How I Made My First Affiliate Sale? – [Without Increasing Traffic]

Wow, Affiliate Marketing Really Works!

I made my first affiliate sale without increasing my blog traffic.

Yes, you heard right, without any increase in blog traffic.

Don't worry I'll tell you exact steps which I followed to make my first affiliate sale.



About My Blogging Journey

After 2 unsuccessful blogs Finally I start this successful blog.

I started my blogging journey with an educational blog in October 2015 in WordPress but even after 2-3 months, I did not make even a single penny. So I have to leave that blog.

Again in December 2015, I launched another blog on blogging with WordPress. At that time, I am not serious about SEO and as usual, I did not make any money with that blog. So, I disappointed and stop that blog.

Then I think pro bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal (ShoutMeLoud), WPBegineers and many others making thousands of dollars every single month. Obviously, They must be using some secret strategies to boost their sale.

So, First I shift my entire blog from WordPress to Blogger (because it's Free).

My Strategy: After Shifting Blog, I Start visiting every pro bloggers blog to analyze their affiliate marketing strategies. Also, at the same time, I read a lot's On Page SEO, OFF Page SEO, Link Building, Blogging Tips, WordPress Guide type article.

And Guess What? Within 3 Months (in March 2016) I made my First Affiliate Sale ($65) with Bluehost affiliate program.

So, finally, I shift my blog to WordPress again with new domain name with the awesome looking theme.

How I made my first Affiliate sale?

I know, you are excited to know what Strategies I follow to make my affiliate sale with little traffic. Right? Don't Worry, I'll tell you everything.

But, First I want to tell you I made this affiliate income with Bluehost Affiliate Program.

I have made my first affiliate sale in 

Screenshot of my first affiliate sale

As you can see in image below, I have made the first affiliate sale in May 2017. I got 35 net click and luckily one signup occur.

And I made the first affiliate sale of my blogging journey.

how -i-made-my-first-affiliate-sale-through-bluehost

Screenshot of my Second affiliate sale

Again on 1 July 2017, I got 18 net clicks on my affiliate link and one sign up occurred. 

So, I earned $65 again. 

Believe me, I made this affiliate sale through the tips which are given in this article.


When I found that the tips which I am using are working. Then I decided to share that tips with all of you.

So, that you can also increase your affiliate sale and make money.

If you seriously use the tips given in this article, then believe me you can boost your affiliate sale in little time with simple hacks.

So, are you ready?

Let's dive in!

Strategies I Followed To Make My First Affiliate Sale

Be ready, because now I am going to share exact strategies which I followed to make my first affiliate sale. So, read it carefully and use it on your blog today.

These tips can help you to boost i.e. increase your affiliate sale without increasing your blog traffic.

1. Place Banner within Popular Post:

If your blog traffic is very less and you want to make your affiliate sale then first go to Google Analytics and find your most popular post.

After finding it, just go to that blog post and place your affiliate banner within it. Believe me, it really works.

Not only me but also pro bloggers like WPBegineer also use this method to increase their affiliate conversion rate.

2. Footer link

This is another method to attract users to click on your affiliate links.

Check on below image, how to use the affiliate link in the footer?

3. Affiliate Link in Menu

I am using the affiliate link in the menu from a long time to increase my CTR rate.

But I have one suggestion for you. Don’t use too many affiliate links in the menu. Just select only one affiliate product you want to promote and place its affiliate link in the menu.

I used Bluehost affiliate link in menu for a long time.

4. Page Load Time

Did you know? Google gives priority to the sites whose site load time is less.

Also, many users leave your site if it takes more than 5 seconds to load.

That’s the major reason why nowadays many bloggers move their blog to siteground because it provides FREE CDN, Free Supercacher plugin, FREE SG Optimizer plugin and much more to provide you average load time of 1.5 seconds.

In Simple Words,

Less Site Load time = more organic traffic = more affiliate sale

5. Conversion Focus Theme

According to a research, If you use a responsive and attractive theme in your blog then it can increase your affiliate sales by 600%.

That’s why we suggest you use premium theme instead of a Free theme.

Just use this tip and see your conversion rate.

We highly recommend you to use either genesis or mythemeshop theme.

6. 1500+ Words Detailed Review Article

A detailed review article of more than 1500 words increases affiliate sales in little time.

Glad to inform you that this tip helps me a lot to make my affiliate sales.

You can also Hire Professional Content Writer from ContentMart and get FREE $10 Credit (when you add 10$).

If you want the example of detailed review article then check my two best performing review articles:

7. Find Best Affiliate Program

This is the main factor to increase your affiliate sale. Suppose you are a food blogger or travel blogger and you join affiliate program of

Suppose you are a food blogger or travel blogger and you join affiliate program of Genesis Theme. Then you can imagine what will happen? You can not make even a single affiliate sale with this affiliate program. Because your visitors are not bloggers.

That’s why it’s very necessary step to think which affiliate program will work for your blog.

I think now you understood the importance of selecting the proper affiliate program.

8. Share Affiliate Link in Ebook

while you write your ebook, then must include your affiliate link within it.

The main advantage is that whenever users read that ebook. Then there is a possibility that they may click on your affiliate link and purchase that service.

I am also using affiliate links in ebook. So, I suggest you must include affiliate link in your ebook to boost your affiliate sale.

Final Words

I hope you will use all the methods which I mentioned above to increase your affiliate sale in little time.

As, I said you earlier that I use all these tips to made my first affiliate sale.

Is this article helpful for you?? 

Please let me know via comment below.

Special Note:

I want to share a cool information with you.

This Entire Blog Post is designed by using THRIVE Architect Plugin.

And I am using Focus Blog Theme Provided by Thrive Themes.

This plugin and theme help me a lot to make my first affiliate sale in little time.

Also, it help me to increase my affiliate conversion rate and income.

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