤️

How to Avail ShortlyAI Free Trial?

Follow this step by step guide to activate the free trial of ShortlyAI. Don’t worry, It’ll NOT ask you for your credit card details.

STEP 1: Click on this special link. It’ll take you to the ShortlyAI trial page.

STEP 2: When you’ll click on the above link then It’ll land you on this page where it’ll ask you your email address.

Just enter your email address and click on the “Try It Now” button.

STEP 3: Now, it’ll ask you some additional details (like your first name, last name, password) for creating your Shortly AI free account.

STEP 4: It’ll show you some tutorials check it and click on the “next” button.

STEP 5: After that, it’ll ask you that what do you want to write. If you want to write articles then Click on the “Write an Article” button or if you want to write a story then Click on the “Write a Story” button.

STEP 6: Finally, It’ll open a blank document of shortly AI where you can test this awesome tool.

STEP 7: Enter Article Brief, Title and Starting line of your paragraph.

STEP 8: Now, Click on the “Write For Me” button and AI will be start writing your article.

STEP 9: Here is the demo of article written by ShortlyAI.

Congratulations, You’ve successfully activated your free trial of Shortly AI with some Free credits.

ShortlyAI Free Trial Details 

ShortlyAI is one of the best GPT-3 based AI copywriting and content writing tool. It helps you to write better quality & original content in less time.

Here are some details related to ShortlyAI Trial:

FREE Trial ofShortlyAI
Use For Copywriting and Content Writing
Good ForBloggers, Content Writers, Digital Marketers, YouTubers & Copywriters
Free TrialAvailable
Free Trial LinkClick here to activate
Credit Card DetailsNot Required

Note: ShortlyAI is recently acquired by Jarvis AI. The Jarvis AI team is going to add some features of ShortlyAI in their long-form assistant.

5 Reasons to Grab the Shortly AI Trial 2021

ShortlyAI is one of the best AI content writing tools. Here are some amazing things you can do with the ShortlyAI.

1. Write Articles

Are you a blogger and want to write more articles? but you don’t have the time to write the article yourself.

Imagine having an AI tool that helps you create original content effortlessly and save your time.

Yes, you are thinking right. It’s ShortlyAI. It can even write articles for you.

So, If you want to save hours of your time on writing articles, let Shortly AI write it for you. It can easily produce at least 3x more articles than a human writer. 

Click here to try ShortlyAI for free and write the article yourself.

2. Command Based Approach to Write Anything You Want

The thing I like the most about is that it allows you to use some commands inside your document to generate anything you want.

If you’ll use the “Instruct” command then ShortlyAI will work the same as Google Assistant. Ask it to generate anything and it’ll follow your instruction.

Commands Available in ShortlyAI:

  • /Instruct[Your Text Here]
  • /Rewrite[Your Text Here]
  • /Expand[Your Text Here]
  • /Shorten[Your Text Here]

3. Write Sales Copy using Copywriting Frameworks

Want to write sale copy or ads copy that converts?

If yes then you’ll be glad to know that you can write any kind of copy using ShortlyAI’s “Instruct” command

You can generate any type of copywriting framework like:

  • AIDA
  • PAS
  • Before-After-Bridge
  • and many more.

4. Write YouTube Video Script

Are You tired of spending hours coming up with a YouTube video script but still doesn’t work for you?

Imagine getting your most creative ideas out of your head and onto the page, fast. ShortlyAI takes the process of creating a video script from hours to 5-6 minutes. All you need to do is use instruct command to tell ShortlyAI to write a video script for you.

Example: /instruct[Write a video script for “how to lose weight”]

5. Write Entire Book using ShortlyAI

You can use ShortlyAI to write an entire book. For this, you have to create a new document. When you click on the “New Document”, it’ll ask you what you want to write an article or story.

Just click on the “Write a Story” button and enter your story brief in the left sidebar and then you can click on the “write for me” button.

In this way, you can use ShortlyAI to write an entire book.

6. Things You Can Write With the “Instruct” Command

You can write anything you want with the help of the ShortlyAI “Instruct” command.

It can write the following things for you:

  • AIDA copy
  • PAS copy
  • Before-After-Bridge copy
  • Sales or Ads copy using any copywriting framework
  • Blog post outline
  • Blog post introduction paragraph
  • Blog post conclusion paragraph
  • YouTube video hook and introduction
  • YouTube video script
  • Article brief
  • Explain anything (Ex. explain why….)
  • Write Features & Benefits
  • Headlines
  • Letters
  • Emails
  • Marketing copy
  • Persuasive bullets points
  • Poem
  • Story & books
  • Product description
  • Question ideas
  • Topic Ideas for Blog & YouTube Channel
  • and anything you want

ShortlyAI Pricing 2021: Which Plan is Good For You

ShortlyAI comes with two pricing plan; Monthly & Yearly. If you want to save some money then I’ll highly recommend you to purchase the yearly plan.

1. ShortlyAI Monthly Plan

Shortly AI monthly plan will cost you $79 per month for Unlimited word credit

Previously, the price of the monthly plan was $39 per month but they recently increased the price. 

So, if you are planning to purchase this tool then It’s the right time because they may again increase the price.

2. ShortlyAI Yearly Plan

Shortly AI writing assistant yearly plan will cost you $65 per month for unlimited word credit. it’s equal to two months of free access to Shortly AI on your yearly subscription.

So, if you want to save money then must grab ShortlyAI yearly subscription.

NOTE: if you can invest $20 extra then I’ll highly recommend you use Jarvis AI. It has some more functionalities and lots of templates. Here is a special link to try for free. So, active it and try it yourself. You’ll love this tool.

In my opinion, both Jarvis AI and Shortly AI are good GPT-3 based AI writing tool but I like most because it’s output are little better than ShortlyAI.

How to Cancel Your ShortlyAI Trial?

Shortly AI never ask you about the credit card details for activating the free trial. So, you don’t need to worry about cancelling your ShortlyAI trial. 

What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is a GPT-3 based AI writing assistant tool that helps you in copywriting and content writing. It can write amazing sales copy, blog posts, emails etc in just a few clicks.

Is content generated by ShortlyAI plagiarism free?

Yes, Content generated by Shortly AI is plagiarism-free. It writes an original copy for you. So, you don’t need to worry about quality and plagiarism.

Can ShortlyAI write Books for me?

Yes, I can write books for you. You just have to create a new document and select the “write a story” option to write your first story or book.

Can Article Written by ShortlyAI Rank on Google?

Yes, articles written by Shortly AI can rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and search engines. This article is also written by ShortlyAI and its ranking on Google.

Is there any Shortly AI Coupon or Discount available?

No, Shortly Ai doesn’t offer discount or any coupon. However, If you want then you can try this tool for absolutely free for the next 3-days using our special link.

What is the pricing of Shortly AI?

It comes with two pricing plans. The monthly plan will cost you $79 per month for unlimited words credit and the yearly plan will cost you $65 per month for unlimited words credit.

Is ShortlyAI worth it?

In my opinion, ShortlyAI is worth the money. Before ShortlyAI, It took me more than 2 days to write 3,000 words an article. But now with ShortlyAI, I can easily write it in just 3-4 hours. vs vs ShortlyAI: Which is the best?

Jarvis is better than CopyAI and ShortlyAI. I’ve compared Jarvis AI with CopyAI. You can read it from here.

Final Words About ShortlyAI Free Trial 

If you are interested in using an AI writing assistant tool then I would highly recommend you to try ShortlyAI. It can write amazing content, can generate any type of copywriting framework and even create a book for you. You don’t need to worry about quality or plagiarism because it writes unique content for you.

They offer a free trial so that you can check out how good this is before purchasing it.

Here is a special Free Trial link that will help you to try Shortly AI Without giving your credit card details.

ShortlyAI free trial

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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