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Increase Blog Traffic by 675% – (The Ultimate Guide)

I know many bloggers are facing low blog traffic problem. Are you one of them? and want to increase blog traffic in little time.

Then you'll glad to know that you are in right place to learn it.

After a deep research, I found 15 best secrets to increase your blog traffic. I assure you that these tips can increase your blog traffic by 675%

Be ready, because I am going to give you some manually tested tips to grow your blog traffic in a small amount of time.

Special Note:

All the tips mentioned in this article are 100% working. So, I suggest you to use all the tips to see a huge increase in your blog traffic within a week.

If you have doubt in any of the strategies then let me know via comment below.

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SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review 2017 [With Real Users Opinion] + 60% Discount Link

NOTE: After reading this Siteground WordPress Hosting Review you’ll forget the hosting company which you are currently using. I am not kidding. Read this review fully to understand why I am saying this.

Did you know? SiteGround is now officially recommended by Page (screenshot is given below) as they offer PHP 7 and FREE SSL Certificate.

These Hosting Companies are officially recommended by Page:-

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MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review : How to Join and Make $2277 Every Month?



Product Name: MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Product Type: WordPress Theme Affiliate Program

Price: Free to SignUp 

Summary: In my review, I find MyThemeShop Affiliate Program the best affiliate program. Because, it is easy to join, easy to promote that pays you flat 70% commission of every sale you refer.

If you are interested in blogging then you can make a decent income by promoting this product. So, I suggest you join and start making money from your blog.


You get paid for every sale you made at the end of the month


Flat 20$ per Referral


It provides 60-day cookies duration to increase your chance of earning.

Join MyThemeShop Affiliate

As we all know, Affiliate Programs are the best way to earn big amount of money by promoting products. So, In this article, I am going to cover The MyThemeShop Affiliate Tutorial that will help you to make a decent amount of money from your blog.

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How to Start a Money Making Blog on WordPress in 5 minute (Step by Step Guide)

Are you confused, how to start a blog?

Don’t worry, You will glad to know that you are landed in the right place. My goal is to explain the necessary steps to start an attractive and successful blog (no technical experience required).

I created my first blog in 2015 with zero experience. It took me forever to figure it out.

This guide contains what I learned along the way and is especially for those who want step-by-step instructions (with images) to start money making blog on WordPress.

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15+ simple and effective way to increase blog comments

Comment is the soul of any blog. Without any comment, your blog is like a ghost house i.e. no one wants to stay there.

If you have sufficient amount of comment in your blog then it proves that your blog is professional and it attracts come to the user to visit your blog again and again. So, read this article to increase your blog comment.

Many users don’t focus on increasing blog comment, as a result, their blog reputation decreases day by day. So, it is not good for your blog.

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100+ Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog Posts

Did you know? Directory submission is one of the most popular off page SEO technique.

It not only help you to promote your blog or website but also it helps you to get some quality backlink for your website.

If you submit your blog to blog directories then it helps you a lot to improve your SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Because SERP depends on no. of quality backlinks of your site.

Many Bloggers are very careless about submitting their blog to blog directories, which affect their SERP.

Thus, I suggest all newbie submit their blog to blog directories just after starting your blog. If you do it then, believe me, you can get more targeted traffic from these blog directories.

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3 Most Attractive Google FeedBurner Newsletter Plugins (All Free)

In this article, I am going to give you the name of 3 Most Attractive Google FeedBurner Newsletter Plugins which are totally FREE. These plugins can increase your subscriber’s list in litter time.

These all plugins are attractive, responsive and Free. It can attract your blog reader to subscribe to your blog.

Subscribers are the main aspect of surviving any site in the race of blogging.Without subscribers, It is almost impossible for any blog to get sufficient traffic.

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Improve Alexa Ranking by 750% – (The Ultimate Guide)

Every Blogger wants to know, How can I improve Alexa Ranking of my website? Because it is the major factor to attract visitor and also it proves reader of your blog that your blog is a professional blog.

If you have a good Alexa rank that this may lead you to improve your blog traffic.

Also, if you have good Alexa rank then there is a possibility that other bloggers link your website to their blog as a reference. it means you'll receive the quality backlink from other bloggers related to your niche.

In this article, I'll show you how to improve your Alexa rank.

If you are a new blogger and unfamiliar with the Alexa rank, then after reading this article you'll know the power of your Alexa rank. Also, this article helps you to improve your Alexa rank in little time.

What is the Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank of your site shows that how popular your site is among all another site on the internet. It shows the position of your site relative to other sites.

Pro Note:-
As it measures your site position relative to other sites, therefore, your site’s rank is not only dependent on that site’s traffic, but also to changes in traffic on other sites.

That's the reason why your site rank degrades even you get the good amount of traffic.

Is improving Alexa Rank is necessary?

Yes, improving Alexa rank is very important for any blog. If you are a blogger then it is very necessary for you to improve your Alexa rank.

Because it proves better authority, make Good Impression on Advertiser and Readers, increase your Revenue and much more.

Pro Advice:-
Many readers first see your blog Alexa rank and if they found your Alexa rank is good then they start following your blog and also they start commenting on your blog to get the backlink.

which in turn improve your blog comment and hence improve your page rank in Google.

How to Check  Your Alexa Rank

To check your Alexa rank you can directly go to On the top right side of the page, you can see a search bar.

Enter your website URL here and click on Find button. Now it brings all data related to your blog and shows your rank.

You can also check your Alexa rank by using this URL:-

Replace BloggingLift with your domain name.

Proven Ways to Improve Alexa Ranking:-

Be ready because now I am going to give you some Proven tips which can help you to improve your blog traffic. These tips help me a lot to improve my Alexa rank. These tips are:-

1) Increase Your Blog Traffic

This is the major factor to improve your website Alexa ranking. Because Alexa gives your rank on the basis of your blog traffic. If you get more and more traffic daily than it will improve your Alexa rank. So, I suggest you that if you seriously want to increase your Alexa Rank then must consider on increasing your blog traffic.

Even a small increase in your blog traffic can result in huge improvement in your Alexa Rank. As shown in the graph, a small increase in no. of visitors to your blog can result in huge improvement in your Alexa Rank.

Believe me, if you'll able you increase your blog traffic then it will improve your Alexa rank.

2) Average Time on Site

It is the second and also the most important factor to improve your Alexa rank. Alexa always checks how much time every visitor stay on your site. and take an average of the user stay on your site. So, it is very necessary to stay user on your site for a long time.

There are some tips to stay user on your site for a long time:-

  • Inbound Link: - It is the best way to make user engaged on your site for the longest time. Just use your other posts URL within every article. this will encourage users to switch from one post to another and this will help you to stay user on your site for the longest time.
  • Related Post: - Use some related post plugins. So that, your related posts will appear at the end of every blog post( as you can see at the end of this post ). It also switches user to one post to another. That will increase visitors average time on your site.

By using above two tips you can stay user on your site for the long time which helps you to improve your Alexa Rank.

3) Average Page View Per Visitor:-

Is your average page view per visitor is good then it can help you to improve your Alexa rank very quickly. So, always try to increase it so that your Alexa rank improve daily. To increase your page view using above two methods i.e. inbound link and related post plugin.

4) Produce Original Content

It plays an important role in your Alexa Rank because if your content is original (not copy content) and unique then your Alexa rank improve day by day. So, I suggest you upload only unique contents to your blog.

Expert Advice:-
Alexa also uses very intelligence system like Google so never try to copy other blog article content otherwise, your Alexa Rank drop and also Google stop indexing your site. Which in turn degrade your Alexa rank and decrease your blog traffic.

5) Put Alexa Widget on Your Site

It is very common logic that if you add Alexa widget on your site then it will encourage the user to click on it. Whenever click is done you'll get benefit from it. Whenever a visitor visits your site it will boost Alexaalexa ranking. So, I suggest you add Alexa widget on your site.

6) Quality Backlink for your blog

Commenting on another blog is the easiest way to get the backlink for your website.

Because you only have to comment on the popular blogs. Whenever anyone clicks on your profile pic in the comment they will be redirected to your blog. For This, you have to specify your blog URL in Website Field which is below comment box.

You can also comment on this website to get Backlink.

Note: - Remember don’t share your blog URL directly in Comment box otherwise, it will be treated as spam. Specify your blog URL in Website Field which is just below comment box.

7) Write a Review Article for Alexa

Writing a review article in Alexa is 100%  help you to improve your Alexa rank because today Alexa is a very common keyword which searches on Google.

So, if you write a review on Alexa and your article is unique then it will help you to increase your blog traffic also it helps you to improve your Alexa rank. Give backlink to Alexa may beneficial to improve your blog traffic.


8) Update Blog Regularly

There are many blogs of internet related your niche so if you don't write frequently then it will decrease your Alexa rank.

Once your Alexa rank is decreased then it will take too much time to get back to your previous ranking. So, keep updating your blog with at least one post a week, which helps you to improve your Alexa rank.

Also, regularly update your old articles of blog per week. If you follow this then believe me it will help you to increase your blog traffic and also improve your Alexa rank.

Now It’s Your Turn

These are the best 7 tips to Improve Alexa Ranking I could come up with. But I’m sure I missed something.

What tips could you offer to increase Alexa Rank?

Let me know in the comments below.


Plugin to Send a Thank You Email to Blog Commenters on WordPress

I want to ask you a question. Have you ever receive a thank you email after commenting on any blog?

If yes, then you want to know that they write this email and send to every blog commenters or they use any plugin to send these emails. Am I right?
So, don’t worry because after reading this article you can also send thank you email automatically when anyone leaves a comment on your WordPress blog.

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