Want to learn blogging from a pro bloggers?

If yes then I have good news for you.

Today, I got the opportunity to interview Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion.com

He is the most famous bloggers and affiliate marketer from India.

Firstly, I would like to thank him for accepting the interview request.

So, without wasting your time, now I am going to start the interview.

Let’s get started!

Interview with Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion.com

anil agarwal interview bloggerspassion com

If you don’t know anything about Anil Agarwal then read this quick introduction.

A Quick Intro of Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal is one of the most popular professinal blogger from India. He is the founder of Bloggers Passion website.

About Anil Agarwal & his site:

  • Name: Anil Agarwal
  • Website: BloggersPassion.com
  • Monthly Earning: $10k+ per month
  • Featured on: SEMrush, Pro Blogger, Neil Patel,  Daily Blog Tips etc.

Tools & Plugins Anil Agarwal Uses

Q.1) Please introduce yourself to BloggingLift readers?

Hi Sumit, glad and thanks for featuring me in your interview series. My name is Anil Agarwal, and I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years now. My main blog is Bloggers Passion, which mostly covers blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO related stuff.

If you want to really build a money making blog even if you’re a beginner, you should definitely check out the blog as it’s mostly covered with in-depth articles around building a profitable blog in 2018 and beyond.

Q.2) What inspired you to start blogging?

I was initially into SEO related stuff and used AdSense as a primary income source to monetize my sites. Later I moved to affiliate marketing which is still working well for me and the majority of the money I make from online comes from selling affiliate products.

Q.3) Please tell something about your daily schedule/how many hours you work on your blog?

There’s no limit on how many hours I work. I previously used to work full-time for a company but now I’m completely into full-time blogging as I recently quit my day job. I know it’s a hard decision but to invest more time into blogging, I had to take a hard decision.

You can assume that I spend 10+ hours a day on online related tasks such as SEO, finding new topics, researching others sites, bringing more traffic, increasing my sales, updating my old posts and so on.

Q.4) Please tell us about your top 3 favorite blogs and why you follow these blogs?

I follow Neil Patel, Smart Passive Income and Backlinko very closely. Both Neil Patel and Backlinko teaches you about how SEO works and how you can get more traffic from search engines like Google.

Whereas Smart Passive Income is my #1 favorite blog that talks about passive income sources and also affiliate marketing related stuff which I love to read.

Q.5) What are your top 3 income sources?

As I said above, the majority of my income comes from affiliate marketing. Apart from that, I also do sponsored contents, tried various display advertising options, using the email list to build rapport (to monetize later) and so on.

Q.6) I know that you are making decent money from your blog. How you were able to achieve it? What is the secret behind this success?

The #1 thing you need to notice from any blogger who’s making decent money is “time”. Most of the money making bloggers are into blogging for at least 3 to 4 years and even more.

I’m into blogging world for more than 10 years so I’ve seen all the ups and downs. If you can stick to blogging for long enough, you’ll eventually start making money from it.

You might fail in the beginning but you’ll learn different ways to monetize your blog. Consistency is the key!

Q.7) What is the best way to get success in affiliate marketing?

I’m glad you asked this. If you really want to get ahead and see success in affiliate marketing, you should check out these tips.

  • Write genuine product reviews. Don’t write a review just for the sake of commissions. Talk about all the pros and cons and also make sure to give alternatives so your audience can decide which is right for them. Click here to check demo of review article
  • Build a group either using an email list or a Facebook group. You need a group of people to support you if you want to succeed in the long run.
  • Finally, make sure to find out the tactics used by your competitors. Find out how they are promoting their products and making money. 

Note: Anil Agarwal uses SEMrush to spy on their competitors. Click here to read how to use SEMrush?

Q.8) What are the top 3 tools you use for keyword research?

Here are some of the tools I use for SEO (not just for keyword research).

  • SEMrush (must have tool for anyone who wants to get more traffic to their blog from search engines)
  • Ubersuggest (free tool but helps you a lot)
  • Long Tail Pro (great for finding highly profitable long tail keywords)

No matter what tools you’re using, make sure to find low volume long tail keywords so you can quickly increase your search traffic.

Note: Click Here to Get SEMRush 14-Day FREE Trial worth $99 and start finding the profitable easy to rank keywords.

Q.9) How do you find viral blog topics for your blog?

Finding viral blog topics is not easy. It takes a lot of time. I personally spend a lot of time doing keyword research to find great topics for my blog and as a result, almost all of the posts I publish get visitors from search engines.

That being said, you can also use tools like Portent content generator to plugin in any topic or keyword to come up with a ton of headline ideas with each post.

For beginners, I highly recommend using topic generator tools (which are mostly freely available on the net). For others, I recommend you to take a closer look at your competitor sites and find out their top performing posts to come up with great ideas.

Q.10) What is your goal for 2025?

To get 2 million visitors to my site (as of now it’s over 1 million visitors per year) so I want to take it to the next level. And I also have goals to take my email list and the Facebook group which you can join from here to a great extent in 2019.

Q.11) What are the best ways to drive traffic to a brand new blog?

There’s only one: search engine traffic is what I trust. It sends you the qualified visitors who actually buy from you. There’s no point of getting traffic from irrelevant sources who don’t subscribe to you or comment or buy anything.

So make sure to focus on one top quality traffic source and find ways to get more visitors from it.

For a brand new blog, I recommend you to try Facebook groups, start it from scratch and try to connect with other influencers in your niche by commenting on their groups frequently to build your own group.

Q.12) Google is frequently updating their algorithms but new bloggers are always in fear of getting affected? Any advice for them?

Whether you know it or not, Google makes over 500 changes to their algorithms every single year.

So yea, you never know what kind of algorithm is going to change the fate of your blog. 

That’s why always focus on quality content. Don’t copy paste others stuff and make sure to find ways to build links consistently.

Q.13) Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

As of now, I don’t have any such huge plans of what I’m going to do in next 10 years but I want to take Bloggers Passion to the next level in terms of quality, readership, traffic, subscribers and so on.

Q.14) How BloggingLift readers can stay in touch with you and any message for the blogging community here?

You can interact with me on my Facebook group which you can join from here and you can say hi. I’m mostly active on the FB group. You can also ask any questions you’ve around blogging and you’ll get a reply almost instantly or within a few hours.

Q.15) What’s your suggestion for my blog? (If any)

Interviews with experts are always great to take your blog to the next level, so keep doing them (and make sure NOT to repeat the same questions with everyone you interview).

Apart from that, write 2000+ word blog posts with proper keyword research and optimization, you’ll definitely start seeing better results within a year.

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Last time, we enjoyed interview of Akshay Hallur from GoBloggingTIps.

Soon, I am going to do more interviews with pro bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Ankit Singla and many more.

It’s the 2nd “Blogger Interview” that’s why I give it the name BI-02.

Today, I have done Interview with Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion.

Please share your feedback via the comment below.

anil agarwal interview bloggerspassion com

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  1. Hey,

    Amazing interview, Bloggerspassion.com is one of the best blog for affiliate marketing.
    and thanks for sharing such valuable information.

    Keep sharing such awesome posts.


  2. Thank you for this interview.

    I loved reading an interview because it motives me to work hard and inspires me a lot. Bloggers’ journey always inspires me as I also wanted to become one.

  3. Hi Sumit

    Amazing interview bro.

    I have been following Bloggerspassion from the beginning and its a great blog.

    Amit Garg

  4. Wonderful interview with Anil, Sumit.
    I love reading how the pros handle their successful blogs and this interview was no exception.
    I learned a tonne here;

  5. Hi Sumit,

    Bloggers like Anil are a kind of motivation for newbie bloggers. I have been following him since 2016 and learned a lot about blogging till now.

    Glad, I joined his Facebook group too, where the bloggers share their knowledge and get help from experienced one’s,

    Iam happy to see that blogging community is growing with these initiatives.

    I appreciate you Sumit for bringing such informative interview to us.

  6. Hi,
    Great stuff buddy.
    Great post, I have read this post here I got very useful information. This is a very useful article for online review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this. I started a Blog and Hopefully, it will be successful like you.

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  7. I would say that i have learned a lot from Sir. Anil Agarwal. Thank you for having him over on your blog, Sumit.

  8. Really helpful and amazing interview with Anil Agrawal…
    I am learn some new tips and blogging journey from this interview.
    Thanks..keep doing more interviews like this.?

  9. That was a great interview buddy!

    It got even better to know Anil Agarwal through it and the strategies he uses to upscale his blog. This dude is working online from more than a decade now and that’s pretty impressive. I do understand it being in blogging industry from more than a couple of years now, what it takes to survive online, slogging hard creating and promoting content as the competition is also being on the peak. It could never be easier to be a full-time blogger. It takes a lot, and I mean it.

    Money can be earned by anyone, ethical blogging is the way to go. Thanks, Sumit and Anil for bringing this together. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Hi,

    Very Good Article. I really appreciate it.
    Well researched article. Now you got one regular visitor to your website for new topics. Keep up the Good Work Thanks for always sharing.

    Nicole Graham

    1. Thanks bro for leaving your awesome comment here.

      Glad to know that you’re a regular visitor of my blog.


  11. This is an awesome interview. Anil is a very cool person, but when it is about SEO, he seriously the master of everyone. I just read his Black Friday month earning report. I never read such a detailed and transparent income report from an Indian Blogger. Well crafted interview. Looking forward to explore the story of the next blogger. 🙂

    1. Thanks Santanu bro for stopping by and leaving your awesome comment here.

      Yes, you are right. Anil sir has deep knowledge in the field of blogging. I have been following him from the last 1-2 years.

      You’ll glad to know that I am planning to conduct Interview with Ankit Singla Sir, Kulwant Nagi Sir and other pro bloggers.

      1. This is simply an amazing step, buddy. Looking forward to reading those amazing stories.

  12. Hello Sumit brother,

    First time I visited on your blog.

    It is a superb interview with Anil Sir.

    He is my best buddy over the INTERNET.

    I inspired by this point in the article, how many hours do you work to your blog?

    If I say genuinely, this answer really motivated me, I work 10+ hours a day.

    The truth is that we are (bloggers) extremely hard-working guys.

    We have to do keyword research, SEO, researching a LOT, uniqueness, focus on quality work, networking with others, promote others, leave meaningful comments, content creation and so on.

    Next, I’m going to do the same thing for me asap. 10+ hours work.

    He has been doing blogging for more than 10 years [[ I’m Literally Shocked To Hear It ]]

    Means anyone can understand (including the kid) how much knowledge and info he will have about Blogging and SEO industry.

    Even blind man can understand it.

    By the way, I follow Neil Patel and Brian Dean brothers. But do not know much about Pat Flynn (I will more research about him)

    Recently, Anil Sir made a Facebook Group so make sure to JOIN right now.

    FB Group Name: Bloggers Passion VIP Group



    1. Hey Harshit,

      Firstly, I want to say thank you for leaving a massive comment here.

      Yes, you are right he has the awesome knowledge in the field of blogging. I have been following his blog from the last 1-2 years.

      And you’ll glad to know that I am also a member of his Facebook Group “Bloggers Passion VIP Group”.

      I want to inform you that I am also running a Facebook Group called “Blogging Lift VIP Group” in which I have approx. 14K Members. So, must join this group.

      And I hope you’ll visit this blog again.

      Once again thank you very much for leaving such a huge comment here.

      ~Sumit Sao

  13. Hello Sumit,

    Awesome Interview. Anil is one of the top affiliate marketer and blogger from India. He has a great knowledge of SEO and Affiliate Marketing. I have been following his blog from the past 3 years and have learned many things from him. Thanks for sharing the interview with us.


    1. Hey Vishwajeet,

      Yes, you are right. Anil Sir is one of the most popular bloggers from India.

      Recently, I have joined his Facebook group where he shares blogging and SEO related tips. I must suggest you join his facebook group to get the solution of your Blogging & SEO related problems within a few hours.

      And thank you for stopping by and leaving your awesome comment here.

      I hope you’ll visit this blog again.

      ~Sumit Sao

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