MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review : How to Join and Make Month Easily?



Product Name: MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Product Type: WordPress Theme Affiliate Program

Price: Free to SignUp 

Summary: In my review, I find MyThemeShop Affiliate Program the best affiliate program. Because, it is easy to join, easy to promote that pays you flat 70% commission of every sale you refer.

If you are interested in blogging then you can make a decent income by promoting this product. So, I suggest you join and start making money from your blog.


You get paid for every sale you made at the end of the month


Flat 20$ per Referral


It provides 60-day cookies duration to increase your chance of earning.

Join MyThemeShop Affiliate

As we all know, Affiliate Programs are the best way to earn big amount of money by promoting products. So, In this article, I am going to cover The MyThemeShop Affiliate Tutorial that will help you to make a decent amount of money from your blog.


ABOUT MyThemShop Affiliate Program


If you are looking for making some good amount of money from your blog then MyThemeShop Affiliate Program is best for you.

Before starting this affiliate tutorial, Let me give you a brief description of MyThemeShop.

MyThemeShop is a web-based company which provides quality WordPress Themes at the affordable price. It provides Theme for all type blogs, business and websites.

The best part is that MyThemeShop has 372518 satisfied customers and well popular among bloggers. So, it is easy to promote MyThemeShop Themes and earn the commission.


It not only provides Themes but also provides plugins like WP Subscribe Pro, WP Review Pro, WP Notification bar among 19 Others. You can also promote these plugins on your blog and get the commission for each and every sale.

One thing is very attractive, they give you a flat 70% commission for every sale you refer. So, I suggest you join it and start making money from this affiliate program.

MyThemeShop is the Best Affiliate Program for Bloggers to make $2,277 per monthClick To Tweet

UniversalBloggingTips blog shared their MyThemeShop earning report in one of their articles. They have made $3,800+ only from MyThemeShop.

I am telling you about this to inspire all of you that anyone can make such huge money from this affiliate program.


mythemeshop affiliate program


Why Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program?


I know that you may have a question in your mind that why should I join this affiliate program? Am I Right? So, to help you I am going to list some mind-blowing features of this affiliate program:

  1. NO MINIMUM PAYOUT RESTRICTION: This is the best feature of this affiliate program because it does not have any minimum payout restriction. As we all know that many of the affiliate programs have the restriction that when you reach a minimum threshold then they pay money to you. But MyThemeshop has no minimum payout value and they send the money earn by you every month.
  2. 60 DAY COOKIE: It provides 60 Day Cookie tracking. It means, Suppose, your reader clicks on your link today and purchase Theme within next 60 day, you will get the commission.
  3. REFER OTHER PEOPLE AND EARN: MyThemeShop is a 2 tier affiliate Program. You can refer other people to join this affiliate program and earn 10% of their commission lifetime.
  4. HIGH COMMISSION RATE: It provides the highest commission to its affiliate. You’ll get a 70% commission for every sale you refer.
  5. WELL-KNOWN BRAND: MyThemeShop is a Well Known and Reputable brand. So, you can easily sell its product and earn the commission.
  6. 80+ PRODUCT: It has 80+ Themes and Plugins. So, it is very easy to choose the good themes and plugins to promote.
  7. CREATIVE BANNERS: The one thing I liked the most is its banner. They provide you responsive banners of all size to increase your sale.


How to Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program?


It is very easy to join this affiliate program just follow step by step guide given in this answer:

#STEP 1: Visit MyThemeShop Official Affiliate Page and Click on “Get Started” button.

#STEP 2: Enter your Name, Email Address and click on “Sign Up” Button.

#STEP 3: Go to your mailbox and click on confirm.

#STEP 4: Login to your MyThemeShop Dashboard with your login detail. Now Click on “Affiliate Info” tab. Now you have to enter your payout detail which is nothing but your PayPal email address. This step is necessary to receive payment from MyThemeShop.

Congrats! You are now an affiliate of MyThemeShop and eligible to earn money from its affiliate program.


How to Join MyThemeShop Affiliate and Generate  Affiliate Link


To help you in the better way we provide this video tutorial, which provides the tutorial on:

  1. How to join the MyThemeShop Affiliate Program?
  2. submit payment method to receive payment
  3. Generate your own Affiliate link?
  4. Check you affiliate link status?
Join MyThemeShop Affiliate


How to Login on MyThemeShop Affiliate Dashboard?


You can log in to your Affiliate Account in 2 ways:-

  1. Go to this page and click on the “Login” tab on the Menu bar. Enter your information and click on the Login Button.
  2. OR If you sign up via ShareASale then login to your ShareASale account and click on “get link” (It will show all the affiliate programs you have joined). Just scroll down to MyThemeShop and click on “get link” to manage you MyThemeShop Affiliate Account.

I hope now you understand, how to login to your affiliate dashboard.


 How much can you earn?


With a little effort, it is possible to earn at least $2,277 every month by promoting MyThemeShop Themes and Plugins.


If you made even 2 sales per day then your monthly earning can be $2,277. (As shown in the figure)

But wait, it is not as simple as appearing. I want to say that to make even 2 sales per day you must have some solid affiliate marketing strategies.

So, to help you we are going to give you some secret affiliate marketing strategies.


Stretigies to Promote MyThemeShop Affiliate Themes and Plugins


If you think that you only place a banner in your blog sidebar and it starts making money then you are wrong. With only a banner you can’t make sales to earn a big amount of money.

You have to use some affiliate marketing strategies to promote MyThemeshop themes and plugin. It will help you to make at least 2 sales per day.

I am going to give you these secrets to increase your affiliate sales. Read these tips carefully.


It is a very common but the most important factor to double your affiliate sale. Every MyThemeShop Affiliate writes Review article but only some of them able to make sales from review article.

Things to do while writing the review article:

  • Before writing the review article research for the proper keyword.
  • Write review article of themes as soon as they launch to improve your search ranking.
  • Must use buttons to increase conversion.
  • Use the Skyscraper technique to get your review article on the 1st page of Google.
  • Use links everywhere in the text while writing the review.
  • Try to use an attractive heading that attracts readers to read your article.
  • Include video of the theme and plugin which you are going to promote.
  • Write “Top 10″ type articles, Like: ” Top 10 themes for travel bloggers”
  • Use Call to action.
  • Pros and cons of the theme or plugin.
  • Price must be included.
  • Final words.


Believe me or not but if you place your banner within the blog posts then it increases the Click Through Rate and obviously increases your conversion. So, I suggest you place banner not only in the sidebar but also in blog posts.

If you use this method then your MyThemeShop Affiliate earning will increase.


It’s the very crucial part of your online success. If you really want to make money from your blog. Then the first thing you need to do is building trust.

Why? Because if your blog readers trust you then they will definitely use the product you recommend.

But How to build trust?

It’s very simple help your blog readers to solve their problems.

For this, you can join the facebook groups and help them. It’s the best way to connect with like-minded peoples.

I’m using the exact same formula and it’s working for me.


As I told you earlier that it is a 2 tier affiliate program. So, there is a big chance for you to make a decent amount of money from it. So, If you refer affiliates to MyThemeShop then you can earn 10% commission of each

Refer as many sub-affiliate as you can and earn 10% of their earning for Lifetime. That’s why it is a good source of making money online.

Suppose you have 20 Sub Affiliate and they earn $500 per month. Then you earn 10% of their earning i.e. $50*20=$1,000 every month without doing a single conversion.


While promoting MyThemeShop Themes and Plugins review article then must share star rating of that theme or plugin to increase your conversion rate. For this, you can use the Author HReview Plugin to display attractive star rating.

These are the best affiliate marketing strategies which I shared above. So, make sure that you use all these tips to make a good amount of money from MyThemeShope Affiliate Program.

Also, you can increase your blog traffic to increase the chance of your earning if you want an essential guide on increase blog traffic then Click here to read it.




MyThemeShop Affiliate Program is the best income source of affiliate marketers. If you are not yet joined this then you are missing a big source of earning. Because with a little effort it can help you to make thousands of dollars every month.

As we all know, Themes and Plugins are the essential part of any blog. Everyone who started a blog must buy a theme for their blog.

MyThemeShop Provides 80+ High-Quality Themes and Plugins to promote. It provides all types of theme like themes for travel bloggers, business, blog etc. So, it’s very easy to promote these products on your blog and make money.

If you have any questions regarding this article or want any other help from me, just comment below. I’ll help you out.

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