The Complete Guide and 15 Proven Tips

Comments are the soul of any blog. 

Without any comment, your blog is like a ghost house i.e. no one wants to stay there.

If you have sufficient amount of comment in your blog then your blog looks like professional and well popular blog.

it may attracts your blog readers to visit your blog again and again. 

So, read this article to carefully to learn some awesome tips to increase your blog comment.

Most of the blogger don't focus on increasing blog comment, as a result, their blog reputation decreases day by day.

and it's not a good signal for your blog.

Also, I want to inform you that if the no. of comment increases in your blog post then your blog post search result improve by the search engine.

I know because this method works for me.

So, I suggest all bloggers to always use the method which is given in this article to increase no. of comments in your blog post.



Why should you focus on Increasing Blog comments?


Proven Tips to Increase Blog Comments.

Why should You focus on increasing Comment?

well, it a very interesting question that why should you focus on increasing blog comment. 

Without any comment, your blog is like a ghost house i.e. no one wants to stay there.

It also helps you to increase your content length.

If you want more about it then read below...

If you want to know why care about increasing blog comments then read below:

  • It will help you to improve your SERP (Search Engine Result Page).
  • Comment proves that your blog is a professional blog where most of the people visit daily.
  • more comment means your SERP improve which leads to increase your Alexa Ranking.

I hope that you understand the importance of comments in your blog posts.

So, I suggest you all to use below method to increase your blog comments in little time.

Tips to Increase Blog Comments

Be Ready Friends.....

because now I am going to give you some unique tips which can attract more and more users to comment on your blog post. 

These all tips are 100% working tips that's the reason I'm sharing it with all of you.

So, read these tips carefully and must use these simple tips in your next article and see magic.

1) Ask Question

It is the best and dramatic way to get a comment in your blog post. 

What you have to do is at the end of your blog post ask a question to your blog reader.

It may help you to get more comments on your article in fastest way.


You can Ask these questions to your blog readers:-

  1. Is this article Helpful for you?
  2. Do you have any problem with this article?
  3. Do you have any suggestion for this article to make it more helpful

2) Be Active in Comment

It is the most important thing to get more comment on your blog post. Whenever any user comments on your blog then must reply to his comment ASAP.

In my blog whenever I receive comment from my blog readers, I tried to respond to that comment asap.

Why should you active in replying comments?

Many users check comments before commenting on your blog post. Suppose they want to ask you any question related to your article but if they found that you are not replying comments then they may think that they'll not get solution of their problem and that's the reason they have not left the comment in your article.

3) Find Viral Blog Topics

It also helps you to get more comment on your blog post. So, I suggest all of you find viral blog topic for your next blog post. Believe me, it will seriously help you to increase your blog comments.

Why should you publish viral blog topics?

If you publish viral blog topics in your blog then it will drive more traffic to your blog, as a result, there is more chance to get some extra comments. Because more page may give you more comments.

4) Send Thank You Email to Commenters

Well, this method works for us to increase the comments on our blog post. If you ever comment on our blog then your know that you receive a thank you email from us automatically.

why should you send thank you email to blog commenters?

If you also want to increase your blog comment then must send thank you email to blog commenter to remind them that they have left a comment on your blog so that they will return to your blog to check the response and recommend if needed.

Plugin to send Thankyou Email

We have already written an article on this topic. you can read it by clicking on below link.

WordPress Plugin to Send Thanks You Email

Click on above link to know about this Free plugin.

5) Be Polite in Comment

If you are not polite in your comments then many users don't want to give comment in your blog post. So I Suggest you be polite in your comment so that you can get more and more comments.

6) Improve Alexa Rank

If you improve your Alexa rank then believe me you will definitely get more and more comments in your blog post with little effort. I know you don't believe that Alexa rank can help you to get more comments.

How can Alexa Rank help you to get comments?

Many User comments in another blog because they only want the backlink to form that site. If they found that your Alexa Rank is good then it means you are receiving good Amount of traffic daily that will beneficial for blog commenters. Hence, they comment on your blog to get backlinks.

You should also read:-

8 Simple & Effective way to Improve Your Alexa rank

7) Join Facebook Group

Joining the Facebook group is the best method to get more comments on your blog. we are also using this method to get more comments in our blog posts.

How can Facebook Group give you more comments?

 Join Facebook group related to your niche and make connection with other bloggers by liking and commenting on their post. Be an active member of Group you have joined. So that people can notice you and once you able to make connection with group members they'll start following you and may visit your blog. So, there is a chance that they'll comment on your blog post if they'll find it helpful.

I hope you understood how it works.

You can join Our Facebook Group "Blogging Lift VIP Group" to make connection with other Bloggers

I are running this Facebook Group and glad to inform you that we have 14k+ members in group. So, join this group and connect with other bloggers.

Be a member of our group and get solution of your blogging, SEO, WordPress and Affiliate Marketing problems in fastest way.

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8) Increase Your Blog Traffic

Remember if your blog traffic increases then no. of comments on your blog post also increases. In Blogging Rush, we always focus on increasing blog traffic because it is the main source of our to improve Alexa Ranking and also it helps us to increase the no. of comments.

So, I suggest all of you to always focus on increasing your blog traffic. Belief me, it will not only help you to improve your Alexa Ranking but also it help you to get more comments on your blog post.

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9) Improve Your Blog Design

Do you ever think that why are you not getting sufficient amount of comment because your blog design is not good? If your blog theme is attractive then it can attract more and more people to comment on your blog post. So, I suggest all of you use Genesis or Elegant theme or thrive theme.

Currently, we are using Thrive Theme in this website and glad to inform you that this theme is liked by many of our blog readers.

10) Publish New Post in Morning

According to copy blogger, If you publish your blog post in the morning then you can get the double comment in your blog post. We also use this method and glad to inform you all that this method works for us.

So, I suggest all newbie to publishing your new article in the morning.

What is the best time to publish the new article?

According to copy blogger, best time is:- 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM

If you publish you new article between this time then you will get more pageview and more comments in your blog post.

11) Extend Conversation in Comment

If you want more comments from the users who already comment in your blog post, then while replying to their comment ask a question. It will help you to get more comments from same users.

What to ask while replying to comment?

while you replying to comment then at the end of the line you may ask one of the following questions:-

  • Do you want any other help to form us?
  • Do you want to subscribe to our newsletter?
  • Do you want any other article from us?
  • Do you have any doubt related to this article?

Use any of the questions in the last line while replying to comments.

12) Use CTA (Call To Action)

Do you ever listen the word CTA ( i.e. Call To Action) ? If not then I want to tell you that it is a method in which you ask the user to comment on your blog, subscribe to your blog, like your blog post, share your blog post etc.

How to use CTA?

well, many bloggers don't know how and where to use CTA method. So, to solve this problem I want to give you some tips :-

  • Use CTA method either on the last line of your blog post or in the comment box.
  • Don't use the word or language that you order them to do it.
  • Use polite words and language to tell user for CTA.
  • Must use please word in your CTA.

What to Write for CTA?

you may use any of these sentences for CTA:-

  • If you have any doubt related to this article then please let me know via comment below.
  • Is the article helpful for you? Please let me know via comment below.
  • Please write a review for this article via comment below.
  • Do you want any help from us related to this article? then please let us know via comment below.

Use any of above sentences for CTA. This will definitely help you to get more comment in your blog posts.

13) Redirect Blog Commenters to a Thank You Page

If you ever comment on our blog then you remember that when you comment first time on our blog then you redirected to a Thank You page. Am I right?

Why Redirect commenters to a Thank You Page?

Belief me, this method also works to increase blog comments. Because if your blog commenters redirect to a Thank You page then it will attract them and once they like your blog then they become the regular reader of your blog and start commenting on your other blog posts.

14) Give Backlink to Users via Comment

Many bloggers comment on other blogs because they only want backlinks from that websites. So, Always let users get the backlink from comments.

If you ever visit BlogSpot blog then you must notice that in many BlogSpot blog then you must notice Blogspot blog receives less comment then WordPress.

The reason is that there is not any option to get the backlink from comment (i.e. website field ). So, no one wants to comment on such blogs.

So, I suggest all of you let users get the backlink from your website.

Now it's Your Turn

These are the best 15 tips I could come up with to increase blog comments. But I’m sure I missed something.

What tips could you offer to a new blogger who wants to increase their blog comments?

Please Let me know in the comment below.

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