If you are confused about what Google Product Review Algorithm update is?

Then this article is for you. In this article, I’m going to share every possible detail of the Google December 2021 Product Review Algorithm Update.

Apart from this, I’ll also share how to write a perfect product review article as per Google Guidelines so that your article can rank on Google. 

I’ve read all three Google documents where Google mentioned what they want to see in a review article.

I’m going to share all important points in this article. So, read this Google Product Review Update article till the end.

NOTE: Every year Google launch updates that affects the ranking of your keywords. So, If you want to understand for which keywords your ranking decreased after the Google updates then you need to use a keyword rank tracker software.

What Is Google Product Review Algorithm Update?

On 1st December 2021, Google announced that they are rolling out December 2021 product review update that will take 3 weeks to complete.

This update is going to affect only the review article. 

Here is the screenshot of the Tweet from Google Search Central

google product review algorithm update december 2021
Google Product Review December 2021 Algorithm Update

After this Google Review Algorithm Update, there will be some major changes in the way that product reviews get ranked on Google.

Google is going to reward those review articles that have in-depth research rather than sharing basic details, pros and cons. 

Here is the screenshot of the Tweet from Google Developer Advocate Alan Kent

google product review update guidelines by google

? Don’t worry, Google also shared detailed guidelines on how to write a perfect review article. 

I’m going to share all these tips with you in detail so that you can understand what Google wants to see in a review article. 

7+ Things Google Wants to See in A Product Review Article

google product review algorithm update

There are some general guidelines on how to write a perfect product review article according to Google’s Product Review Algorithm Update December 2021. 

1. Provide Evidence 

Google wants to know that you tried the product yourself and you’re making a real recommendation to readers- not a fake review. 

That’s why Google wants you to provide evidence such as audio, visuals, or other links of your own experience with the product, to support your expertise and the authenticity of your review.

For this, you can do the following things:

  • Share the YouTube video link where you have reviewed that product
  • Take a photo of the product yourself to show how the product looks. (don’t use Google images)
  • If you are reviewing software or service, then take screenshots and add them to your review article.
  • Share the receipt screenshot to show that you have purchased the product and you have tried it for yourself.

Google not only wants you to share your experience with the product but also wants you to share other similar products that you think your readers should also check out.

That’s why Google suggested including the alternative products link in your review article.

So, Instead of focusing on only one alternative product, I’ll suggest you find 5-6 best alternative products and add them to your product review article.

Important Points:

  • Add 5 to 6 alternatives of the product in your review article.
  • Don’t forget to provide official website links of all the alternatives.
  • Compare each alternative with the actual product you are reviewing to give a better recommendation to your readers. 
  • Explain which products might be best for them in different scenarios.

3. Evaluate the product from a user’s perspective

The third guideline about writing a perfect product review article is evaluating the product from a user’s perspective. 

Google wants you to provide the reason why your readers should buy or not buy this product.

This is one of the most important aspects of writing a good review article according to Google’s guidelines. 

So, please make sure that your review includes information about how this product will fit within the users’ lifestyle, and what they can expect with this purchase. 

4. Identify key decision-making factors

Google wants to make the buying decision easier for its users.

That’s why Google want you to spend time to identify the key decision-making factors and explain how the product performs in each of these areas.

For Example, if you are reviewing a web hosting company then you can ask yourself what are the factors that users will consider when making their buying decision? obviously, it will be site speed, security, uptime, customer support, price, server locations etc. 


Now, your task is to explain how the product performs in these key areas and how it compares to other similar products you mentioned in your review article. You should also rate the product in these key areas. 

It’ll make the buying decision of your readers easier. 

5. What’s Missing in Alternatives

Google also want you to explain what are the things that make the product you are reviewing different from its alternatives.

So, while reviewing the product make sure to mention any features or advantages that other similar products in the market don’t have. 

This will help your readers to make the right decision when they purchase the product.

6. The drawback of the Product

Google clearly mentioned in their guideline that you need to mention the drawbacks of a product in your review article. 

They want you to explain how the product works and what are the pros and cons that users can expect with this product.

So, try to take the advantages and disadvantages of the product into account while writing a great product review article.

7. Explain how the product has evolved

Google mentioned that when writing a good product review article you need to take into consideration how the product has evolved over time.

For this, you can include details of all versions of the product that have been released during the time that you are writing a review.

You should talk about what was the issues in the previous version of the product and what is improved in the latest version of the product.

So, this is one way of showing your expertise on a product by sharing the details that Google wants to see.

Google wants you to share links to useful resources in your review article.

For this, you can add an internal link to your existing article that should be helpful for your reader and you can also add any external links to necessary resources.

For Example: Suppose, you are writing  Siteground Hosting review article and you have already written an article about “things you should know during purchasing a web hosting”, “Siteground vs Bluehost” then you should add links to these articles in your review article. It’ll help your readers to make the buying decision easier.

What is Google Product Review Update?

Google released the new Product Review Algorithm update to reward well researched and honest review articles. With this new algorithm update, they are going to optimize their search engine results pages(SERPs) by prioritizing websites that have useful, honest and expert product reviews.

Who should care about Google Review Update?

Affiliate Marketers who publish product reviews online are most affected by this update. They will fail to rank in top spots if they are not optimizing their review articles to meet the above-mentioned requirements.

What are the Guidelines by Google to Write a Perfect Review Article?

I’ve already mentioned 7+ things that Google wants to see in a review article. So, read the above section. Some important points are showing evidence, providing alternatives, sharing useful resources etc.

What to do if my site is hit by Google Product Review Algorithm Update?

If your site is hit by the new algorithm, don’t worry. You should be able to recover from this update if you’ll update all your review articles as per the Google guidelines that I already mentioned above in this article.

What are the best practices to write a successful product review article?

Google want you to provide details about the product and explain how it will fit within your readers’ lifestyle and why they should buy this product.

So, make sure that your review article is written in such a way that it provides a clear picture of how the product performs in the real world.

Final words about Google Product Review Update

Google has released a new Product Review update to their search engine which rewards well researched and honest review articles. Affiliate Marketers who publish product reviews may fail to rank in top spots if they don’t optimize their review articles as per the Google guideline that I mentioned above. 

So, It is important for bloggers who publish product reviews that the content meets the guidelines that Google mentions above. Some of these things are showing evidence, providing alternatives, sharing useful resources etc.”

I have shared all important information on the New Google Product Review Algorithm Update. 

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google product review algorithm update

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