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TL;DR: Our Verdict on Searchie io

Overall, is a top-notch, user-friendly platform for online course & membership site creation.

Packed with innovative features, it facilitates quick course setup and sales, all starting at an affordable price of $29/mo.

Unlike competitors like Teachable, Searchie offers a 7-day free trial without credit card needs and boasts a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a recommendable choice for course creators.

👍 What I Like About Searchie

  • Affordable starting price at $29/mo.
  • Robust features like media automation, multiple translations, and analytics.
  • 7-day free trial without needing credit card details.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Intuitive platform ideal for course and membership site creation.
  • Editable transcripts provide added value for content.
  • Seamless embeddable media player.
  • No hidden transaction fees.
  • Unlimited capabilities with the Business plan.

👎 What I Don’t Like About Searchie

  • Might have a learning curve for beginners.
  • Premium support available only in higher-tier plans.

no credit card required

Are you looking for Searchie Review 2024?

If yes then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I will take a look at the features, pros, cons, and case studies for this popular course and membership site builder.

Searchie is amazing for both beginners and professionals who want to earn money from their knowledge by creating courses.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

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Searchie Review and Basic Info

searchie review
PricingStarts from $29/mo
Use forvideo hosting and building course or membership site
Good forCoaches, Trainers, Teachers, Digital marketers
Free TrialAvailable (Click here to activate)
Money-back Guarantee30-days
DiscountAvailable in yearly plan (Click here to claim)

Searchie io Pros and Cons

Let’s see what are the pros and cons of Searchie IO.

Searchie io Pros

  • Ad-free video hosting
  • It helps you to create professional-looking courses and membership sites
  • Unlimited video recording through the Searchie Chrome extension.
  • It’s the first video search engine.
  • Automatically upload videos from Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, Google Drive, and 100+ more platforms.
  • Automatically generates transcription for your video that is editable and downloadable. 
  • Download audio from your video files in just one click
  • Track user activity
  • Works seamlessly in mobile, desktop, and all other devices. 
  • 0% transaction fee.

Searchie io Cons

  • You can remove Searchie branding only in the Business plan.
  • It has lots of features. So, it’ll take you some time to get familiar with them.
  • Free plan is not available.

What is Searchie IO?

searchie hubs to create course membership site

Searchie io is a famous course and membership site builder. It’s the easiest way to create and sell online courses. 

With unlimited ad-free video hosting, you can add digital media directly from your computer or import from different external sources like Facebook, Zoom, Google Drive, and many more places.

The thing that makes from other course-creating platforms is that it’s also a video search engine platform. 

It means that your students can search anything in your Searchie membership site and Searchie will show them all the videos with the exact time where you mentioned that keyword.

This feature will let your audience find exactly what they’re looking for as their search is narrowed down by words spoken inside of your audio and video.

Apart from this, Searchie automatically creates downloadable transcripts of your video. So, if your readers don’t want to watch the video and want to read it as an article then they can download it and read it.

Also, if they want to listen to your video content as a podcast then they can download the audio file of your video in just one click and listen to it whenever they want. 

These are some amazing features that are not available in other course creating and membership site-building platforms like Podia, Teachable, Kajabi, etc.

LIVE DEMO: How to use Searchie io?

create course membership site with searchie io

STEP 1: Get Your Free Searchie Account

Click on this special link. It’ll take you to a special Searchie Page from where you can get a 7-days free trial of Searchie without giving your credit card details.

OR if you want to purchase any plan then get a discount on Searchie yearly plan from here

STEP 2: Upload Your Content 

The very first step is to add your audio and video content to your Searchie io account. 

There are two methods to add audio and video content to your account. 

Either you need to upload videos manually or you can connect external sources like Google Drive, Vimeo, Zoom, Facebook, etc so that it can automatically upload videos in your account. 

You can rename these media files anytime and group them in playlists.

STEP 3: Design A Hub for Your Course or Membership Site

The next thing you need to do is create a hub in Searchie for your course or membership site. 

You can either use any of the predesigned templates or design your own from scratch. 

Since there are templates available in Searchie to create your hub, I recommend you select a template that matches your course content and branding.

Don’t worry, you can easily customize the color, text, design of your course sale page, signup page, login page, and main course dashboard with Searchie drag and drop editor. 

STEP 4: Sell Your Course 

Once you have uploaded your content and customized the look of your hub then it’s time to sell your courses or membership site. 

In this way, you can sell courses with Searchie and receive payments from your students. 

Why Should You Use

benefits of using searchie io features

Now, I’m going to talk about some of the real benefits and reasons behind using Searchie. 

1. No Coding Skill Needed

Well, if you’re looking to create an online course and membership site then most of the platforms need you to have some coding skills.

But, when you use Searchie then you don’t need any coding skills.

It allows you to easily create course and membership sites with its drag and drop editor.

You can easily add text, video, and other media content to your courses and membership site with the help of its drag and drop editor. 

2. No Design Skill Needed

If you’re a raw beginner in creating an online course or membership site then it’s better to use Searchie.

It offers you ready-to-use templates to create your online courses and membership site in just a few minutes. It’s a really easy to use and beginner-friendly platform. 

You don’t need any designing skills to customize the look of your online courses and membership site.

Why? because It allows you to customize the templates as per your requirements, you can change the logo, color, text size, background color, and everything in just a few clicks. It will save you a lot of time.

Click here to try Searchie for Free

3. Drag and Drop Membership site builder

One of the best features of Searchie is that it’s a drag and drop membership site builder which allows you to easily customize your course, login page, sale page, main dashboard, signup page, and more with its drag and drop editor.

So, If you are looking to create a course or membership site for your business and organization then you should use Searchie because it’s a very easy to use and beginner-friendly platform.

4. Supports Multiple Platform Video upload

searchie supports video upload from multiple platforms

You need to upload videos but having to do it one by one is time-consuming. 

Also, if you have saved videos in multiple places like Vimeo, zoom, Google drive, etc then it is painful to upload all of them one by one. 

But if you are using Searchie then you don’t need to worry about it. Why? because Searchie supports multiple platform video upload and if you want then you can enable the automatic upload feature.

You can automatically upload video and audio files in your Searchie account from many platforms like:

  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • Facebook LIVE
  • Zoom
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive 
  • Podcast
  • and hundreds more via Zapier

5. Ad-free audio and video hosting

This is another important benefit of Searchie.

If you are using other course and membership platforms like Teachable, Kajabi, etc then you need to pay for a video hosting platform like Vimeo where you host your videos.

But if you are using then you don’t need to pay for video hosting because it already comes with free ad-free audio and video hosting for your courses and membership site.

You can host unlimited video and audio content in your Searchie account without paying anything.

Get your Searchie free account and test this features yourself.

6. Record Videos with Searchie Chrome Extension

If you are using Searchie then you don’t need another software to record videos for your course. You can easily record videos in your Searchie account using the Searchie chrome extension.

You can easily record videos with the help of extension and post your videos in your courses and membership site in a few clicks.

7. Automatic Transcription

If you are creating an online course or membership site then it’s very important to provide transcripts for your videos. 

But doing it manually is time-consuming. 

But if you use Searchie then you don’t need to worry about it because Searchie supports automatic transcription and captions in 27 transcription languages.

It means you can easily provide transcripts for your videos with the help of Searchie. These transactions are editable and downloadable. 

8. First Video Audio Search Engine is the first video search engine that allows your audience to find videos from any search term or keyword in seconds.

If your students will search any keyword in your membership site then it’ll show them all the videos with the exact timestamp where you mentioned that keyword.

This feature will let your student find exactly what they’re looking for. This is a unique feature that is not available in other course building platforms. 

9. Download audio files from your videos

If your course student wants to download the audio file from your video to listen to it as a podcast then you don’t need to worry about it.

Searchie allows them to download the audio file from your videos. This makes their learning process more comfortable and easier.

10. Mobile Responsive

More and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet. If your courses aren’t responsive, you’re missing out on a lot of potential learners. 

Not having a mobile-responsive course can be costly. You could be losing out on potential sales and students if your courses don’t display correctly on mobile devices.

Don’t worry, Searchie is the solution to all of your responsive course needs. With Searchie, you can create beautiful, mobile-responsive courses that look great no matter what device they’re viewed on.

11. Receive Payments Easily

It can be difficult to find a platform that allows you to easily receive payments from your course students. 

Platforms like Udemy and Passion io make it easy for you to sell your courses, but they take a large chunk of the profits. 

Searchie is the perfect solution for you if you want to keep more of the profits from your courses. It allows you to use PayPal, Stripe, etc to accept payments, so you don’t have to worry about payment gateways.

12. Track Uses Activity

track user activity searchie io analytics

It’s hard to know what content is most popular with your audience and how they are consuming it. 

Without this data, you’re flying blind when it comes to creating new content. You might be guessing what your audience wants and producing material that no one is interested in.

Searchie solves this problem by tracking user activity so you always know what is popular and engaging with your audience. Use this data to produce more of the material that people are already consuming and less of the stuff that no one cares about.

13. Drip Content (Coming Soon)

You’ve created an amazing course, but you’re not sure how to make sure your students watch all the videos. 

It’s frustrating when you spend so much time creating content and only a fraction of your students end up watching it.

Searchie’s drip content feature is the perfect solution for ensuring that your students watch every video of your course. Our easy-to-use tool allows you to lock your videos and unlock them based on your term like unlock one video every day or unlock one video after every two days.

Who is Perfect Fit for?

Searchie io is a good course-creating platform for those who want to launch the course, coaching, or training program to make money.

1. Coaches

If you want to launch your coaching program or train students online then Searchie is a good platform for you. It’s super easy to use and can help you build your course in 1-2 hours.

You can create beautiful courses easily using the drag and drop feature in Searchie. It is the best tool for building courses, a membership site, and the best platform to host your video and audio content. 

When you build courses in Searchie then you don’t need to pay for video hosting. You can even record videos easily with the help of the Searchie Chrome extension.

2. Trainers

If you are a trainer or a facilitator and want to create a training program then Searchie will be your best choice. You can easily launch your courses or training program using this platform.

3. Teachers or Tutors

Searchie is a great platform for teachers. It’s easy to use, beautiful and effective. This tool is great for teachers who want to create online courses and online training programs for their students. The best thing about Searchie is that when you build courses in Searchie then you don’t need to pay for video hosting.

4. Anyone who wants to launch Course

If you are someone in business, who wants to build a course or membership site and make money then Searchie is the perfect fit for you. It’s easy to use and can help you build beautiful courses or membership sites in a few clicks.

NOTE: If you want to know how to use Searchie IO then watch this video.

Searchie io Customer Support

searchie io customer support

Searchie IO customer support is very helpful. If you are facing a problem in creating your course or getting any problem in your account then you can contact the Searchie support team they will solve your all problems.

Any Searchie user can contact their customer support team via the following options:

  • Live chat on the site 
  • Email 
  • Facebook Group

Searchie io Pricing Plans

searchie io pricing plans cost

Searchie io has 3 pricing plans: The Basic plan ($29/mo), Pro plan ($99/mo), and the Business plan ($199/mo).

1. Basic Plan Features

The Basic plan costs only $29 per month. This plan is perfect for anyone who wants to build just one course or membership hub. T

his plan includes 5 hours of upload time, unlimited screen recording, an embeddable media player, an editable transcript, and 1 widget.

2. Pro Plan Features

The Pro plan costs only $99/mo. This plan is perfect for those who want to grow their online business. 

It includes 15 hours of upload time per month, 1 hub, 3 widgets, media automation, and multiple translation languages. 

It also comes with analytics which is helpful when it comes to learning from your content creation efforts so you can improve them in the future!

3. Business Plan Features

The Business Plan costs only $199 per month. This is perfect for those who don’t want any limits on their account and wants unlimited everything. 

It includes unlimited hubs, widgets, and uploads, along with premium support and all of the tools you need to grow your online business. 

Also, this plan allows you to removes Searchie branding from your membership site.

Who is Behind

Stu McLaren is the founder of who is an expert in creating professional membership sites and courses. He is also the co-founder of “WishList Products” and the “Creator of TRIBE”.

He created the platform so that even a beginner can create an online course without coding and designing skills and make money from it.

Here are more details about the team:

  • Founder: Stu McLaren
  • Co-founder: Andrew Ferraccioli and Asim G
  • Operations Manager: Tanya Fraser
  • Marketing / Growth Manager: Shahmir Gilani Facebook Group

Searchie io has a dedicated Facebook group for all customers where you can interact with other creators, share your experience and help each other. 

You can ask all your doubts in this group to get help from the Searchie support team and other active customers.

After joining this group, you can check real customers feedbacks which will help you to decide whether you should purchase Searchie or not.

Searchie Reviews by Customers (i.e. Case Studies)

I know that even after reading this Searchie Review article, you may have lots of questions in your mind like: 

  • Is legit? 
  • Is it better than other course-creating platforms? 
  • Is a scam?
  • and many more.

So, let’s see what customers are saying about it.

is searchie io legit customer review
is searchie io scam real user feedback
searchie io case study by customers
searchie io case study by user
searchie io customer review
searchie io real user feedback review
searchie io review by customer
searchie io user testimonial
searchie review and case study by user
searchie review by real customer
what people are saying about searchie io

Searchie io 7-Days Free Trial

If you are still confused about whether Searchie io is the right tool for your business or not then I have good news for you.

Searchie provides 7 days free trial for all users. You can activate this free trial without providing your credit card details. 

It means that you can test all the features of Searchie io free of cost. 

Click here to claim a 7-days Free Trial of 

If you are satisfied with the features of Searchie then you can go for paid plans.

Top 3 Alternatives

1. Teachable

Teachable is a very good alternative to Searchie IO. It also has a free plan which is good for those who don’t have the budget. 

There are two main limitations of Teachable 

  • There is that there is 1-10% transaction fee in the free plan which is huge. Apart from this, Teachable also charges a 5% transaction fee in their Basic plan which costs $29 per month. 
  • You can’t host your videos inside Teachable like Searchie. So, you have to take the subscription to Vimeo or any other video hosting platform.

2. Kajabi

Kajabi is a very famous course building platform. Its pricing starts from $149/mo to $399/mo which is very high if you want to launch a membership site or make money with your courses. 

I like Kajabi because it gives you the ability to send unlimited marketing emails so you don’t need to purchase any separate email marketing service. 

Apart from this, there is not any transaction fee in Kajabi and you can create unlimited landing pages in all plans. 


If you want to take your coaching business to the next level then I’ll highly recommend you to choose Passion io instead of Searchie. 

Why? because Passion io is a very famous app-building platform that helps you to create a course or training app that works seamlessly on Desktop, mobile, smart tv, tabs, android, and IOS device. 

Check detailed Passion io Review from here

Does Searchie Own my content?

No, you own your content. Searchie will never use your content for any purpose.

Is there a transaction fee with Searchie Payment?

No, Searchie never charges a transaction on your Payments like Teachable and other course building platforms. 

Can I use a custom domain for my course and membership sites?

Yes, you can use a custom domain for your membership site. Searchie allows you to add custom domains to your searchie account. 

Can I cancel my Searchie subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime. Just Visit your account and there you’ll see a button to cancel your subscription. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your Searchie plan. Just log in to your Searchie account and go to the Billing tab there you’ll see an option to upgrade or downgrade your plan. You can also contact the Searchie customer support team if you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan. 

Does Searchie offer a lifetime deal?

No, Searchie io doesn’t offer a lifetime deal. Click here to know more

Final Words about Searchie io Review: Is It a Scam? is a very good video hosting and course building platform that comes with some unique features like unlimited video recording, automatic transcription, video search engine, 0% transaction fee, direct video upload from Facebook, Vimeo, Zoom, and many other platforms.

Overall Searchie is a very trustworthy platform and you can use it without any hesitation. 

Its pricing starts from $29/mo which is affordable. Searchie also offers a free trial so that you can test all its features without giving your credit card details. 

Click here to claim your Searchie free account

I hope that you find this Searchie Review article helpful.

If you still have any confusion about Searchie io then let me know via comment below. 

searchie review

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