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Hello Guys, Thanks for landing on “About Me” page at Blogging Lift.

This blog was launched on 13 July 2017 by Admin Sumit with a dream to provide every possible guides and tutorial related to Blogging to newbie bloggers.

The main goal of starting this blog is to build an active community of bloggers so that they can learn every aspect of Blogging in a better way.

How Sumit Sao Help Bloggers?

Sumit Sao constantly tries to bring quality tutorials for bloggers to help them make their blog better gradually.

Our unique and descriptive articles will surely help you to be an independent successful blogger.

Blogging needs proper guidance and perfect resource to understand concepts that result in good productivity. Lack of proper guidance to the newbie bloggers leads to disappointment which results in unsuccessful blogging.

Here Blogging Lift helps them with easy to follow Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials to make a successful Money Making blog.

Contents Provided by Sumit Sao

In this blog, I provide content related to following categories:-

  1. Blogging Tips
  2. SEO
  3. WordPress Beginner Guide
  4. Make Money Online Tips
  5. Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  6. and much more

Meet Blog Founder Mr. Sumit Sao

Hello Guys, I am Sumit founder and developer of this blog. I’m a 23 Years old, passionate blogger from India. I’m always eager to learn new things in blogging and Internet.

I spent pretty good hours to learn something new related to blogging and internet. This results in the quality growth of Blogging Lift and your blog as well.

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I love what I do and hope to build my career in Blogging with your continuous love and support. Thanks to all of readers and friends to love my blog. Hope you continue your support to Blogging Lift. Because without you guys this blog is incomplete.

Sumit Sao

What's my future plan with this blog?

I always like to think about my blog and plan on how to make it popular.

I want this blog to be a platform to learn good blogging and internet tips. I want to make a blog that helps every blogger at every stage to deal with the issue and problems they face in their blogging career.

My goal is to make money but not at the cost of my readers’ trust.

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Thank You Guys for being a member of Blogging Lift Family.

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