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Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has recently launched a new feature called Instagram Threads, which has garnered significant attention since its release on July 6th, 2023. 

This article will dive into Instagram Threads Stats, including its core features, user registration numbers, engagement statistics, and its potential as a competitor to Twitter.

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🔥 Editor’s Pick: Top Instagram Threads Stats 2024

Here are 15 top Instagram Threads statistics you should know: 👇

  • 5 million signups within 4 hours of launch. 
  • Over 95 million Threads were shared in less than 24 hours.
  • Approximately 190 million likes were generated on Threads within 24 hours.
  • Available in 100 countries, reaching a global audience.
  • 48 million user sign-ups as per internal Meta data.
  • Screen reader support for improved accessibility.
  • AI-generated image descriptions for enhanced engagement.
  • Top position in the Apple App Store.
  • Compatibility efforts with ActivityPub for expanded connectivity.
  • Threads require an Instagram account and allow 500 characters per post.
  • Got more users than ChatGPT on launch day..
  • User engagement surpassing industry expectations.
  • Positive feedback from visually impaired users on screen reader support.
  • Multilingual support catering to diverse language preferences.
  • The potential competitor to Twitter, garnering attention in the social media landscape.

instagram threads statistics

Let’s discuss it in detail.

1. User Registration and Engagement Statistics 

meta's instagram threads got 48 million sign ups

User registration and engagement are key indicators of a platform’s success and user satisfaction.

Let’s take a closer look at the statistics related to user registration and engagement on Instagram Threads:

User Registration:

instagram threads 30 million signups within 24 hours
  • Within just 4 hours of its launch, Instagram Threads garnered 5 million signups, showcasing strong initial interest and adoption.
  • As per internal Meta data, the platform has reached an impressive 48 million user sign-ups, indicating a growing user base.


  • In less than 24 hours of launch, users shared over 95 million Threads on Instagram Threads, highlighting the enthusiasm and active participation of users.
  • During the same timeframe, approximately 190 million likes were generated on Threads, illustrating high engagement and user satisfaction.

These user registration and engagement statistics demonstrate the rapid growth and positive response to Instagram Threads. 

The significant number of signups within a short time frame and the large volume of Threads shared and likes generated reflect the platform’s popularity and engagement levels.

As Instagram Threads continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how user registration and engagement metrics develop, further solidifying its position as a prominent feature within the social media landscape.

2. Availability and Reach Stats

The availability and reach of a platform are crucial factors in determining its impact and user accessibility.

Here are the key statistics related to the availability and reach of Instagram Threads:

  • Global Presence: Instagram Threads is available in 100 countries worldwide, ensuring wide geographic coverage. Users from various regions can access and engage with the platform, contributing to its global reach.
  • Language Support: Instagram Threads supports 30 languages, catering to diverse language preferences. This multilingual approach enables users worldwide to connect and engage with the platform in their preferred language.

These availabilities and reach statistics highlight Instagram Threads’ commitment to inclusivity and global accessibility.

With its presence in numerous countries and support for multiple languages, Instagram Threads aims to connect users from different backgrounds and locations, fostering a diverse and vibrant user community.

3. App Store Success: Instagram Threads Ranks at the Top

instagram threads rank 1 on android and ios store

The success and popularity of an app can be measured by its performance in app stores. Here are the key statistics highlighting the app store success of Instagram Threads:

  • Top Position: Instagram Threads holds the top position in the Apple App Store. This achievement signifies its popularity and user preference among iOS users.

The app store success of Instagram Threads indicates the positive reception and recognition it has received from users.

Being at the top position reflects its appeal and user satisfaction, further solidifying its position as a prominent feature in the social media landscape

Thread Word Limit 

It requires an Instagram account and allows up to 500 characters in a thread.

The Future of Instagram Threads

 the future of Instagram Threads looks promising.

With its growing user base, ongoing development efforts, and potential as a strong competitor to Twitter, Instagram Threads is poised to become a significant player in the social media landscape. 

As the platform evolves and adapts to user demands, users can expect a more immersive and engaging experience on Instagram Threads.

What is Instagram Threads?

Instagram Threads is an app for real-time conversations and sharing text updates, developed by Meta, the parent company of Instagram.

Can I use Instagram Threads without an Instagram account?

No, an existing Instagram account is required to access and use Instagram Threads.

How do I download Instagram Threads?

Instagram Threads can be downloaded from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Is Instagram Threads available in my country?

Yes, Instagram Threads is available in 100 countries worldwide.

What are the core features of Instagram Threads?

Instagram Threads offers screen reader support and AI-generated image descriptions for enhanced accessibility and engagement.

Can I delete individual Threads?

No, individual Threads cannot be deleted; they can only be deactivated.

How long can a Thread be on Instagram Threads?

Each Thread can have a maximum of 500 characters, including text, images, and videos.

Can I share Threads on other platforms besides Instagram?

Yes, Threads can be shared on Instagram Stories or as links on other platforms.

Is Instagram Threads compatible with ActivityPub?

Instagram Threads is not currently compatible with ActivityPub, but efforts are underway to explore compatibility.

What is the future outlook for Instagram Threads?

The future of Instagram Threads looks promising, with ongoing developments and potential for growth and competition in the social media landscape.

Final Words About Instagram Threads Statistics 2024

The launch of Instagram Threads in 2023 has created a buzz in the social media landscape. 

The rapid user registration, high engagement, core features, and potential competition with Twitter make it a promising platform. 

Stay updated on the latest Instagram Threads stats as the feature continues to grow and evolve.


instagram threads statistics

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