Hello Friends, Today We have a special guest in our blogger interview series.

I’m 100% sure that you all know him very well.

His name is Kulwant Nagi. He is a  professional blogger, affiliate marketer and international speaker.

He is the founder of Blogging Cage which is one of the top sites related to blogging.

Why should you read this interview?

In this interview, he has shared some amazing blogging tips like:

So, must read this interview completely to get these unique blogging tips from him.

“Want to know which blogging & SEO tools I’m using to run this blog successfully? If yes then must check this page. Many of these tools are FREE.”

Interview of Kulwant Nagi: Founder of BloggingCage.com

Kulwant Nagi Interview founder of Blogging Cage

So, Without wasting your time now I’m going to start this interview.

Make sure your note the blogging tips given by him (a pro blogger) in this interview and seriously apply it to get success in the blogging.

Let’s dive in.

Q.1) Please introduce yourself to BloggingLift readers?

Hi BloggingLift readers, I am Kulwant Nagi, a blogger, affiliate marketer, international speaker, and world traveller.

Recently I got featured a JoshTalks where I shared my story of becoming a successful blogger.

I started my blogging career in 2011 with my domain KulwantNagi.com and soon shifted it to BloggingCage.com.

I have spoken at BlogX, India Affiliate Summit, India Affiliate Conference, SuccessConference in Vietnam and many other conferences in India.

My days start with touching the keyword and ends with the same.

I have made $500,000+ so far with blogging and affiliate marketing and recently started my digital marketing agency.

Q.2) Describe how did you first get into blogging?

I stumbled across blogging by chance. Back in 2011 when I resigned from my verification engineer job in Delhi, I started looking at the internet to find something which could help me to make some extra money.

Back in those days, I am working with an MLM company, so one of my uplines suggested that you must start a blog if you want to generate online leads. So I created a blog in September 2011 and started writing about MLM and network marketing.

Soon after that, I started getting more interest in blogging. So on 15th January 2012, I registered the domain BloggingCage and rest is the history.

Q.3) Please tell something about your daily schedule/ we want to know that how many hours you work on your blog?

My daily work routine is very simple and organized.

I get up around 8:30 and do my breakfast and bath till 10:00 AM. Then I spend the next 1 hour doing nothing.

I open my laptop after 11 AM.

We have a very weird office timing because I believe more in having a stress free work routine so I give my employees the same.

My employees come at 11 AM and they go back at 4 PM.

Every day we do a lot of keyword research for our clients and create awesome websites for them.

Every day I take 1-hour nap between 4 PM to 5 PM.

Evening time is booked for book reading where I give my mind some new thoughts and ideas to stay motivated and organized.

I go to bed around 11:00 PM.

Q.4) According to you, What are the best ways to get success in affiliate marketing?

Being a newbie, I suggest trying SEO and free marketing techniques.

Although SEO is very competitive now but it’s always a low barrier entry where you can do multiple experiments with little investment.

When you are a newbie, you have all the free time in the world so you can write the content at your own, make backlinks, be active at question-answer websites try some tested and proven affiliate marketing tips.

Here are some of my suggestions.

  1. Have a strong belief in the product when you promote it.
  2. Read copywriting blogs to improve your writing skills.
  3. Read books related to human psychology. One book I can recommend is – CashVertising.

Q.5) Please share your article writing process with us. It’ll definitely help our readers.

Here is the exact process we follow.

  1. We do keyword research to find the best keywords.
  2. We do more research to find the LSI keywords
  3. Once we finalize the main and LSI keywords, we search those keywords in Google and see what other bloggers have written.
  4. We collect the best points from multiple blog posts.
  5. Our content writing team starts writing it.

Q.6) Our readers want to know about your content writing service “AffloSpark”? Please tell something about AffloSpark.

We recently started blog writing service at AffloSpark. As I am a blogger and we have worked with many awesome content writers in the last 4-5 years.

So we already had the best talent working with us.

As I have spoken at a various conference in India and one conference in Vietnam, so I already had a lot of visibility and exposure in the industry.

So getting clients was never a big deal for me.

As soon as we launched this service, I got high paying clients and we made $10,000 in just 26 days after launching the service.

AffloSpark is my baby venture which is more focused on providing content writing and web design services. Although we have listed many services on the homepage but our focus is on these 2 services.

This same company is registered as AffloSpark, LLC in the USA now so we are focusing to get international clients.

Q.7) What are the tools you use most?

2 Tools without which I cannot imagine running my online business are:

  1. Monday.com
  2. Flock

As we are running a content writing agency right now so we are using Monday.com to assign the tasks to various writers.

We use the same tool to give limited access to the clients so that they can see what exactly is going on in their projects.

The second tool we use is Flock.

It’s much better and advanced than Slack.

We have all the writers and clients on this tool. If the client has any confusion, they can always ping us anytime and writers can clarify the doubts.

Q.8) We all know that the main problem of newbie bloggers is “Traffic”. So please tell something about What are the best ways to drive traffic to a brand new blog?

Traffic is such a big term in the online industry that everyone is running for traffic. Before running for the traffic, I would love to explain TRAFFIC vs QUALITY TRAFFIC.

100 people visiting your site and making no purchase.


10 people visiting your site and 2 sales.

We all know that the second scenario is much better than the first. So rather than running for the traffic, try to attract the quality traffic on your blog.

Quality traffic is the traffic where people search for specific terms and go to various search engines with the buying mindset.

So to build the QUALITY traffic, we target the long term keywords with the buying intent and then write informative articles around it.

Coming back to your question, a brand new blog can attract the initial traffic by sharing his blog post in various Facebook groups, by being active on the question/answer websites, or doing guest posting at some good blogs.

These initial practices would give a brand new blog very good visibility and soon people will start visiting it.

Q.9) Please give some tips for newbie bloggers who want success in blogging?

Don’t try many niches in your initial days.

Don’t try to run a multi-niche blog.

Blogging is a process which will take time. It’s not something which you can master in 2-3 or 5 months. It will take at least 1 years before you start making any income.

Educate yourself in that first year, read more blogs, write more blogs, learn how to promote.

But once you master these small things, Blogging can change your life. 🙂

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Soon, I’ll come up with more interviews of profession blogger like Harsh Agrawal, Ankit Singla and many more to help you.

“My main aim to start this interview series is to help you to get some unique blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing tips from pro Bloggers. “

Is this interview of Kulwant Nagi helpful for you?

Please Let me Know via comment below. 

Kulwant Nagi Interview founder of Blogging Cage

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  1. Great Interview…very helpful for new bloggers who want to learn affiliate marketing tricks.

  2. Hi Sumit,
    I loved reading the interview with Kulwant.
    I admire him as a successful blogger and can learn a tonne from him.
    Anyway, hos distinction between traffic and qualified traffic is spot on.
    It is better to have a thousand hot buyers on your site than a million passerby’s
    The former buy; the latter look, and they don’t buy.

  3. Sir, I visited your site for the first time to read Kulwant sir’s interview, after that I spent more than 1 hour on your site today, I really liked your website and its articles.

  4. Great Interview have been learning from kulwant sir past few years. He has shared many tips on affiliate marketing. He is highly motivational.

  5. Very informative stuff Sumit brother

    BloggingCage is a really GREAT platform to learn online skills in simple English.

    I am a reader of this brand and I learned a lot of skills and expertise from there.

    1. Kulwant bro said that he started his blogging career in 2011, it shows that he has 8-9 years experience of the blogging industry.

    Really incredible and exceptional, isn’t it? ?

    I have only 30 months (2.5 Years) experience of online businesses so far. ☺

    2. First time I heard this content writing service of Kulwant brother; AffloSpark (New info for me)

    3. I didn’t hear these tools before, Monday.com and Flock. (I will use both tools later).

    4. We should focus on quality traffic definitely. ????

    5. I watched his video on YouTube channel JoshTalks. Really that was an inspiring story for anyone.

    You will be shocked Sumit bro that I don’t know the Punjabi language and I didn’t hear this language before.

    I know and speak only Hindi and English languages.

    But it was the video of Kulwant Nagi bro on Youtube. So I couldn’t control myself to watch this inspirational and educational stuff.

    Best Wishes ☺☺

    Lots Of Love From Harshit ??❤❤

    I appreciate your efforts and work भाई । ???


  6. initially, i was very stressed of thinking how to get more views but after this post, now i focus on quality content and keyword research before writing the post.
    thanks for the amazing post.
    keep guiding us

  7. Very inspiring article Sumit Bhaiya,
    I actually came into blogging field by seeing Kulwant Nagi sir’s success and how he lives boss free live, he’s truely an inspiration for me.
    And then after that I also took Kulwant Nagi sir’s blogging bootcamp 2.0 course and it was he’ll of an experience.
    Thanks for interviewing him bro.

  8. Hello Sumit,
    Thanks for sharing. It contains a lot of information and motivation. We need to learn new things from these blog.

  9. Nice and Motivational post!
    Thanks for sharing the valuable knowledge through this interview. I hope every newbie bloggers like me will learn something new after reading this post.
    Thanks! Once again… Please keep sharing another post like this.

    1. Hi Chayan,

      Glad to know that you found this interview helpful.

      And Yes, I agree with you that we should always focus on Quality not quantity.

      ? I’m planning to publish one more interview this month.

      So, keep visiting this site.

      ~Sumit Sao

    1. Thanks buddy for your feedback.

      I’ll publish more interviews this month.

      So, keep visiting this site. ?

      ~Sumit Sao

  10. I learnt quite a bit from this blogger. Hopefully i will get to read more of these in the future to guide and motivate me.

    1. Hi Fredrick,

      Glad to know that you found this interview series helpful.

      I’ll publish more interview of Pro bloggers soon.

      Keep visiting this site. ?

      ~Sumit Sao

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