Today, we have a special guest in our interview series. 

His name is Matthew Woodward. He is a professional blogger and founder of who is making thousands of dollar every month from this blog.

If you want to get success in Affiliate Marketing then the interview of Matthew Woodward is going to be super helpful for you.


Because in this interview, he has shared some amazing affiliate marketing tips which can help you to make money from affiliate marketing.

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Why should you read this interview?

In this interview, he has shared some amazing blogging tips like:

So, must read this interview completely to get these unique blogging tips from him.

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Interview of Matthew Woordward: founder of

matthew woodward interview

So, Without wasting your time now I’m going to start this interview.

Make sure your note the blogging tips given by him (a pro blogger) in this interview and seriously apply it to get success in the SEO & affiliate marketing.

Let’s dive in.

Q.1) Hey Matthew! First of all thanks for accepting my interview request. Please introduce yourself to BloggingLift readers?

Hey everyone, my name is Matthew Woodward and I am probably most well known for my digital marketing and SEO blog,

I started my blog back in 2012 after I decided to leave the corporate world of online marketing. I made this decision because I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the hoops you needed to jump through and the time this took in order to get a decision/permission on some really basic tasks. I was already dabbling with my own sites on the side so it was very easy for me to make the jump.

The blog actually began as an experiment and has grown into what it is today, having helped thousands of people achieve their goals along the way. I mostly publish case studies and detailed tutorials that focus on everything SEO, blogging and working online.

Q.2) Describe how did you first get into blogging? and what are the difficulties you face in the initial day? 

I built my very first website a very long time ago, in fact, I used to have a paper round just so I could pay for the server. I created this website so I could write and publish online gaming reviews which is what I was passionate about at the time and I guess my obsession with all things internet began there.

The problems we faced back in those days don’t even exist now. It is so easy to start a blog or build a website now with things like WordPress and the number of awesome SEO tools on the market that give you all the information you need is crazy.

The only trick that I see a lot of people these days missing, is that they forget to use tool between their ears. Remember to build your blog for your visitors, not for a search engine.

Q.3) If you were to start all over, what mistakes would you like to avoid and why?

I guess my answer here isn’t going to be very helpful…

I wouldn’t do anything differently. I’ve made a ton of mistakes over the years but then I also learnt how to fix them. My experiences are what makes me successful today so I certainly wouldn’t wish them away.

My time in the corporate world, although somewhat frustrating, gave me some extremely valuable tools as I lead a number of marketing campaigns for global companies. You can’t put a price on the things I learnt during that time.

My advice to anyone starting out is to learn the basics, take a few courses, read my beginner SEO articles and then just get stuck in.

Q.4) What makes your blog different from other blogs? 

There are some fantastic SEO blogs out there and I have good relationships with most of the top SEOs around today.

I guess my blog has quite a distinctive style. My articles are direct, straight to the point and easy to follow no matter what level you are at. I put a lot of time, effort and money into producing case studies and tutorials including videos and high-quality graphics. I even built an extension on my house so I could have a video studio.

I am open and honest, I have even been told I am a little too honest because as soon as I find new SEO tricks or hacks, the first thing I do is record a video and share it with my followers. Like here.

So I guess in summary, my blog is transparent. What you see is what you get.

Q.5) I checked your income report. You are making thousands of dollars every month from affiliate marketing. Which type of articles are generating more sales for you and why?

The articles I have that generate the most affiliate sales are the ones that focus more on helping people solve their problems.

If you produce content to a high standard that helps your audience, they will become much more engaged and much more interested in what you have to say. If you are just creating content for search engine bots or affiliate revenue… you may get a reasonable amount of affiliate clicks but you’ll probably miss out on more.

You can start this process by going back to the beginning and asking simple questions to your followers, like ‘What’s your biggest website problem right now?’. Sounds easy right? That’s because it really is. You can also browse forums such as Quora and see what people are talking about and then write the content that will help them.

Q.6) Please give 5-6 affiliate marketing tips to my readers which can help them to get success in affiliate marketing? 

I can probably refer back to my previous answer here…

Create valuable content that is helpful and engaging. You don’t want to be spending time and money churning out content that a handful of people may find interesting. Do your research, go where your audience are, find out what they want and give it to them. Make this part of your ongoing content strategy and you’ll see the difference.

One of the most common problems I see today with struggling affiliate sites is that they haven’t been built on a solid foundation. You wouldn’t build a house without checking the ground underneath so why would you publish content and build links to a site that is riddled with SEO problems. Start strong and then do regular SEO audits to continually improve and keep up with the SEO changes.

Another tip I would give is to treat your website like a real physical business location. If you were opening a brick and mortar business, it would be fully stocked, clean, tidy and generally looking great BEFORE you open your doors. The same needs to happen for an online business.

And lastly and possibly most importantly… write for people before bots. Search engines place a heavy focus on user experience. So keeping your visitors happy, keeps the search engines happy.

Q.7) Could you please share your article writing process with us. It’ll definitely help my readers.

Well I have already covered in detail how I go about coming up with topics for content. I will then write a brief for this content and it is then added to a Trello board which works a little like a conveyor belt.

If I assign the content to a writer they pick it up and write the draft, it then moves to the next stage where it is set up in WordPress, next we pull out graphic ideas and liaise with the graphics team to get them produced. I will write a video script and record a video which is then passed to my video editor who puts it all together. Then we will edit the content into my style, add graphics and the video, set up a promotion strategy and then it comes to me for the final review with an option to be sent back for further editing if required. Then once published we execute the promotion strategy.

But the most important thing to have in place for a successful content production strategy is the process for each stage written up, step by step and in place. Every person knows exactly what is expected and when. And if one of those cogs falls outta place, you can easily replace it without having to spend time training someone new. Just give them access to the Trello board and the process documents for their part.

Q.8) What are some of the best SEO advice for newbie bloggers to get more organic traffic? 

If you want to get organic traffic then you need a robust SEO strategy. With most of my websites and clients websites, this falls into 3 steps.

  • Technical SEO
  • Create high-quality content
  • Link building

As mentioned previously, you need to build a strong foundation for your website and give it a healthy website structure. A general rule of thumb is that your visitors can get from your homepage to your money pages within 3 clicks.

We talked earlier about the importance of content creation. Just produce content that helps people and then put it in front of them.

And only once you have a site worth linking to, should you start building links to it. You’ll also find you will get more links naturally too if you complete the first two steps well. There are a ton of link building strategies you can use, however, my favourite strategy is competitor backlink analysis. This is quite simple, look at your competitors best backlinks, figure out how they got them and replicate it.

Q.9) We all know that the main problem of newbie bloggers is “Traffic”. So please tell something about What are the best ways to drive traffic to a brand new blog?

See the previous answer.

Q.10) What are the top 5 blogging and SEO tools you use to run your blog? 

You can actually see a full list of the tools I am using here. But if I was to name the top 5, I would probably go with…

  • My intelligent spreadsheets for link building and keyword research
  • Ahrefs
  • Drip
  • SEO Powersuite
  • LongTail Pro

Q.11) Is it good to promote affiliate product in an informational article? If yes then how to promote affiliate products in informational articles smartly to increase affiliate sales? Please explain it with an example.

Yes as previously mentioned, you just need to make sure that the information you are providing is helpful and solves your visitor’s problems. Write the article with them in mind. I don’t think promoting is the right word as you need to place your affiliate links naturally within your content if they are part of the solution to that problem.

For example in my Best WordPress Host article, although I have affiliate links throughout the article, every piece of information that is there has a purpose and is helpful to the reader. There are no puffed up pieces just for squeezing affiliate links in.

Q.12) If a newbie blogger wants to get success in affiliate marketing then which type of content he should publish more? Informational or review type articles and why? 

Content that connects peoples problems to solutions, whether that’s informational or review type articles will vary from niche to niche and also from the current issues your readers are finding. Not one size fits all.

I think taking a look at your top competitors content, listening to your audience and then seeing what’s working and what isn’t on your site will give you the answer you need.

Q.13) Thanks Matthew for answering all my questions. How BloggingLift readers can stay in touch with you and any message for the blogging community here?

You can contact me in a number of ways…

I’m most responsive to blog comments or emails. But you’ll also find me on my social media channels, here are the links if you are interested.

I think my parting message and theme for a lot of my answers here is to not cut corners when it comes to building a website. This is the main problem I see with my client’s websites. Create a solid structure and don’t forget the basics of SEO.

I hope that you found this interview helpful.

Soon, I’ll come up with more interviews of profession blogger like Harsh Agrawal, Ankit Singla and many more to help you. 

“My main aim to start this interview series is to help you to get some unique blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing tips from pro Bloggers. “

Is this interview of Matthew Woodward helpful for you?

Please Let me know via comment below.

matthew woodward interview

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  1. Anil Agarwal says:

    Matthew Woodward is one of my favorite bloggers. Also, each one of his blog posts is extremely informative and detailed.

    SEO is really a competitive niche and Matthew adds his own flavor while creating his blog’s content. That’s the reason his blog is successful and generating a ton of traffic from search engines.

    Thanks Sumit for conducting this amazing interview with Matthew.

  2. Abhay Gautam says:

    Hi Sumit,

    Awesome Post! Thank you for sharing this informative interview with matthew woodward. And I am a huge fan of this person and his techniques for doing SEO and Link building. Keep sharing such interviews…


  3. Waw amazing writing skills thanks for the sharing biggest article

  4. Rajat Agnihotri says:

    Amazing interview sumit bhai ..! Learned a lot. I also love to rad a matthew woodward blog as he explains things in very easy way and provide the immense value to his readers.

    Rajat Agnihotri

  5. Nikola Roza says:

    Is this interview of Matthew Woodward helpful for you?
    Thank you for asking Sumit. And yes, it was very helpful. Matt is one of my favorite SEO of all time and really appreciate his honesty on how he’s getting things done.
    I plan to replicate some of his processes, while knowing that I also need to add my unique flair to it.
    Thanks again for bringing Matthew here, Sumit:)

  6. Ramesh Devasi says:

    I liked this “write for people before bots” thanks Sumit for this brilliant interview

  7. Venkat Randa says:

    awesome interview series sumit.

    it is very helpful. matthew provided a lot of blogging and digital markeitng tips. I am also following matthew from long time. he writes very indepth articles. he shares real time case studies by testing various services.

    good work sumit and keep up this work.

    thank you.

  8. Navin Rao says:

    Fantastic Interview. I have been following Matt for some time. He is certainly an awesome Blogger out there,

    Thanks, Sumit for bringing him on your platform. He has shared some great tips around blogging through this interview, whether it could the article writing process or affiliate marketing tips. Are were GOLD.

    As he already advice high-quality content always makes own mark. Not to say quality backlinks have their own place to make the improvements. And thankfully we have many SEO auditing tools to analyze those.

    Great interview Matt and Sumit. Have a fantastic day!

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