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Our Verdict on Debutify Theme

Debutify is one of my favorite themes for Shopify-based ecommerce or dropshipping websites.

This theme gives you all the features and flexibility that you need to design a wonderful-looking online store for yourself.

You can get started with its free version but if you want to try all its awesome features then make sure to go for its premium version.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try the Debutify theme for FREE

Want a free theme for your Shopify-based Ecommerce website?

If yes then you have landed your plane at the right place because in this article I am going to review the Debutify theme which is a freemium theme for Shopify websites.

By reading this article till the end you would get to know:

  • Is the Debutify Shopify theme legit or is it a scam?
  • Debutify Spotify theme Features and Pricing
  • Debutify real customer reviews and a lot more

So, without any further delay let’s jump to our honest Debutify theme review.

Affiliate Disclosure (Please read it):

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Debutify Theme Review and Basic Info

Product NameDebutify Theme
Use forShopify based Ecommerce and Dropshipping websites
Who should use it?Ecommerce and dropshipping website owners, part-time online store owners
PricingRanges from $0/month to $117.75/month
DiscountGet 14 Free Trial of this theme
Money-Back Guarantee30 Days Full Money Back Guarantee
Free VersionYes (Click here to try it)
Our Rating4.9/5.0

Debutify Theme Pros and Cons

Debutify Theme Pros

  • An all-in-one theme for all types of Shopify-based dropshipping and ecommerce websites.
  • A responsive and lightweight theme
  • Comes with a forever free plan and a 14 day no credit card trial
  • Superfast 24/7 customer support to all your queries regarding this theme
  • Easy 1-click installation of this theme on your Shopify website
  • A big 30-day refund policy that you can use if you are unsatisfied with this theme

Debutify Theme Cons

  • The free version lacks awesome features
  • Using excess add-ons can make your website slow

What is Debutify?

debutify review
Debutify Theme Review: Is it the best Shopify theme?

Debutify is one of the highest converting Spotify themes for dropshippers and Ecommerce website owners who want to make good cash through their website.

It is a fast, mobile-ready theme and comes with a bunch of awesome features like add-ons, a product finder tool, and a lot more that can truly boost up your website sales.

debutify theme homepage

The best part? This theme is a freemium one which means that you can use it on your Shopify website for absolutely free.

Isn’t that awesome?

And if you go for the premium version of this theme then you would get Debutify premium Ecommerce training and mentorship for absolutely free.

So, if you are looking for a feature-packed yet properly optimized theme for your Shopify website then you should try Debutify.

What are you waiting for? Just try the Debutify Shopify theme for free and harness its real power.

Who is Behind Debutify?

debutify team

Debutify has a quite large team where every team member is perfect for the job that he or she does.

Some of the key members of the Debutify theme are:

  • Ricky Hayes – CEO of Debutify theme
  • Raphael Bergeron – Automation Team lead
  • Mirasol Dela Paz Amil – Corporate department manager
  • Misha Borsukevich – Shopify theme developer
  • And a lot more other people.

You can know more about Debutify team members on their meet the team page.

Debutify gives its team members the freedom to work from any part of the world anytime.

They properly communicate with each of its team members and give them the freedom that they need to build an award-winning Shopify theme.

Why Should You Use Debutify Theme?

Here are some key reasons why you should use the Debutify theme:

1. Comes with 50+ Addons to improve your site’s conversions

Debutify is one of the few themes for Shopify websites that comes with almost all the features that you need to make a beautiful-looking online store.

It comes with 50+ addons that you can use to add a lot of features to your website without knowing any coding.

Isn’t that awesome?

Here are some major add-ons present in the Debutify theme:

  • Add to cart animation
  • Back in stock
  • Automatic Geo-Location
  • Cart Discount and Favicon
  • Cart Savings
  • Cart Goals
  • Cart Upsell
  • Color Swatches
  • Delivery Time
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Inventory Quantity and a lot more

Along with that, you get a bunch of customization features in-built into this theme which makes the customization process easier for beginners.

So, all these customization features and addons help you save some of your $$$ from investing in various tools and software to design your theme.

2. Currency converter

One of the unique features which make the Debutify theme stand out from other Shopify themes is its currency converter feature.

You can use this feature on your Shopify website which helps your customer to choose the currency in which they are comfortable paying in.

Trust me or not but this feature can help you a lot in increasing your sales.

Debutify theme comes with a fully customizable header and footer which helps you do whatever you want to do with your site’s header and footer bar.

For example, you can either choose if you want to show the site logo on the header or a full-fledged slideshow.

Or you can choose a sticky header, a transparent header or you can choose the site navigation to be left, right, or centered.

In the case of footer customization, you can do a hell lot of things with it.

For example, you can add newsletter form, menus, text, photos, payment icons, and more to your site’s footer using this theme.

4. Product testimonials

Adding product testimonials on the product page can be a huge sales booster for any type of website that wants to sell something to its visitors.

And you can easily do that using the Debutify theme on your website.

By using this feature you can add a product testimonials section on your product page which some quotes or images of the product reviewer.

Along with that, you can apply slider options to the product testimonials too.

5. Product slider

For an Ecommerce website owner, it is necessary to show the currently trending products on your homepage as it helps you get more sales.

You can easily add a product slider to your homepage using the Debutify theme.

For that, you just have to choose how many products you want to display, and that too with or without the autoplay option.

The best part? The product slider feature is fully responsive for both desktop and mobile devices.

6. Product description and display

You might be thinking about what awesome Debutify could do to show the product and its description?

But trust me Debutify theme gives you a bunch of awesome layout features that can surely boost your product sales.

For example, you can narrow down the search results with filters like Bestselling, Alphabetical, Price, Date, and more

7. Pro E-commerce training

Want to build a 7-8 figures Ecommerce store when the competition in this industry is superbly high?

If yes then Debutify provides you with its pro-level Ecommerce training with Debutify pro for absolutely free.

By completing this whole training you can easily master the process of Ecommerce and make a good living through it easily.

Note – This Ecommerce training is only available for the Enterprise Plan users

8. Comes with free product research tool

Finding winning products for your Ecommerce store is quite tough especially when you don’t have a good product research tool in your hands.

However, if you have a Debutify pro theme with you then you won’t need to invest in any costly product research tool as you get it for free.

Debutify theme provides you with a free product research tool that helps you find winning products for your online store easily.

9. A super-fast theme

One of the biggest pain in the neck for online store owners is to make their online store super fast.

Because in recent times website speed has got a whole new level of importance in rankings, especially after the Google Page Experience update.

However, if you are using the Debutify theme then you don’t have to worry much about your website speed.

Why? Because this theme is made with super-lightweight code which helps your website to load fast.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that don’t use Debutify add-ons in excess because it can slow down your website.

So, use only those addons which are necessary.

10. Comes with a bunch of integrations

Any theme needs to have a lot of integrations as it helps them add new features to it easily.

And the same goes with the Debutify theme which comes with a bunch of integrations with it.

Here are all the integrations that you get with the Debutify theme:

  • Loox
  • Katana
  • CartHook
  • CartLook
  • GrowWave
  • FirePush
  • SMSBump
  • SPocket

11. Super affordable

Debutify is a superbly affordable theme that fully justifies the pricing with the features that it comes with.

First of all, it comes with a forever-free plan that you can try to use this theme on your Shopify website forever without giving a dime.

Next, there are three premium plans which are:

  • Starter Plan – $21.75/month
  • Pro Plan – $59.25/month
  • Enterprise Plan – $111.75/month

Note – This pricing is of Debutify’s Yearly Pricing. Pricing can vary

12. Newsletter Popup

The money is in the list – This is the quote you might have heard a lot and it is true.

On average an email subscriber costs $48.87 which is insane!

So, if you want to drive more profits from your online store then you to start building your email list.

But how? Just use the Newsletter popup feature of the Debutify theme.

You can give a freebie in exchange for your visitor’s email address and this would help you build your very own email list.

13. Pricing Table

There is hardly any Ecommerce website that doesn’t feature any kind of pricing table.

And you can also add it to yours by using the pricing table feature of the Debutify theme.

Along with that, you can use this feature to create a comparison table too which can be a good gift for affiliate marketers

14. Upsell Products

Are you a digital store owner who wants to increase sales of your digital products by promoting offers and deals on the products to your readers?

If yes then Debutify can surely help you in that by adding promotional popups on your site which can help you increase your sales.

Along with that, you can add a frequently bought together section on the product page which helps you increase your average order value

15. FAQ Page

Adding frequently or commonly asked questions on your product page can help your visitors solve all their doubts regarding the product they want to purchase which can increase your sales.

Along with that, you can use FAQs to upsell any of your product bundles and other product which can also help you increase average order value.

16. Products Variant and Inventory Quantity

One of the biggest issues that I have seen with Ecommerce websites is that they almost have canonical issues.

These issues are caused when you make different pages for the same items with different colors, sizes, etc.

However, this won’t be the case when you will use the Debutify theme.

Using this theme you can easily add the option of colors, size, etc to all your products so that you won’t face this deadly SEO issue on your site.

Along with that Debutify have a feature that helps you show the amount of stock present in a product.

This feature would help you indulge the fear of missing out on your visitors which can result in more sales

17. Mega Menus

Debutify premium gives you the feature of adding a mega menu on your website easily.

And in that, you can directly add your product links which would help you pass more link juice to it and help it rank higher on Google.

18. Shop Protect

Shop Protect is a pretty awesome in-build feature of this theme. This feature helps you add non-copy content, images, etc features to your website.

Along with that, you can restrict your visitors from doing other privacy-related things.

Also, this theme always shows your visitors a popup that tells them that your website uses cookies which helps you stay away from any privacy-related issues

19. ChatBox

Chatbox is a great way to provide access to your customer support to your customers.

It helps them solve their queries and doubt regarding your product which can impact hugely on your product sales.

You can fully customize the chatbox icon on your website by changing the icon, animation, etc or you can choose whether you want to show it or not on your website

20. Cart Functionalities

There is a very Shopify theme that offers you a bunch of cart functionalities in-built and Debutify is one of them.

You can’t imagine how many cart functions are there in this theme.

Here are some of the major cart functions present in this theme:

  • Add to cart animation – Adds add to cart animation which can help you increase your sales
  • Cart countdown – Add a countdown of the time you added a product to your cart
  • Cart Discount – This allows your customers to add discounts or coupon codes and get more discounts
  • Sticky Add to cart – Display a bar with the product name, price, and add to cart button which helps you increase your sales
  • Skip cart – Skips the cart page and help your visitors directly go to the checkout page
  • Trust Badge – Adds a badge or text saying “Guaranteed Safe Checkout” on your cart and checkout page which also helps in getting more sales
  • And a lot of other cart functionalities…

Who is Debutify Perfect Fit for?

Here are all the people that should use this award-winning theme:

  • Online Store owners – Debutify is one of the best Shopify themes which can skyrocket your online store sales and help you make out more cash
  • Affiliate Marketers – If you are an affiliate marketer who is using Shopify then worry not because Debutify is the only theme that you need to boost your affiliate sales
  • Marketers (Who are in a hurry) – I know that it is hard for marketers to manage their Ecommerce business part-time but not to worry because the Debutify theme has got your back. This theme can help your set up your online store properly in no time

Debutify customer support

Debutify has quite an awesome 24/7 support that is there to solve all your issues and queries regarding this theme.

Along with its awesome support, you get a bunch of articles regarding this theme in the Debutify help center.

It would help you get started with this theme and help you design your awesome-looking online store easily.

Also, you can request a specific feature that you want to have in the Debutify theme from its feature request page.

And at last, there is a Facebook community of Debutify theme that you can join and get your queries regarding the Debutify theme solved.

Debutify Pricing Plans

debutify theme pricing plans

Debutify comes with super affordable pricing plans.

I have mentioned before that this theme is a freemium theme which means that you can use its free version right on your Shopify website without giving a dime.

Along with the free plan Debutify offers three other plans which are:

  • Starter Plan – $21.75/month
  • Pro Plan – $59.25/month
  • Enterprise Plan – $111.75/month

Note – All these pricing are for Debutify’s yearly plans.

Here are all the pricing plans for the Debutify theme along with its features.

1. Free Plan

Here are all the features present in Debutify Free plan

  • 1 Store License
  • Basic Support
  • No Add-ons, Advanced support, etc

2. Starter Plan

Here are all the features present in the Debutify Starter plan

  • 1 Store License
  • Access to up to 5 add-ons
  • Advanced support
  • 1-click integration

3. Pro Plan

Here are all the features present in the Debutify Enterprise plan

  • 3 Store License
  • Access to all the add-ons
  • VIP support
  • 1-click integration

4. Enterprise Plan

Here are all the features present in the Debutify Enterprise plan

  • 3 Store License
  • Access to all the add-ons
  • VIP support
  • 1-click integration

Debutify Facebook Group

debutify facebook group

Want to know more about the Debutify theme?

If yes then you should join the Debutify Official Facebook group where you can ask all your doubts regarding Debutify and get its answers in no time.

It currently has 25k+ members and is growing at a super rapid pace.

Along with that by entering the group you get a bunch of valuable content regarding dropshipping, online store, paid ads, and more which would help you in your Enterreprenurial journey.

Debutify Review by Customers

Now is the time to know what real Debutify customers are saying about this awesome theme.

Have a look at all the reviews that are listed below.

debutify theme review by customer
debutify shopify theme review by customer
debutify shopify theme capterra review
debutify review on trustpilot
debutify theme reviews and testimonials

Debutify Theme Free Trial

Want to try the features of the Debutify theme before investing your hard-earned money into it?

If yes then you can take Debutify’s 14-day free trial (No Credit Card Needed) which would help you try all its features and help you decide whether you should go for it or not.

Here is a step by step tutorial to avail the Debutify theme free trial:

Step 1 – Just click on this special link to go to the Debutify theme official website.

Step 2 – Click on Try Debutify free button

dubutify free theme account signup step 1

Step 3 – A popup would appear and in the first step, you have to give your name and email address to it.

debutify free theme signup name email address

Step 4 – In the second step, you have to choose if you have a new store or currently own one which has a paid theme applied to it.

debutify free theme account creation step 2

Step 5 – At last you have to give the URL of your Shopify store and they would apply the Debutify theme to your store.

enter dubutify store domain to get free theme step 3

Step 6 – After that, you would be redirected to your Shopify account where you need to click on install unlisted app and the Debutify theme would be activated on your website

Along with the free trial, you can start with a free Debutify theme if you are a beginner and then after that, you can switch to its pro version if you find it useful.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get a Debutify theme free trial.

What is the Debutify theme?

Debutify is one of the best and fastest growing themes for Shopify stores. The main USP of this theme is the conversion-increasing features that you get with it.
If you use this theme on your website then you would see a good increase in the revenue from your Shopify store.

Is the Debutify theme any good?

Yes, it is one of the best Shopify themes out there.
It is fast, responsive, and comes with a bunch of awesome features that can skyrocket your online store sales.
You can start with its free version and eventually when you are satisfied with it then you can switch to any of its pro plans.

Is Debutify a free theme?

Yes, Debutify is a free-to-use theme. It comes with a forever-free plan that helps you use this theme without giving a dime.
However, if you want to unlock a lot of awesome features of this theme then you should go for any of its pro plans.

What are the pricing plans for the Debutify theme?

Debutify theme offers you three yearly plans (The most affordable). The first one is a starter that costs you $21.75/month, the second is the Pro plan which costs you $59.25/month and the last is the Enterprise plan which costs you $111.75/month.

How do I disable Debutify addons?

To disable the Debutify addons just choose the Debutify theme for your Shopify website and click on customize.
After that tap on theme settings, go to theme add-ons, and they just uncheck the addons you want to uninstall or disable from your website.

What are Debutify add-ons?

Debutify addons are extra software that you can install along with the Debutify theme on your Shopify website.
These add-ons help you add different features like add to cart buttons, cart discounts, and a lot more awesome things to your website.
But always remember that using excess add-ons on your website can make it slow so use only those which are needed the most.

Is it possible to change Debutify plans?

Yes, it is possible to change the Debutify pro plans. The transfer process is quite simple and the amount would be adjusted in the next invoice

Why should I choose Debutify?

The reason why you should choose Debutify is that there is no other theme like it in the whole Shopify theme directory that can provide you bunch of awesome features, make your website load fast, and also is fully responsive for all devices.

Final Words about Debutify Theme Review 2024: Is It a Scam?

Debutify is a legit theme for Shopify stores that can boost sales of your Shopify store.

You can easily get started with this theme for free and if you like it then you can switch to its pro version.

So, what are you waiting for? Try the Debutify theme now

Tell me in the comments down below that which theme are you currently using on your Shopify store?

Also, if you have any queries regarding the Debutify theme review 2024 then shoot them in the comments down below.

debutify theme review

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